Phoebe Bridges and Quentin Peter are my high school friends, and we have kept in touch over the years. We have many common interests, but hunting is our favorite one. Although we have watched many hunting shows, read many hunting magazines, we never had a chance to do it ourselves. This summer, we finally had some free time and some extra money, so we decided to plan this trip.

We chose the city of Pierre for our hunting trip, located in South Dakota, a place that combines natural beauty and historical culture. There are many animals suitable for hunting there, such as deer, elk, antelope and turkey. In this article, I want to share with you our hunting journey, and how we used infrared binoculars to track animals at night. I also want to introduce you to the delicious food in Pierre.

Before we left, we did a lot of research online about South Dakota, and found that it is one of the best places for hunting in the United States. Pierre is located on the banks of the Missouri River and is also the capital of South Dakota. We thought that city was awesome, so we decided to stay there for a few days.

We put a lot of effort and money into preparing for this trip. We booked our flights, hotels, cars and hunting gear online. We also bought infrared binoculars, which are one of the essential equipment for hunting at night, because they allow us to see animal tracks in the dark, which makes it easier to find them and hunt them. We also learned the hunting rules and safety tips of South Dakota, including how to use guns, load bullets and other tools. We wanted this trip to be exciting and fun.

We chose to leave in mid-July, flying from Fremont, California to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Then we took another flight to Pierre.

At the airport in Pierre, we picked up our luggage and rental car, then drove to the hotel. Along the way, we saw the scenery and buildings of Pierre, feeling the history and modernity of this city. We saw the state capitol building, museums, churches, shops, restaurants and so on. We also saw the Missouri River, which is one of the longest rivers in the USA, flowing through the middle of South Dakota, dividing the state into two parts: east and west.


huntingAfter arriving at the hotel, we checked in and put our luggage in our rooms. We rested briefly, then decided to go out for dinner. Near the hotel, we found a local restaurant where we tasted local specialties such as beef pies, cornbread and fruit salads. These foods were delicious and satisfying.

After dinner, we returned to the hotel and prepared for the next day’s hunting trip. We checked our equipment, confirmed our plan, then went to bed early. We were all looking forward to the next day’s adventure, hoping to see and hunt the animals we wanted.

The next morning, we got up early, had a hearty breakfast, then drove to the hunting site in the outskirts. The professional hunting guide we booked online was waiting for us at the site. His name was Jack, a middle-aged man, wearing camouflage clothes, a hat and sunglasses. He looked cool and friendly.

Jack introduced us to the situation of the hunting site, told us what animals we could hunt, where we could go, and what precautions and rules we should follow. He also checked our equipment, taught us how to use guns, ammunition and infrared binoculars. He said that infrared binoculars are essential tools for hunting, allowing us to observe animal tracks in the dark. He said that hunting during the day and night is different. During the day, you can see more animals, but it is also easier to be discovered; at night, you need more patience and skills, but it is also more challenging and fun.

Under Jack’s guidance, we started our hunting trip. We first hunted some small animals during the day, such as rabbits, squirrels and pheasants. These animals were relatively easy to find and shoot, giving us some confidence and sense of achievement. We also saw some other animals, such as deer, raccoons and hedgehogs, but we didn’t intend to hunt them, because they were too cute or too dangerous.

At noon, we rested for a while in a small cabin, ate some simple food, such as sandwiches, fruits and biscuits. We also chatted with Jack about some topics about South Dakota, learned some knowledge about the nature and culture of this state. Jack told us that South Dakota has a rich Native American culture, with many reservations and museums. He also said that South Dakota has beautiful scenery and historical sites, such as Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park and Lake Oahe. If he had a chance, he hoped to take us to see these places.

In the afternoon, we continued our hunting trip. We changed to a different place, a larger and more open grassland. There were more animals to hunt there, such as cattle, sheep, goats and horses. These animals were bigger and stronger, requiring more strength and skills to shoot. We used infrared binoculars to observe their tracks, then quietly approached them. We took turns trying to shoot them, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing. Whenever we successfully shot an animal, we would cheer and hug. Whenever we failed, we would encourage and comfort each other. We felt the excitement and tension of hunting, as well as the friendship and support among classmates.

In the evening, we ended our hunting trip. We gave the animals we shot to Jack, who said he would help us deal with them and then send them to us. We thanked Jack for his help and guidance, then drove back to the hotel. On the way back, we reviewed our hunting trip, shared our experiences and feelings. We all felt that this was an unforgettable adventure that made us understand ourselves and nature better. We also looked forward to the next day’s hunting trip, hoping to see and hunt more animals.

The next morning, we got up early again, had a hearty breakfast again, then drove to the hunting site in the outskirts again. We met Jack again who said he would take us to a farther and more secluded place today to experience night hunting. He said that night hunting is a completely different experience that requires more patience and skills but is also more challenging and fun. He said that at night you can see some animals that you can’t see during the day such as foxes wolves and mountain lions. He said that these animals are very smart and agile so you need to use infrared binoculars to observe their tracks in the dark then shoot quickly and accurately.

Under Jack’s guidance we started our night hunting trip. We first hunted some small animals during the day such as birds’ mice and snakes. These animals were relatively easy to find and shoot giving us some confidence and sense of achievement. We also saw some other animals such as deer sheep and horses but we didn’t intend to hunt them because they were too cute.

We hunted many different animals in three days such as rabbits’ bird’s cattle sheep foxes wolves and mountain lions etc., this hunting trip also improved our shooting skills enhanced our friendship among classmates appreciated the beautiful scenery of South Dakota. We saw many interesting sights and buildings in Pierre city such as state capitol building museum church shop restaurant etc.… We also tasted local specialties such as beef pies cornbread fruit salad steak burger ice cream etc.… These foods were delicious satisfying.

This hunting trip gave us a deep impression admiration of South Dakota state .We learned about its nature culture found that it has rich Native American culture with many reservations museums .We also found that it has beautiful scenery historical sites such as Mount Rushmore Badlands National Park Lake Oahe etc.… We hope have chance explore this state again see more animals’ sights.

At the end of this article, I want to thank you for reading hope to inspire your interest in South Dakota hunting. I also want to thank my classmates Phoebe Bridges and Quentin Peter they are my best friends accompanied me to complete this trip. I also want to thank our guide Jack he is a professional friendly person helped guided our hunting. This trip is one of the best memories of my life I will never forget.

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