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WildGuarder AIMER1 300 Yards Bow Sight With Rangefinder 5 Pin For Outdoor Hunting Entertainment Archery

Unlike range-finding sights of the past, the AIMER1 incorporates the rangefinder unit directly onto the sight housing for a cleaner line of sight and better balance. This premium 5-pin sight with ultra-bright fiber optic pins and features micro adjustable pins, a precision bubble level, tool-less adjustments, an integrated sight light with 5 brightness levels with +/- 1 yard resolution to 300 yards! AIMER1 pin sight delivers on reliability and performance with a fully integrated rangefinder and pin sight in one easy-to-use and feature-rich unit.

WildGuarder GUARDER1 Night Vision Monocular Night Hunting Scope Sight


GUARDER1 Multifunctional Night Vision products collect existing light through the objective lens.The image is then processed through a digital CMOS sensor module and transferred to the micro,Liquid crystal display (LCD). Images viewed on the LCD are magnified 6 times.GUARDER1 Multifunctional Night Vision models are equipped with a built-in powerful IR (infrared) illuminator (D) that enables clear viewing in low ambient light conditions or even total darkness。

1. 5MP built-in 1.5"color LCD display, high-definition 720P video, magnification factor can reach 50 times, support single photo or video shooting, can clearly show the shooting time on the photo and video. 2. With in-band recording and storage functions, the 1.5 "color display screen can display the shooting mode and number of sheets, and facilitate reconnaissance of targets. 3. When the external TV or display screen is monitored in real time, the best observation distance is 350 meters, and the maximum support 32G TF card. 4. High Definition Six in One Infrared Digital Photo Camera Night Vision = Infrared Night Vision + Infrared Digital Camera + Infrared Video Recorder + Long Distance Real-time Infrared Monitoring Network Camera + USB Mobile Hard Disk + Monocular Telescope.