Last week, my two good friends Bridget Graham and Alston Frank invited me to go hunting in Ouachita National Forest, and I agreed without hesitation. Ouachita National Forest is one of the oldest national forests in the United States, located on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma, with rich wildlife and magnificent scenery. We planned to stay there for three days and two nights, and experience the fun of night hunting.

We brought a lot of essentials, such as tents, sleeping bags, food, water, first aid kits and so on. But the coolest thing was night vision binoculars. Night hunting is a very special and thrilling way to play, requiring finding and catching animals in the dark. Without night vision binoculars, we couldn’t see anything, nor dodge dangers. We all bought the latest model of night vision binoculars, which could see clearly in the dark, as well as zoom and infrared, allowing us to see animals at night like daytime.

With excitement and anticipation, we drove to Ouachita National Forest. Along the way, we enjoyed the beautiful mountains and forests, and felt the charm of nature. After a few hours of driving, we finally arrived at our destination, and we couldn’t wait to start our night hunting trip.

huntingAfter arriving at Ouachita National Forest, we found a suitable place to set up our camp. We chose a location near the lake, where we could enjoy the beautiful lake view and easily access water and wash up. We used tents and sleeping bags to build three comfortable cabins, and also used firewood and stones to build a bonfire platform. Food and water were placed in a bear-proof container, hung on a tall tree, to prevent them from being stolen or damaged by wild animals.

After setting up the camp, we decided to explore the surrounding environment. We brought night vision binoculars with us so that we could see the route and animals clearly when night fell. Walking along the lakeside path for a while, we found a lot of interesting things, such as: various birds, flowers, insects, etc. We also saw some rare species that are hard to come by, such as: white-tailed deer, wolves, bears, etc. We also found some traces of hunting, such as: animal footprints, droppings, hair, etc. These all made us look forward to night hunting.

After exploring for a while, we returned to the camp. We lit the bonfire and started preparing dinner. We bought some ingredients from the local supermarket, such as: beef, chicken, corn, potatoes, etc. We roasted delicious meat on iron pots and forks over the fire, and wrapped corn and potatoes in tin foil and baked them in the fire for a while. We also made cornbread with flour and water and fried it in a pan. These are all local specialties that are very suitable for outdoor hunting. We ate and chatted, sharing our lives and experiences with each other, and also discussed tomorrow’s night hunting plan and strategy: how to use night vision binoculars to find the best position and timing.

After dinner, we cleaned up the dishes and garbage and put them back in the bear-proof container. Then we sat around the bonfire and admired the starry sky and moonlight. We had a blast singing, sharing stories, and playing games by the fire. It was a cozy and fun night. Then we went to our tents and got ready for our next night hunting adventure.

The next morning, we were woken up by the birds chirping. We ate some simple breakfast, like bread, eggs, milk, and stuff. Then we got our gear together and got ready to go. We each had a hunting rifle, some bullets, a backpack, a flashlight and a water bottle, and of course the awesome night vision binoculars. We also took some snacks and dry food with us, just in case.

Yesterday we found some clues that animals were around, so we followed them today. We walked for a while and came to a big field with some plants. It looked like a good place to hunt, so we hid somewhere. We used special glasses to see in the dark and spotted some small critters, like bunnies, squirrels, trash pandas and stuff. We kept our mouths shut and hoped for something bigger to show up.

It got darker and darker as we waited. The sun said goodbye and the moon said hello. The stars also winked at us from the sky. The night woods became more spooky and quiet. Only sometimes we heard some noises from animals or the wind. We felt a bit scared and thrilled. We switched our glasses to a different mode that let us see how warm and big the animals were in the dark.

Suddenly, we heard a big boom. We looked with our glasses where it came from and saw a giant black furball heading our way, probably smelling us or hearing us, looking very angry and starving. We freaked out and picked up our guns, pointing at its head. But before we pulled the trigger, it stopped, turned around and ran away. It seemed like something scared it off.

We let out a sigh of relief, feeling lucky and amazed. We used night vision binoculars to follow where it ran to, wondering what scared it so much, and soon found out: on the other side of the meadow, there was an even bigger and stronger brown bear standing there. It had thick brown fur and sharp claws and teeth, and looked like the boss of this area, with no animal messing with it. It glared at us with its powerful eyes.


We felt scared and helpless right away, because this brown bear was a dangerous foe. It was bigger and tougher than the black bear, and more likely to attack humans. If it decided to come after us, we might not stand a chance against it. So we decided not to risk it and sneak away. We got our stuff together and left our hiding place quietly.

The next morning, we woke up under the sun’s rays, feeling a bit tired and hungry, but also satisfied and happy. We had a simple breakfast, such as: oatmeal, fruit, coffee, etc. Then we packed up our camp and prepared to leave. We dismantled and packed our tents and sleeping bags, took away the garbage as well, extinguished and dismantled the bonfire platform. We also covered our hunting traces with soil and leaves, so as not to affect other animals and visitors.

After packing up the camp, we decided to explore the surrounding environment again. We brought our night vision binoculars with us so that we could see some hidden animals during the day. We walked along the lakeside path for a while and found a lot of beautiful scenery, such as: reflections on the lake surface, clouds on the mountains, flowers and grasses in the forest, etc. We used night vision binoculars to observe some lively and cute animals, such as: squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc., as well as some animals that we didn’t see last night, such as: deer, foxes, bears, etc.

After exploring for a while, we returned to the car. We put our equipment and luggage in the car and prepared to drive home. Before leaving, we also took some photos as souvenirs.

On the way home by car, we reviewed our experience and feelings of this hunting trip and felt very lucky and happy to spend three days and two nights in such a beautiful and magical place. We thanked nature for giving us such an opportunity and challenge. We also thanked night vision binoculars for giving us such a perspective and help. Without them, we might not be able to see so many animals and scenery.

In the future, we will continue to go to other places for night hunting trips. We will also bring our night vision binoculars with us so that we can see more wonders and wonders in the dark. We may also invite more friends and enthusiasts to join our team and share the fun and experience of night hunting together. This is a lifestyle that makes us feel happy and satisfied.


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