Last month, I and two friends Bonnie Vincent and Raymond Sally decided to go hunting in the countryside of Junction, Texas, to experience the thrill and fun of tracking and shooting wild animals in the dark. Since we planned to hunt at night, we needed some special equipment, such as night vision binoculars, which would allow us to see the target clearly in complete darkness. After searching online, we chose the Chinese brand wildguarder’s night vision binoculars, because they have the advantages of high definition, long range, multifunctional, durable and cost-effective. We ordered three pairs of OWLER1 model night vision binoculars and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

After receiving the night vision binoculars, we immediately started our travel preparations. We learned from the Internet that Junction is a small town with beautiful scenery, rich history and culture, and many attractions and delicious food worth seeing. We decided to enjoy the charm of this place as well as hunting. So, we booked our flights, hotels and car rentals, packed our luggage and equipment, and started our night hunting Junction trip.

Before we started our night hunting trip, we first learned about Junction’s history and culture. Junction is a small town located on the western edge of Texas, the county seat of Kimble County, and the place where the north and south branches of the Llano River converge, hence the name. Junction’s establishment can be traced back to 1876, when Kimble County was just established. Junction was initially named Denman after its surveyor Marcellus Denman, but soon changed to Junction City and later shortened to Junction. Junction won the county seat from an unsuccessful and flood-prone settlement Kimbleville in late 1876. By 1879, Junction had a drugstore, a stable, a sawmill and several grocery stores. In 1882, Kimble County’s first newspaper West Texas began publishing in Junction. In 1884, the county courthouse built in 1878 and its records were destroyed by a fire. Its replacement was a two-story stone building that was partially damaged by fire in 1888 but was repaired and used until 1929 when the current courthouse was built.

We visited the Kimble County Historical Museum and saw some memorabilia, historical documents and photos about World War I and World War II. We also saw the Historic Kimble County Jail, a two-story stone jail built in 1892 that still preserves the cells and instruments of torture from that time. We also went to the Historic 1937 Truss Bridge, a bridge with structural beauty that spans the Llano River and is lit up at night. We also went to the Veterans Memorial, a statue commemorating soldiers who died from the Civil War to the Vietnam War.
Junction also has amazing natural scenery and attractions that allow us to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as hunting. Junction’s biggest feature is that it is located at the confluence of the north and south branches of the Llano River, so it has clear water and rich water activities. We rented some kayaks and life jackets near Junction Disc Golf Course and paddled along the Llano River, admiring the cliffs, woods and wildflowers on both sides of the river. We also fished in the river and caught some local species, such as Guadalupe Bass. We took the fish back to the hotel and grilled a delicious dinner with a barbecue grill.

We also went to South Llano River State Park, a 2,630-acre nature reserve with 18 miles of hiking and biking trails. We walked around the park for a while and saw a variety of animals and plants, such as white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, cacti and oaks. We also went to the bird watching station in the park and observed some rare birds with binoculars, such as goldfinches, red-tailed hawks and black-crowned night herons. We also camped in the park for one night and felt the tranquility and romance under the starry sky.

In addition to water activities and hiking, Junction also has some other attractions worth seeing. We went to Junction Golf Club, a public nine-hole golf course located between hills and cliffs. We played a round of golf there and enjoyed the fun and challenge of golf. We also went to London Hall, a historic dance hall located in the London community about 20 miles away from Junction. We listened to some of the best local country bands playing music there and danced along with the rhythm.




During our night hunting trip, we also didn’t forget to taste Junction’s food and specialties. Junction has a variety of restaurants with different flavors, from Mexican to Italian, from barbecue to pizza, there is always one that suits your taste. We had a few hearty meals here and also found some places worth recommending.

We went to Isaack’s Restaurant, a historic roadside restaurant located on Main Street. The menu here has a variety of American classic dishes, such as burgers, steaks, salads and pies. We ordered a beef burger and a chicken nugget, both fresh and juicy. We also tasted their homemade custard pie, very sweet and fluffy.

We also went to Lum’s BBQ, a restaurant that specializes in smoked barbecue, also located on Main Street. The meat here is slow-cooked with mesquite wood without any sauce, only using a small number of spices. We ordered a beef rib and a turkey breast, both tender and fragrant. We also paired them with some side dishes, such as cucumber salad, beans and cornbread.

We also went to Paddler’s Porch, a bar and restaurant located on the edge of the Llano River. It has spacious outdoor seating where you can enjoy river views and starry skies. The menu here has a variety of seafood, pizza, salads and sandwiches. We ordered a fried shrimp and a chicken pizza, both delicious and rich.

After we enjoyed Junction’s history, scenery and food, we finally started our long-awaited night hunting trip. We booked a professional hunting guide online, who took us to a private ranch about 30 miles away from Junction. There, we rented some guns and ammunition, as well as some other equipment, such as flashlights, headphones and backpacks. We also took out our wildguarder night vision binoculars, ready to observe and shoot wild animals in the dark.

We arrived at the ranch in the evening, and the guide gave us some safety and tips instructions, then took us on a pickup truck and started our night hunting trip. We drove along the ranch road, stopping from time to time to observe the surroundings with night vision binoculars. We saw some animals such as deer, wild boar, coyote and skunk. Sometimes, the guide would let us get off the car and quietly approach the target, then shoot with guns. Sometimes, the guide would let us stay in the car and use the shooting platform on the car to aim and shoot.

We used wildguarder night vision binoculars to help us see the target clearly in the dark. They were very easy to use and could let us see the shape, color and details of the animals. They also had various functions, such as zooming, recording, taking pictures and sharing. They were also very durable and could be used in any weather and temperature. They made our night hunting experience more perfect and fun.

We hunted on the ranch for about three hours, during which we shot several deer and wild boar. The guide helped us process the game and put them on the car. Then he took us back to Junction and dropped us off at the hotel. On the way back, we all exclaimed that this was an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

Our night hunting trip in Junction was a very special and meaningful experience that made us feel the charm and style of the western edge of Texas. We not only tracked and shot wild animals in the dark, but also enjoyed Junction’s history, scenery and food. We also used wildguarder’s night vision binoculars from China, which allowed us to see clearly at night and also added to our fun and memories. We were very grateful for the service of the guide and restaurants, as well as for Junction’s friendliness and hospitality. We strongly recommend readers to try Junction’s night hunting trip as well as using wildguarder’s night vision binoculars to enhance their experience. We believe you will love this town just like we do.

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