Last week, I went hunting with two friends Rudolf Milne and Gregary Thorndike at Longyu Bay National Forest Park in Luoyang, Henan. This was our first time to this place, and also our first time to try night hunting. The reason we chose this place was that we heard that there are rich wildlife resources here, such as wild boars, deer, foxes, rabbits, etc., and the natural scenery here is also very beautiful, with clear streams, dense forests, strange peaks and rocks, etc., so we wanted to experience the close contact with nature here, and feel the fun and excitement of hunting.hunting

Since we planned to observe and hunt at night, we had to prepare night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars. Night vision binoculars can let us see the outline and position of animals in the dark, while infrared binoculars can let us detect the body temperature and movement trajectory of animals through infrared rays. These two devices are very important and useful for night hunting, which can improve our hit rate and safety.

In addition to hunting, we of course have to taste the Luoyang cuisine, satisfy our taste buds. Luoyang is a city with a long history and culture, with a rich food tradition and characteristics. We heard that Luoyang has delicious dishes such as beef soup, paste noodles, small street pot stickers, etc., which make people drool.

This is our original intention and preparation for going to Longyu Bay National Forest Park in Luoyang, Henan for hunting and food trip. Next, I will tell you in detail about our experience and feelings. Please continue reading! 😊

We arrived in Luoyang on Friday afternoon and stayed at a hotel near Longyu Bay National Forest Park. We planned to go night hunting on Saturday night, so we did some preparations in advance. For example, we asked some information about Longyu Bay National Forest Park from the hotel staff, such as the entrance location, opening hours, ticket prices, precautions, etc. We also searched online for some tips and experiences about night hunting: how to choose a suitable location, avoid disturbing animals, judge the type and size of animals, etc. In addition, we checked all the equipment, including guns, ammunition, night vision devices, infrared devices, flashlights, compasses, maps, etc., to make sure everything was intact.

On Saturday night, we took a taxi with our equipment to the entrance of Longyu Bay National Forest Park. Because it was night time, the park was closed, so we had to pay some fees to enter. We explained our purpose and plan to the gatekeeper, who gave us some warnings and suggestions: such as not to go far away, disturb other visitors, kill rare animals, etc. We expressed our understanding and compliance, and then entered the park.

The park was dark, only the stars and moonlight illuminated part of the ground. So we turned on the night vision devices and infrared devices and started looking for a suitable hunting location. Night vision devices can let us see the outline and position of animals in the dark, while infrared devices can let us detect the body temperature and movement trajectory of animals through infrared rays. These two devices are very important and useful for night hunting, which can improve our hit rate and safety.

We walked along a small road for about half an hour and came to an open grassland. The grassland has clear streams and dense forests. It is an ideal hunting location. We found a hidden place on the edge of the grassland to hide ourselves and began to observe the animal situation on the grassland. Through night vision devices and infrared devices, we found many wild animals on the grassland: wild boars, deer, foxes, rabbits, etc. We chose some larger and closer targets and began to slowly aim and shoot.

When shooting, we need to pay attention to control the sound and flash of the gun, so as not to alarm other animals or attract attention. We also need to keep quiet and communicate, so as not to cause misunderstanding or danger. After each shot, we would use flashlights to confirm whether we hit and drag the killed animals back to our hiding place. After about two hours of hunting, we killed three wild boars, two deer, four foxes and seven rabbits. This was a very satisfying result for us.

After hunting, we put the killed animals in a big bag and prepared to take them back to the hotel. We also took some photos with our phones as a souvenir. Of course, we can’t forget the Luoyang cuisine besides hunting. Luoyang is a city with a long history and culture, with a rich food tradition and characteristics. We decided to taste the Luoyang flavor on Sunday during the day and satisfy our taste buds.

During our stay in Luoyang, we went to a restaurant called “Tangcheng”, which is one of the most famous soup restaurants in Luoyang. Luoyang people especially like to drink soup, and have the reputation of “soup city”. Luoyang has a variety of soups, mainly Luoyang eight soups: no-turn soup, mutton soup, beef soup, donkey meat soup, tofu soup, meatball soup, mixed liver soup, spicy soup. Among them, beef soup is the most popular, and it is a bowl of soup that must be tasted when you come to Luoyang.

We ordered a bowl of beef soup and three small steamed buns, ready to start. Beef soup is made from fresh beef and beef bones, with clear soup color, tender meat quality, and fragrant aroma. The small steamed buns are made from high-gluten flour fermented, white and soft, absorbing the essence of the soup. We ate the small steamed buns dipped in beef soup and felt very delicious and satisfied. We also heard that the mutton soup and donkey meat soup here are also very characteristic, but because we were already very full, we did not try again.

Small street pot stickers are one of the most representative snacks in Luoyang, oily and golden, crispy and fragrant. Take one and dip it in vinegar and put it in your mouth. The thick soup juice immediately bursts out with the meat filling. We ordered two servings of pot stickers and two glasses of soy milk, ready to continue enjoying the food. Pot stickers are made from dough wrapped with pork and cabbage filling, fried in a flat pan. Soy milk is a drink made from ground soybeans, sweet and salty, refreshing and thirst-quenching. We chatted while eating, very comfortable and happy.

Paste noodles are also called sour noodles, which are made from mung bean paste fermented with green bean paste, with minced meat, celery leaves, soybeans, peanuts and other ingredients to make noodles. The sour taste is unique, salty and delicious. We ordered a bowl of paste noodles and a bowl of hot dumplings, ready to taste Luoyang’s pasta. Hot dumplings are a traditional snack in Xin’an County of Luoyang City. They are made by boiling water to make dough, rolling it into skins, wrapping it into crescent-shaped dumplings, and steaming them for 10 minutes. They are crystal clear, shaped like a crescent moon, colored like jade, fresh and not greasy. We picked up a paste noodle with chopsticks and put it in our mouth. We felt sour and sweet, smooth and delicious. We scooped up a hot dumpling with a spoon and gently bit it open. We felt thin skin and plenty of filling, meat juice overflowing. We thought this was a very delicious and nutritious pasta.

Water banquet is known as one of the three wonders of Luoyang’s traditional feast, which originated in the Tang Dynasty and was once a palace delicacy. It is called water banquet because the hot dishes served have soup water; and because the dishes are served like flowing water, one after another. The most famous dish is peony swallow dish, which is mainly made of radish shreds, with crab sticks, ham, bamboo shoots, etc., arranged in the shape of peony flowers in the plate. We ordered a water banquet set meal, ready to taste Luoyang’s official cuisine.

The service of the water banquet is very attentive and professional. Each dish has a dedicated waiter to introduce and serve. We first tasted the peony swallow dish, feeling that it was colorful, fragrant, and tasty. The radish shreds were crisp and refreshing, the crab sticks, ham, bamboo shoots, etc., added flavor and layering. Then we tasted other dishes, such as Luoyang cabbage, Henan fried cake, Henan braised noodles, Henan braised meat, etc. Each dish had its own characteristics and flavor, making us enjoy ourselves.hunting

Luoning steamed meat is a specialty dish in Luoyang and even the entire Yuxi region. It is mainly made of pork slices and sweet potato vermicelli as the main food ingredients, and then mixed with green onions, bean paste, corn flour, etc., and then steamed in a pot. We ordered a Luoning steamed meat and two bowls of rice, ready to taste this authentic farmhouse dish. Luoning steamed meat looked very tempting, the red and white meat slices and the transparent vermicelli emitted a strong aroma in the pot. We scooped up a piece of meat and a vermicelli with a spoon, put it on the rice, and then picked it up with chopsticks and put it in our mouth. We felt the meat was tender and juicy, the vermicelli was smooth and refreshing, with rice, it was simply amazing. We were already very full, but we couldn’t help eating a few more bites, feeling very satisfied and happy.

In this way, we tasted Luoyang’s soup, snacks, pasta, official cuisine and farmhouse cuisine, which can be said to have a comprehensive understanding and experience of Luoyang’s cuisine. We felt that Luoyang’s cuisine was not only delicious, but also rich in characteristics and culture, reflecting the living habits and dietary concepts of Luoyang people. We praised Luoyang’s cuisine, and also developed a deeper interest and respect for Luoyang’s culture.

This is our experience and feelings of hunting and food trip in Luoyang, feeling that this is a very unforgettable and meaningful trip. We not only enjoyed the gift of nature, but also enjoyed the essence of humanity. We hope to have the opportunity to come to Luoyang again, explore more beauty and wonder. Through this hunting and food trip, we not only experienced a different way of leisure, but also expanded our horizons and knowledge. We learned the skills and fun of night hunting, and also realized the importance of protecting nature and wildlife. We tasted all kinds of Luoyang cuisine, and also tasted Luoyang’s culture and history. This is a very meaningful and valuable trip.

Of course, we also want to thank our equipment and tools, which made our trip smoother and safer. Especially night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars, which allowed us to see clearly the position and state of animals in the dark, improving our hunting efficiency and safety. If you also want to try night hunting, you might as well go to WildGuarder official website to choose the night vision equipment that suits you.



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