We have always loved hunting, especially in the beautiful natural scenery. So, when we heard that Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest Pawnee National Grasslands is one of the best hunting places in the United States, we decided to go there without hesitation. Our goal was to capture some rare and precious animals, such as elk, antelope, wild turkey, etc. To increase our challenge and fun, we planned to hunt at night, because there were more animals active then. To be able to see clearly in the dark, we bought night vision binoculars. This night vision binoculars are from the WildGuarder brand, which is said to be the most advanced and reliable one on the market. We were full of expectation and curiosity about this product, and wanted to see what surprises it could bring us.

Besides hunting, we were also interested in the local food. We heard that there were many special foods here, such as wild beef, venison, cocktails, etc. These foods were made with local fresh ingredients, with unique taste and rich nutrition. We wanted to try these delicacies, and also learn about the local people’s life and culture. We hoped to communicate and share with them, and enhance our friendship and understanding.

This was our original intention and goal for going to Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest Pawnee National Grasslands for hunting. Next, I will describe in detail our experience and feelings in this trip, as well as our use and evaluation of night vision binoculars. I hope you can follow me and feel the charm and fun of this night hunting trip.

The night hunting trip started at four o’clock in the afternoon, when the sky was not completely dark yet. We drove to an entrance of Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest Pawnee National Grasslands, ready to enter the forest and look for a suitable hunting spot. We took our night vision binoculars, as well as guns, ammunition, flashlights, compasses and other necessary equipment. Wearing camouflage clothes, so as to blend in with the surrounding environment and not be discovered by animals, we set off.

We walked along a small road for about half an hour, then found an open grassland with some trees and bushes around. We thought this was a good hunting spot, because it had enough visibility and cover. We found a hidden place on the edge of the grassland, parked the car, and started to observe the animal activity around us. We used night vision binoculars to observe, and found that using night vision binoculars could let us see more details, while ordinary binoculars could only see a dark and blurry picture.

As the sky darkened, we gradually saw more animals appear on the grassland. Some were the deer and antelopes we wanted to capture, and some were the ones we were not interested in, such as rabbits and squirrels. We used infrared binoculars to determine the position and distance of the animals, and then approached them quietly. We tried to keep quiet and steady, so as not to disturb them. When we felt confident and ready, we shot them.

During the night hunting, we also encountered some interesting or dangerous situations. Once, we saw a huge fox, jumping around on the grassland, seemingly looking for food. It looked very cute and smart, so we decided not to bother it, just observed it with infrared binoculars. It suddenly stopped, raised its head, and looked in our direction. It seemed to sense something, then ran away quickly. We were surprised and curious, wondering how it found us.

The owl with sharp eyes and ears waiting quietly for prey on the tree, suddenly spread its huge wings, swooped down, and caught a poor mouse. It brought the mouse back to the tree with its strong claws, and began to enjoy its dinner.hunting

The raccoon walking slowly on the grassland, with black and white fur and tail, and a cute little face. It seemed to be looking for something delicious, digging and grabbing with its front paws from time to time. It suddenly found our car, walked over curiously. It explored the car door with its nose and paws, then tried to open it. We felt scared and helpless, because we didn’t want it to enter our car, but we didn’t want to hurt it either, so we just shone a flashlight at it, hoping to scare it away. It was startled by the light of the flashlight, then ran away quickly. We breathed a sigh of relief.

These are some of our experiences using night vision binoculars during night hunting. By using this product, we can see more animals and details, and also capture and observe them more easily. We think this product is very useful and interesting, adding a lot of color and fun to our hunting trip. However, using night vision binoculars also has some disadvantages and risks, such as battery consumption too fast, eye fatigue, etc. We also need to pay attention to some safety and ethical issues when using this product, such as not killing innocent animals, disturbing their normal life, destroying the natural environment, etc.

In addition to night hunting, we also tasted local food, which was also a highlight of our trip. We tried some special food and drinks in some local restaurants and bars, which opened our eyes and satisfied our appetite.

The most impressive one was wild beef, which was a meat product made from local wild cattle. Wild cattle are large herbivorous animals native to North America. They have thick fur, curved horns, and strong physique. They used to be the main food source in the western United States but later became endangered due to overhunting and environmental destruction. Now they are protected and restored as a precious and rare animal. Wild beef is considered a high-quality and nutritious meat that is more tender juicy fragrant than ordinary beef while containing less fat and cholesterol. We ordered a wild beef steak with some vegetables and potatoes in a restaurant called Bison Grill. When we cut the steak, we smelled a rich aroma that made us drool. When we took a bite, we felt the delicacy and juiciness of the meat as well as the sweetness and richness of the gravy. This was one of the best steaks we ever had which made us praise it endlessly.

Another surprise for us was deer meat, which was a meat product made from local deer. Deer are elegant and agile animals, with slender legs, sharp ears, and beautiful spots. They run and jump freely in the forest and grassland, forming a scenic line in nature. Deer meat is considered a low-fat and high-protein meat, which is healthier and lighter than ordinary beef and mutton, and has a unique gamey taste. We ordered a deer meat burger, with some salad and fries. When we picked up the burger, we saw some cheese slices shaped like deer antlers on the deer patty, which were very interesting and creative. When we took a bite, we felt the softness and fragrance of the deer patty, as well as the richness and milky flavor of the cheese slices. This was one of the most special and delicious burgers we ever had, which made us marvel.

Another unforgettable one was wild turkey, which was a poultry product made from local wild turkeys. Wild turkeys are large land bird’s native to North America. They have long necks, feathered tails, and colorful heads. They are the national bird of the United States, and also the traditional food of Thanksgiving. Wild turkey meat is considered a high-protein and low-fat meat, which is firmer, crispier, and more flavorful than ordinary chicken. It was served with some corn and pumpkin. When we saw the roast turkey, we were attracted by its golden color and tempting aroma. When we tried a bite, we tasted the tenderness and sweetness of the wild turkey meat, as well as the strong and spicy flavor of the roast gravy. This was one of the most authentic and delicious wild turkey roasts we ever had, which made us applaud.

Besides food, we also tried some local drinks, such as cocktails, beer, coffee, etc. These drinks all had their own characteristics and flavors, which quenched our thirst and made us happy. We ordered a special cocktail in a bar called Cocktail Corner, which was made from local fruits, honey, whiskey, etc. It had a light pink color, with some fruit slices and mint leaves as decoration. When we drank a sip, we felt the sweetness and freshness of the fruits, as well as the strength and fragrance of the whiskey. This was one of the most exquisite and delicious cocktails we ever had, which made us feel relaxed.

After tasting the local food and drinks, we also communicated and shared with the locals. We found them very friendly and enthusiastic, willing to chat and tell stories with us. They told us some interesting information about the history culture customs etc. of this place which gave us a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of this place. They also gave us some advice and tips on night hunting such as how to choose a suitable location how to use night vision binoculars etc. They appreciated and recognized our use of WildGuarder brand infrared binoculars saying that this is a very good and safe product. They also invited us to join some of their activities and festivals such as bonfire party Thanksgiving celebration etc. We gladly accepted their invitation and expressed our gratitude and respect.

These are some of our experiences and feelings during hunting tasting local food and communicating with locals. Through these activities we not only satisfied our taste buds and appetite but also enhanced our knowledge and love for this place. We felt that this place not only has beautiful and diverse natural landscapes but also rich and unique cultural features. We felt lucky and happy to be able to come here.

This is the whole process and impression of our night hunting trip. Through this trip we not only enjoyed the fun and excitement of hunting but also tasted the local food culture made some new friends. We felt that this was a very memorable meaningful trip that made us more awe grateful for nature life.

We have a very high evaluation of this night vision binoculars product we think this is a very excellent practical product that brought us a lot of help convenience to our hunting trip. We like its design function because it allows us to see more animals’ details in the dark. We also noticed some of its disadvantage’s risks such as battery consumption eye fatigue animal alertness etc. We suggest that when using this product pay attention to some safety ethical issues such as not killing innocent animals not disturbing their normal life not destroying the natural environment etc. We think that using night vision binoculars is a responsibility respect rather than entertainment play.

We appreciate admire the beauty diversity of Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest Pawnee National Grasslands we think this is a place worth exploring protecting. Hope to come here again see more scenery animals experience more culture activities.

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