When the sun takes its daily dip below the horizon and night falls, there’s no rule saying you have to stay inside for the evening. Anyone who has gone outdoors in the dark will know that night time is full of subtle shades of light, capable of inspiring a sense of reconnection and wonder. Outdoors at night can feel like discovering a new world on your doorstep, one that allows you to roam beyond the duration of winter’s short days.

    Outdoors at night can pose new challenges, but with the right kit and preparation it can open up a whole new aspect to your walking. So, if you’re looking to extend your daily window of time for getting outdoors, here’s some inspiration and information to get you started on your after-dark adventures.

    Night Hunting

    Night hunting is a very specific activity. Man, as a biological creature, is poorly adapted to activities in the dark, so he needs all sorts of auxiliary devices. It is believed that the main problem is the choice of night optics,

    Not only do many night vision devices now match the range and resolution of Gen 3 units, they bring an incredible array of new digital features to the table. wireless controls, digital recording for what hunters now expect from a night vision devicesAt night hunting one cannot do without night vision devices – at least to see the target and know where to target.

    Outdoors Adventure

    The beautiful moments of outdoor adventure may be in the early morning or in the evening after sunset. You will not want to miss the best time for hiking, appreciating fireworks in the night sky or having wild activities late at night. With portable night vision cameras for outdoor purposes, you will no longer fret about activities in the dark environment. You can easily master the use of the WildGuarder Night Vision if you can operate a telescope. Most importantly, the WildGuarer is compact, light and easy to carry, and affordable.

    Search & Rescure

    With SAR operations, the sooner search efforts start, the better the chance of a successful outcome. Both infrared and daylight cameras help spot people hidden in tree cover and rough terrain

    Our night vision equipment have a wide range of low light applications including help finding missing people, locating injured people, surveying road traffic accident scenes and surveillance applications for urban, rural and coastal areas.

    Camping & Fishing

    Fishing is one of the all-time favorite things to do on a camping trip. It connects you to nature like nothing else. But make sure you’re equipped with the right gear to make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

    Overnight fishing trips are extremely fun and something truly relaxing, if you have the right WildGuarder camping gear with you. When staying outside for one or several nights in a row, having the right equipment to make you feel comfortable is very important.

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