Kerr Jerome, Zero Bryce and I are good friends from college. We lived in the same dormitory, joined the same club, and shared the same dream. We all love nature, adventure, and life. We have been to many places together, seen many sceneries, and experienced many stories. We once promised to go to China together after graduation, to see that mysterious and ancient country, and to feel its culture and charm.

But the reality after graduation was not as good as we imagined. We each found different jobs, different lives, and different directions. We gradually lost contact and forgot our previous agreement. Until last month, I suddenly received a phone call from Kerr Jerome. He said he had been working in China for a while, and he wanted to invite me and Zero Bryce to go night hunting in Xingtai Forest Park. He said it was one of the largest forest parks in China, with rich wildlife resources, and a paradise for night hunting enthusiasts. He said he had prepared night hunting equipment, including night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars, which could make us see more clearly and safely in the dark. He also said he wanted to take us to taste Xingtai’s food, and let us feel the flavor of China.

I was excited and moved by his words. I immediately agreed to his invitation, and contacted Zero Bryce, telling him the good news. Zero Bryce was also very happy. He said he had always wanted to see China, but he had no chance. We quickly arranged our itinerary, packed our luggage, and started our night hunting trip.hunting

We left the United States, after a long flight, we finally arrived in Beijing, the capital of China. In Beijing, we met Kerr Jerome, who had been waiting for us there. He looked very excited, very enthusiastic, and soon became friends with us again. He said he had been working in China for half a year, he liked the people and environment here, he said he had learned some Chinese, and showed us his Chinese level. We listened to his Chinese, felt very interesting, and admired his courage and ambition.

We stayed in Beijing for a day, visited some famous attractions, such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, etc. We were amazed by these ancient and magnificent buildings, and curious about China’s history and culture. We took a lot of photos and left a lot of memories.

The next day, we took the high-speed train from Beijing to Xingtai. The high-speed train is a fast and convenient transportation tool in China. It can make us travel through different cities and regions in a short time. We sat on the high-speed train, enjoying the scenery outside the window, feeling the development and change of China. We talked about a lot of topics on the high-speed train, recalled a lot of past events, and shared a lot of current situations and plans. We felt like we were back in college, without any barriers or distance.

We arrived in Xingtai and checked into the hotel first, then went to the management office of Xingtai Forest Park, where we received night hunting permits and night hunting equipment. The night hunting permit is a management system established to protect wildlife and forest resources, which stipulates the time, place, scope, object, quantity and other conditions of night hunting. The night hunting equipment includes high-tech devices such as night vision devices and infrared devices, which can help us see more clearly and safely in the dark. Kerr Jerome introduced us to the functions and usage methods of these equipment in detail, and let us try them out. We found this equipment very advanced and practical, which made us look forward to night hunting.

After nightfall, we entered Xingtai Forest Park with our night hunting equipment. Xingtai Forest Park is one of the largest forest parks in China, covering an area of 15,000 acres. It has rich and diverse vegetation and animal resources, and is a good place for eco-tourism and science education. We walked through the dense forest, along the winding path, looking for wild animals that were active at night. We put on night vision devices and infrared devices, and observed and tracked the movements of wild animals in the dark. The night vision device can amplify the weak light by thousands of times, allowing us to see the shape and color of the animals; the infrared device can show the position and outline of the animals according to the infrared rays emitted by their body temperature, allowing us to see their activities and conditions. We used this equipment to discover many interesting animals, such as foxes, hares, hedgehogs, owls, etc. We recorded their images with cameras, and also shot some legal prey with guns. We felt thrilling and exciting during the night hunting process, as well as natural and harmonious.

We spent three days and three nights in Xingtai, enjoying Xingtai’s night hunting and food. In this trip, we not only gained knowledge and experience, but more importantly, we gained friendship and happiness. We reconnected with Kerr Jerome, we deepened our feelings with Zero Bryce, and our friendship became stronger and more precious. When we parted, we all shed tears. We were grateful for each other’s company and support, and looked forward to meeting again and having adventures.

This night hunting Xingtai Forest Park was one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life, and also one of the most interesting topics in my writing. I hope that through my article, I can let more people know about Xingtai, know about night hunting, know about China. I also hope that through my article, I can inspire more people to pursue their dreams, explore their world, make friends with their own people. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you have courage and passion.


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