I have always loved hunting, which is a sport and entertainment activity that I learned from my father since I was young. I believe that hunting can not only exercise the body and improve skills, but also promote closeness and respect for nature. I have two like-minded friends, Elton Blake and Vivian Irving, who are also hunting enthusiasts. We often go on adventures and hunting together. Last month, we decided to go hunting in Yakima, a beautiful city in Washington with rich wildlife resources and beautiful natural scenery. We planned to stay there for a week, visiting local attractions and tasting local cuisine during the day, and embarking on the challenge of night hunting at night.

Night hunting is a very exciting and fun experience, but it also requires some special equipment and skills. The most important equipment is the night vision binoculars, which can help us see the target and the surrounding environment clearly in the dark, thereby improving safety and success rate. We searched a lot of information and reviews about night vision binoculars online, and finally chose a product from the Chinese brand wildguarder, which is claimed to be one of the most advanced night vision binoculars in the world, with high-definition, stability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. We are looking forward to using them and seeing if they can surprise and satisfy us.

We ordered three pairs of wildguarder night vision binoculars online, WG-80, WG-90, and WG-100, which differ mainly in magnification and field of view. We received them before departure, and after opening the packaging, we were attracted by their appearance and texture. They all have black metal shells, comfortable rubber eye masks and non-slip handles, and are not too heavy, making them easy to carry and operate. They are also equipped with adjustable infrared lights, which can provide different brightness and clarity under different lighting conditions. They also have a cool feature that can take photos and videos and store them in the built-in storage card, so that we can review our hunting experience and achievements at any time.

After arriving in Yakima, we couldn’t wait to try out our new equipment. We set off around 9 pm and drove to a remote forest where there were many deer, foxes, raccoons, and other animals. We parked the car on the side of the road, put on our night vision binoculars, and quietly entered the forest. At first, we needed some time to adapt to the darkness and the effect of night vision binoculars, but soon we discovered their magic. We can see everything in the forest clearly, such as branches, grass, small animals, and the colors are also bright and real, not just green or black and white like in movies. We can also change the field of view and clarity by adjusting the infrared light and magnification to adapt to different distances and targets. We felt like superheroes with super vision.

We walked in the forest for about half an hour and found a group of deer grazing on the grassland. We immediately hid behind a big tree and used the night vision binoculars to observe their location and number. We found six deer, including two males, one of which had beautiful antlers. We decided to aim at the biggest male deer because it looked the strongest and most delicious. We used the range-finding function of our night vision binoculars to measure the distance between us and the deer, which was about 100 meters. We adjusted our rifle scopes and slowly moved to a suitable position, ready to shoot.


Just as we were about to pull the trigger, we suddenly heard a sharp cry and saw a fox rushing out of the bushes towards the deer. The deer panicked and fled in all directions, and our target ran away too. We quickly followed, hoping to find another opportunity to shoot. We used the night vision binoculars to track their direction and speed, while also paying attention to the surrounding environment and obstacles. We ran for about ten minutes and saw the biggest male deer stop at a small river to drink. We took the opportunity to hide behind a tree again and aimed at it. This time we didn’t hesitate and shot together. We heard a muffled sound and saw the male deer fall to the ground and didn’t move anymore.

We ran excitedly to confirm that it was dead and then dragged it to our car. We used the night vision binoculars to take several photos, recording our trophy and achievement. We felt very satisfied and proud because it was our first time hunting at night and we successfully shot such a beautiful and fat deer. We thanked wildguarder night vision binoculars for their help and support. Without them, we might have missed this rare opportunity.

In Yakima, we hunted not only animals but also scenery and food. During the day, we went to some famous local attractions and restaurants to enjoy different flavors and cultures. We went to Yakima River Canyon, which is a spectacular gorge with many beautiful rocks, plants, and wildlife such as eagles, ducks, and beavers along the river. We rented a kayak there and paddled along the river for an afternoon, experiencing the charm and power of nature. We also went to Yakima Valley Museum, which is a museum showcasing the local history, culture, art, and science and has many interesting and educational exhibitions and activities. We learned a lot about Yakima’s knowledge and stories there and also visited a village that replicated the early residents’ way of life.

We tasted a lot of delicious food and drinks in Yakima, satisfying our taste buds. We went to a burger joint called Miner’s Drive-In, where they have huge and delicious burgers, fries, milkshakes, and other American fast food that filled us up. We also went to a Mexican restaurant called Los Hernandez Tamales, where they have fresh and spicy corn tamales, corn cakes, salads, and other Mexican-style dishes that made us happy. We went to a vineyard and winery called Gilbert Cellars, where they have high-quality and fragrant wines, as well as some snacks such as cheese, fruits, and bread that made us drink comfortably.

We had a very pleasant and unforgettable week in Yakima. We not only shot a delicious deer but also enjoyed beautiful scenery, tasted delicious food, and learned many interesting things. We feel that this is a perfect trip and hunting that deepened our friendship and made our life richer. We want to especially thank wildguarder night vision binoculars, which are our best partners and assistants, giving us unparalleled advantages and fun in night hunting. We strongly recommend everyone who loves hunting and adventure to try this night vision binoculars. They will surely bring you surprises and satisfaction. We also hope to have the opportunity to go hunting in Yakima again or explore more possibilities and excitement in other places.

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