I am a bird enthusiast and photographer, and have always dreamed of capturing various beautiful birds. This spring, I was lucky enough to visit the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City, China with my two friends, Sid Marner and Sam Newton. Sid Marner is a famous painter whose oil paintings are internationally renowned, while Sam Newton is an Instagram celebrity whose photos and videos have attracted millions of fans. We are all interested in China’s natural scenery and culture, so we chose this place as our destination.

As we wanted to observe some nocturnal birds, we needed some professional equipment. After searching online, we decided to buy the owler1 night vision binoculars from the Chinese brand, wildguarder. This night vision binoculars claim to have high-definition, high magnification, high brightness, and high stability, making it an ideal choice for observing nocturnal animals. We wanted to test the performance and effects of this product through actual use, while also getting to know the local customs and cuisine.




The Yongning Lake Wetland Park is a comprehensive infrastructure in Chuanhui District, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, which serves as a reservoir for irrigation, drainage, water quality protection, and eco-friendly environment. It is an important part of the Yellow River Diversion Project, one of the top ten livelihood projects in the central urban area of Zhoukou City, and a backup water source for emergency use. The park covers an area of about 7200 mu, including a 3600 mu lake and 3600 mu green land, with several artificial islands such as Fuxi Island, Bird Watching Island, Lotus Island, and Plum Island, as well as natural landscapes such as beaches, palm trees, and lawns. The wetland park is not only a beautiful business card of Zhoukou City, but also an ecological treasure trove that attracts many tourists and birds.

We arrived at the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City in April, just in time for the blooming of spring flowers. We first visited the Fuxi Cultural Square and Fuxi Temple on Fuxi Island, learning about the story and contributions of Fuxi, the ancestor and cultural progenitor of the Chinese nation. Then we took a boat ride on the lake to enjoy the beautiful aquatic plants and fish, experiencing the charm of the lake and mountains. We also used our owler1 night vision binoculars on Bird Watching Island to observe various birds flying or perching on branches, such as egrets, herons, cranes, and pheasants, admiring their graceful postures and melodious songs. We recorded these precious images and sounds with our cameras and phones and shared them with our families and friends.




One of the greatest pleasures of observing birds at the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City is using our owler1 night vision binoculars to explore the mysterious creatures hidden in the darkness at night. Every day at dusk, we brought our equipment and food to Bird Watching Island or other suitable observation spots, looking for quiet and secluded corners, and waited for nightfall.

As the sky gradually darkened, we would open our owler1 night vision binoculars, adjust the focus and brightness, and carefully observe the surroundings. We found that this night vision binoculars performed exceptionally well, allowing us to see distant objects and animals clearly in the dark, even their eyes and feather details. It also has a built-in infrared illuminator that enhances our vision and allows us to see more things. Its weight is also not too heavy, making it suitable for long-term use.

While using the owler1 night vision binoculars, we observed many nocturnal birds, such as owls, night herons, night hawks, and nightjars. Some were looking for food, some were resting or dozing, and some were communicating or courting. Their behavior and habits were very interesting and mysterious, opening our eyes to new experiences. We also heard various bird calls, some of which were pleasant to the ears, some of which were harsh and thrilling, and some of which were hard to fathom. We tried not to make any noise or movements to avoid disturbing them.




As we observed birds at the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City, we also did not forget to experience the local customs and cuisine. Zhoukou City is a historical and cultural city in Henan Province, with a long history and brilliant culture, and is the hometown of Chinese ancestors such as Fuxi, Nvwa, Shennong, and Huangdi. Zhoukou City is also a place with rich folk customs, with many unique festivals and activities, such as the Fuxi Culture Festival, Zhoukou International Marathon, and Zhoukou International Agricultural Expo. Zhoukou City is also a city of gourmet cuisine, with many authentic specialty snacks, such as spicy beef balls, baked buns with meat, stewed noodles, sauce pancakes, glutinous rice, etc.

We tasted local cuisine at some restaurants and stalls near the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City, experiencing the enthusiasm and hospitality of the locals. We found that Zhoukou City’s cuisine not only has a delicious taste but also has an affordable price, making us feel very satisfied. We also made friends with some locals who introduced us to some of the city’s historical culture and folk customs, deepening our understanding and knowledge of this place.




Through this trip to observe birds at the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City, we gained a lot. We not only appreciated the beautiful natural scenery and rich ecological resources but also experienced the historical culture and folk customs of Zhoukou City, and tasted the delicious cuisine of Zhoukou City. We also used our owler1 night vision binoculars to observe many nocturnal birds, discovering their mystery and charm. We believe that this night vision binoculars is an ideal choice for observing nocturnal animals, with its high-definition, high magnification, high brightness, and high stability features, allowing us to see more things in the dark.

We would like to thank the staff and volunteers of the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City for their convenience and assistance, allowing us to have a pleasant time here. We would also like to thank the people of Zhoukou City for their warmth and friendliness, making us feel the warmth of home. We hope to have the opportunity to come back to observe birds at the Yongning Lake Wetland Park in Zhoukou City and hope that more people can come here to appreciate the beauty of nature and the wonder of birds.

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