I have always been a hunting enthusiast, who likes the thrill and pleasure of chasing prey in nature. Last week, I and my two friends Zenobia Beard and Gene Cumberland decided to go hunting in Harbin Yuquan Weihushan Forest Park. We chose this place because it has vast pine forests, steep peaks, deep caves, clear springs, and peculiar scenery, which is an ideal hunting place. Moreover, it also has a rich historical and cultural heritage, such as the natural giant tiger, the Weihushan Great Wall, the Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, etc., which make people fascinated.

In order to increase the challenge and fun, we decided to hunt at night. However, night hunting is not an easy thing, because it is hard to see the surroundings and animals in the dark. Therefore, we must prepare some professional equipment, the most important of which is night vision device. Night vision device is a device that can observe targets in low light or no light conditions. It can use infrared or digital signals to magnify or convert the images in the dark, so that human eyes can see them. Night vision device has monocular and binocular types. The advantage of monocular is light and portable, but the disadvantage is narrow field of view, not suitable for long-term use; the advantage of binocular is wide field of view and comfortable, but the disadvantage is heavy weight and inconvenient to carry. In the market, there are many brands and models of night vision devices, with different prices and performance. We searched a lot of information online, and finally chose a Chinese brand night vision device – WildGuarder owler1.




We drove from Harbin in the afternoon on Friday, and drove for about an hour along the Harbin-Suihua Highway, and arrived at the entrance of Yuquan Weihushan Forest Park. We bought tickets and entered the park. There are many attractions and facilities in the park, such as hotels, restaurants, villas, lover houses, dance halls, swimming pools, reservoirs, ice rinks, chess rooms, ball activity rooms, etc., which can meet the needs of different tourists. We first found a hotel in the park to stay, and then started our tour.

We first went to Weihufeng, which is the highest peak of the park and also the most characteristic attraction. On Weihufeng there is a huge natural rock that looks like a lying tiger. It is more than 400 meters long and more than 60 meters high. It looks ready to pounce. This is the masterpiece of nature, which is amazing. We climbed up to the top of Weihufeng along the mountain road and looked around. We saw mountains surrounded by pine forests and seas of trees. The scenery was magnificent. We took a lot of photos and felt the majestic beauty of the north.

Then we went to Weihushan Great Wall, which is a contemporary feat and known as “the second Badaling”. The Weihushan Great Wall rides on peaks and ridges, connects with the ground and sky, and has no end in sight. It looks like a winding dragon dancing among mountains and forests. Its project is huge and its momentum is magnificent. It is praised as “the second Badaling”. We climbed up to the Great Wall and walked along the wall for a while, feeling the weight of history and the charm of culture.

Then we went to the Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy Memorial Hall, which shows the creation background and performance process of the famous modern Peking opera “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy”. “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy” is a revolutionary Peking opera work adapted from Yang Zirong’s heroic deeds, which has had a huge impact in the cultural and social fields. We saw statues, costumes, props, scripts and other items of Yang Zirong and other characters in the memorial hall, and listened to the explanations of the staff. We had a deeper understanding and respect for this classic work and heroic characters.

After a round of sightseeing, we returned to the hotel for a rest and prepared to start our night hunting trip. We took out our night vision device – WildGuarder owler1 – that we had prepared in advance from the car. This is a binocular night vision device that uses advanced digital signal processing technology to clearly observe targets in the dark. It can also take photos and videos. Its shape design is very fashionable, and its weight is very light, only 500 grams, easy to carry. Its magnification is 4 times, field of view angle is 18 degrees, visible distance is 200 meters, battery life is 5 hours. Its price is also reasonable, only 1999 yuan, cost-effective. We saw a lot of reviews online, all saying that this night vision device is very easy to use, so we bought three.

We put on the night vision device on our heads, adjusted the angle and focus, and then took guns and ammunition and set off. We walked along a small road into the forest, surrounded by darkness, only the screen of the night vision device showed green images. We listened to the movement in the forest and looked for traces of prey. We know that there are many wild animals here, such as foxes, hares, pheasants, deer, wolves, etc., but it is not easy to shoot them. They all have sharp senses and agile skills. Once they find danger, they will run away or fight back. Therefore, we must proceed carefully and not make any noise.

We walked for about half an hour and found our first target – a share. It was squatting under a pine tree, eating pine cones. I quietly raised my gun and aimed at its head. I used WildGuarder owler1’s photo function to record this moment, and then gently pulled the trigger. Bang! A gunshot sounded and the hare fell to the ground. I ran over happily and picked it up. It was still twitching, blood flowing from the wound. I cut its throat with a knife and let the blood drain. Then I put it in my backpack. This was our first trophy.

In the next few hours, we shot two pheasants and a fox. We used WildGuarder owler1 to record every shooting process and result, and used voice function to make simple descriptions and evaluations. This night vision device is really great. It allows us to see clearly in the dark, shoot accurately and leave memories. We are very satisfied with it.

Of course, we also encountered some difficulties and dangers. For example, once we were almost surrounded by a pack of wolves. Fortunately, we found them in time and scared them away with gunshots. Another time, we walked to the edge of a cliff and almost fell down. Fortunately, WildGuarder owler1 can show the height difference of the terrain and has a warning prompt function, which made us stop in time. We thank WildGuarder owler1 for its protection, which allows us to hunt safely at night.


It was late at night, and we decided to end our night hunting trip and return to the hotel to rest. We laughed and talked along the way, sharing our harvest and experience. We cleaned our prey and prepared to roast them the next day. We also transferred the photos and videos we took and recorded with WildGuarder owler1 to our phones, ready to share them with more friends the next day. We were very satisfied and happy with this night hunting trip.

In summary, this night hunting trip was an unforgettable experience that let us experience the ultimate thrill and fun. We not only appreciated the beautiful scenery and rich culture of Weihushan Forest Park, but also gained precious prey and experience. We want to thank WildGuarder owler1 for this night vision device, which allows us to see clearly in the dark, shoot accurately and leave memories. It is a cost-effective night vision device that is worth recommending to all friends who like hunting.

Of course, night hunting is also a risky activity that requires attention to safety and legality. We suggest that before you go hunting at night, you should make full preparations and investigations, choose legal and safe places and times, abide by local regulations and customs, respect nature and animals, do not kill indiscriminately, and do not damage the environment. Only in this way can you enjoy the fun of night hunting without causing trouble.

Finally, we want to thank the staff of Weihushan Forest Park for providing us with quality service and facilities, which made us have a good time here. We hope to have the opportunity to come here again and wish Weihushan Forest Park better and better, becoming an ideal place for more tourists.

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