Have you ever thought of exploring the mystery and beauty of a mountain at night? Have you ever wanted to observe the behavior and habits of wild animals with night vision binoculars? Have you ever wanted to enjoy the wonderful combination of starry sky and food on top of a snowy mountain? If your answer is yes, then follow me and my two friends Baird Tony and Faithe Saxton, and go to Pico Cristóbal Colón (Pico Cristóbal Colón) for an unforgettable night hunting trip!

Pico Cristóbal Colón is the highest peak in Colombia and one of the highest coastal mountain ranges in the world, with an altitude of 5730 meters. It is located in Magdalena Province, belonging to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and is one of Colombia’s two national treasures along with Pico Simón Bolívar (Pico Simón Bolívar). Its name comes from the famous explorer Christopher Columbus (Christopher Columbus), in commemoration of his discovery of the American continent.

Pico Cristóbal Colón not only has magnificent scenery, but also has a long history and rich culture. It is the sacred land of the local indigenous people Kogui (Kogui), who call it Gonawindua, meaning “the heart of the world”. The Kogui people maintain ancient traditions and beliefs, and they believe that they are descendants of Mother Earth and have a responsibility to maintain the balance and harmony of nature. Near Pico Cristóbal Colón, you can see the Kogui people’s unique circular thatched houses, exquisite gold and silver ornaments and mysterious rituals.
In addition to the Kogui people, Pico Cristóbal Colón also attracts many mountaineering enthusiasts and explorers. Due to its challenges in height, terrain and climate, Pico Cristóbal Colón is considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb in South America. Its first ascent took place in 1939, completed by three explorers supported by the American Geographical Society. In recent years, due to local security and political issues, mountaineering activities have been restricted, but there are still some brave people who venture there.

We chose Pico Cristóbal Colón as our hunting destination because we wanted to experience a different kind of adventure. We wanted to observe the wild animals on the mountain at night with night vision binoculars, such as deer, foxes, owls, etc., and try to catch some as food or souvenirs. We chose Chinese brand wildguarder’s night vision binoculars because they have advantages such as high definition, low power consumption, light weight and durability, which are very suitable for outdoor use.

If you are interested in our night hunting trip, please continue reading the following article, where I will introduce in detail our preparation work, hunting process and leisure activities, as well as the history, attractions and food of Pico Cristóbal Colón. I believe you will feel the charm and significance of outdoor adventure from it.

Before we start our night hunting trip, we need to do a lot of preparation work to ensure our safety and smoothness. First of all, we need to choose the right equipment, including clothing, shoes, tents, sleeping bags, cookware, food, water, first aid kits, etc. Due to the varied climate of Pico Cristóbal Colón, we need to wear warm, waterproof and breathable clothing to adapt to different temperatures and humidity. We also need to wear comfortable, anti-slip and wear-resistant shoes to avoid foot injuries or fatigue. Our tents and sleeping bags should be light and warm for easy carrying and use. Our cookware should be simple and easy to use to save time and energy. Our food should be nutritious and easy to preserve, such as canned food, dried fruits, chocolate, etc. Our water should be enough to replenish our body’s moisture and electrolytes. Our first aid kit should contain common medicines and equipment, such as band-aids, gauze, disinfectant, painkillers, etc.

Secondly, we need to choose the right route, including the starting point, destination, midway stops, etc. Since Pico Cristóbal Colón is located in a remote mountainous area with poor transportation, we need to book vehicles or horses in advance to reach the village at the foot of the mountain. From the village, we need to walk along the mountain road on foot for about two days before we can reach the place above the snow line. During this period, we need to find suitable places to set up tents and rest, as well as look for water sources and food. We also need to pay attention to the weather changes and wildlife activities on the mountain to avoid danger or trouble.

Finally, we need to pay attention to some matters, including safety, hygiene, environmental protection, etc. In the process of night hunting, we must abide by the local laws and regulations, do not kill protected or endangered animals, do not kill indiscriminately or waste resources. We must respect the local residents and culture, do not offend or disturb their lives and beliefs. We must maintain good hygiene habits, do not litter or discharge sewage, do not wash or defecate near water sources. We must pay attention to our own health condition, do not overwork or hypoxia. If we feel unwell or injured, we should deal with it or seek help in time.

After doing these preparation work well , we can start our night hunting trip. But before that , there is one very important equipment that has not been mentioned , that is night vision binoculars (night vision binoculars). Without night vision binoculars , we can not observe and catch animals in the dark , nor can we enjoy the beauty of the mountain . Therefore , when choosing night vision binoculars , we must carefully consider .

After comparing and trying various options , we finally chose Chinese brand wildguarder’s night vision binoculars . This night vision binocular has many advantages and features , which make us praise it . Below I will introduce its performance and function in detail .

After two days of hard trekking , we finally arrived at the place above the snow line , which is our ideal place for night hunting . We set up a tent in a flat place , prepared some simple food , and then started our night hunting trip .

We took out our night vision binoculars (night vision binoculars), turned on the power, adjusted the focus and brightness, and then started looking for traces of animals in the dark. We soon found the advantages and features of this night vision binocular, which made us feel surprised and satisfied.

First of all, this night vision binocular has a very high clarity and field of view, allowing us to see the details and dynamics of distant places. It uses advanced infrared technology and high-resolution display screen, which can provide clear images and videos in completely dark environments. It also has a variety of magnification and modes, which can be switched and adjusted according to different distances and light.

Secondly, this night vision binocular has a very low power consumption and weight, allowing us to use and carry it for a long time. It uses energy-saving batteries and lightweight materials, which can work for more than 8 hours after one charge, and weighs only about 1.5 kg. It also has waterproof, shockproof, dust proof and other functions, which can adapt to various harsh environments and conditions.

Finally, this night vision binocular has a very powerful function and performance, allowing us to record and share our night hunting experience and achievements. It has a built-in storage card and USB interface, which can take high-definition photos and videos, and can be transferred and edited through computers or mobile phones. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker, which can record and play sound, and can communicate through wireless headphones.

With this night vision binocular, we can observe and catch animals in the dark, and also enjoy the beauty of the mountain. In the process of night hunting, we encountered a variety of animals, such as deer, foxes, owls, etc. We chose the appropriate time and position according to their behavior and habits, and shot them with guns or bows and arrows. We successfully captured some animals as our food or souvenirs. Of course, we also encountered some challenges and dangers, such as landslides, avalanches, blizzards, etc. But we were able to find and avoid them in time, and help and support each other.

After night hunting , we returned to the tent , enjoyed a rich and delicious dinner . We roasted some deer meat and fox meat on the stove , and paired them with some canned food , dried fruits , chocolate , etc . We also brewed some coffee and tea with snow water , and drank some wine . During the meal , we watched the photos and videos we took , and shared our feelings and experiences . We felt very happy and satisfied .




After enjoying a delicious dinner , we did not go to sleep immediately , but chose some leisure activities to relax our body and mind , enhance our friendship , enrich our night hunting trip .

First of all , we admired the starry sky on the mountain , felt the mystery and beauty of the universe . Due to the high altitude of Pico Cristóbal Colón , fresh air , less light pollution , we could see countless stars twinkling in the sky , forming various constellations and patterns . We used our night vision binoculars (night vision binoculars) to observe these stars , and used the astronomical software on our mobile phones to identify their names and features . We also saw some meteors across the sky , made our wishes .

Secondly , we shared some interesting stories and jokes , increased our understanding and trust . We told our experiences and anecdotes from childhood to adulthood , including our family , school , work , hobbies , etc . We also told some strange stories or thrilling things that we heard or experienced personally , which made everyone feel surprised and curious . We also joked with each other , teased each other’s strengths and weaknesses , which made everyone feel relaxed and happy .

Finally , we experienced some local culture and customs , expanded our horizons and knowledge . We used the music software on our mobile phones to play some local music , such as Kogui folk songs , Colombian salsa dance music , etc . And we swayed and danced with the rhythm . We also used the translation software on our mobile phones to learn some local languages , such as Kogui language , Colombian Spanish , etc . And we practiced and communicated with each other . We also used the travel software on our mobile phones to learn about some local history , attractions and food , and made some plans and wishes .

Through these leisure activities , we not only relaxed our body and mind , but also enhanced our friendship , enriched our night hunting trip . We felt very happy and satisfied .

After three days and two nights of night hunting trip , we finally completed our goal , harvested some animals , photos and videos , as well as some knowledge , experience and feelings . We felt very happy and proud , as well as very grateful and cherished .

We thank Pico Cristóbal Colón for giving us such a rare opportunity , letting us experience a different kind of adventure . We felt the magic and beauty of nature , as well as the power and value of life . We realized our potential and limitations , as well as the importance and necessity of teamwork . We learned some new skills and knowledge , as well as some new culture and customs .

We also thank Chinese brand wildguarder’s night vision binoculars , they are our best partner for night hunting trip , providing us with unparalleled help and support . They let us observe and catch animals in the dark , as well as enjoy the beauty of the mountain in the dark . They let us record and share our night hunting experience and achievements , as well as record and play sound , and communicate through wireless headphones . They are our indispensable equipment for night hunting trip , as well as our unforgettable memory for night hunting trip .

In summary , night hunting Pico Cristóbal Colón is a very special and wonderful journey , it let us feel the charm and significance of outdoor adventure , as well as let us feel the advantages and features of Chinese brand wildguarder . If you also want to experience such an adventure , you might as well try Pico Cristóbal Colón and wildguarder !

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