WildGuarder RB1 is the all-new 8x21mm Rangefinding Binoculars are a two-in-one solution for observing and ranging.

2IN1 Binoculars

WildGuarder RB1 boasts superb ranging accuracy and advanced optics for the best of both worlds in one unit. Our High-Definition Optical System—provides optimum viewing clarity, Built to take the hard knocks field use deals out, this full-size 10X42 design supports a rock-steady hold and great magnification but without being too bulky and heavy.

No More Wasted Time Switching From Binoculars

The WildGuarder RB1 give you the all-day viewing comfort of 8x21MM binoculars while giving you the ability to range on the spot and not miss an opportunity. This means no more eye strain trying to observe through a traditional rangefinder, and no more wasted time switching from binoculars to your rangefinder while letting that buck slip away.


The WildGuarder RB1's tactile control layout allows you find and use the controls easily with or without gloves on. All of this puts you in control for the fastest and most precise scanning and ranging in the field.

K9 Prism

The precision designed K9 prism can greatly improve the performance of the telescope's optical system and help you see more details and brighter colors

High Performance Core image Processing

It is like the heart of this device, translating the information collected by all components efficiently into images, and then sending them back to the high-resolution large screen.
The process is like a mobile phone, many similar products use low-core chips to save the cost, so the translating efficiency is not satisfactory, and unable to render high resolution images; that is the major difference between amateur products and professional products.