WildGuarder NR1 Pro is a high quality night vision device for Night Hunting Nocturnal Animal Observation Wildlife Surveillance Monitoring Nature Adventure. Dual power supply mode makes it more convenient in the wild.

Dual infrared supplementary lights

Both infrared lights can be retracted to adjust astigmatism or condensing. In a dark environment, you can see wide and far away, eliminating the disadvantages of external infrared lights! 940+850 dual infrared Light waves adapt to the needs of various environments

Multifunction Meets Your All Needs

The NR1 Pro is Sturdy, durable, easy to connect . It can also be installed on the equipment through a suitable installation system. 7 types of cross marks make your hunting easier

Selectable Reticle

The NR1 Pro is a full complement of digitally displayed reticle solutions ensures quick target acquisition and richly contrasting sight picture.Choose from an array of reticle patterns ,colors settings

3.1`` LCD Monitor
Day&Night Observation

the observation effect through the eyepiece system can reach 6 inches. Avoid dizziness when watching a small screen. Picture/video resolution: 3264x2448 / 1920X1080. You can use it for outdoor hunting/camping/surveillance/night fishing/bird watching, etc

High Performance Core image Processing

It is like the heart of this device, translating the information collected by all components efficiently into images, and then sending them back to the high-resolution large screen.
The process is like a mobile phone, many similar products use low-core chips to save the cost, so the translating efficiency is not satisfactory, and unable to render high resolution images; that is the major difference between amateur products and professional products.

Easy To Connect By Wifi & App

WIFI function: Just connect our night vision device with wifi, you can use your mobile phone, PC, tablet as a viewfinder! It is very convenient to watch the phone at the same time!

Long Battery Life

4800mAh Battery and charger-Improved safer battery. Camera comes with one battery and a charging dock. 3-4 hours usage with IR on. 6-7 hours usage with IR off. Also works as an enhanced day time monoscope.