I have always been a big fan of Mayday, and their songs have accompanied me at every stage of my growth and made me feel the power and beauty of life. So, when I learned that they were going to be giving a concert in Las Vegas, I didn’t hesitate to decide to go see them live. I invited two of my best friends, Ted Aldridge and Dylan Birrell, who are also Mayday fans, to join me, and we were both excited about the trip.

Mayday is one of the most famous rock bands in Taiwan, consisting of vocalist Ashin, guitarist Monster, Stone, bassist Martha and drummer Guanyou. Their musical styles are varied, ranging from elements such as rock, alternative, folk, and electronic, to deep, witty, touching, inspirational and other themes. Their lyrics are close to life, touch the heart, and resonate with countless listeners. Their concert was even more powerful and the atmosphere was warm, immersing the audience in the ocean of music.

We look forward to seeing Mayday’s wonderful performances in Las Vegas, hearing their classic songs, and feeling their enthusiasm and charm. We believe it will be an unforgettable journey and experience.

We knew Mayday’s concert tickets were in high demand, so we ordered three tickets online in advance, but due to our limited budget, we were able to choose seats farther away. We were worried that this would affect how well we watched the concert, so we decided to order another infrared binoculars online to be able to see Mayday on stage more clearly.

After searching online, we found an infrared binoculars from the Chinese brand Wildguarder1 with excellent value for money. The telescope features an advanced IR-enhanced CMOS sensor and a 5W Infared 850nm LED illuminator to observe and record targets up to 984 feet away in complete darkness2. It also comes with a 2.7-inch display that allows us to easily see (even with glasses) without always having to keep our eyes on the optical viewfinder. It also combines an excellent all-optical system with a video camera, 3X digital zoom and 31mm eyepieces, allowing us to quickly capture clear photos or HD videos.

This telescope has many other features and benefits, such as:

  • It has three zoom levels: 1X, 2X and 3X, allowing us to adjust the magnification according to our needs.
  • It can be used to shoot clear images and videos with 1920X1080 pixels, and supports 32GB TF card storage.
  • It has 7 IR adjustment levels to adapt to different dark environments.
  • It has 5 buttons and 10 languages to adjust multiple functions like brightness, contrast, date, time, etc.
  • It has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, impact resistant, light and durable, and is suitable for various harsh environments.

After placing an order online, I received the telescope very quickly. After we opened the package, we found that it looks stylish and feels comfortable in the hand. We installed the battery and TF card according to the instructions and tried it out. We found its operation to be simple, the picture is clear and the sound is clear. We are very happy with this telescope and think it is a very suitable device for concerts.

We flew to Las Vegas, a bustling metropolis known as the “Casino City” with countless hotels, casinos, bars, theaters and other entertainment venues. We stayed at Circa Resort & Casino, a newly opened luxury hotel with state-of-the-art facilities and services. We checked in at the hotel’s front desk and went to our room with our luggage. Our room was spacious with comfortable beds, sofas, TVs, refrigerators, and a large window with a beautiful night view of Las Vegas.

Once you’ve dropped off your luggage, you can’t wait to get out and explore the city. We first went to the hotel’s restaurant and tasted some delicious food such as steaks, burgers, salads etc. We also ordered some cocktails and enjoyed the atmosphere and service of the hotel. After we had eaten and drunk, we went to the hotel’s casino and experienced the fun of gambling. We played some slots, roulette, poker, etc., and although we didn’t win a lot of money, we didn’t lose a lot of money, just for fun.

After we played in the casino for a while, we went to the hotel bar and enjoyed some music and dancing. We met some other Mayday fans at the bar who were also coming to the concert. We talked to them about Mayday, such as their favorite songs, albums, concerts, etc. We found that they had a lot in common with us, both of which were deep affection and support for Mayday. We exchanged contact information with them and made an appointment to go to the concert the next day.

After playing late at the bar, we returned to our room and got ready to rest. We lay in bed and thought about the experiences and feelings of the day. We think Las Vegas is a very interesting and wonderful city, with a wide variety of entertainment and food. We consider ourselves lucky to be here and see the scenery and people. We also feel fortunate to have met some like-minded friends who share our love and expectations for Mayday. We believe that the next day’s concert will be more exciting and memorable.

The next day, we got up early, put on our prepared Mayday peripheral clothes, put on our infrared binoculars, and set off for the concert with the fans and friends we met yesterday. We took the shuttle bus provided by the hotel to MGM Grand Garden Stadium. On the way, we saw Mayday’s concert posters full of pictures of them and the theme of the concert, “I want to see you”. We are very excited and looking forward to it, this is the moment we have always dreamed of.

Once at the stadium, we followed the instructions on the tickets and found our entrance and seats. We found our position to be nice, although not the front row, but also with a clear view of the stage. We took out our infrared binoculars, adjusted the focus and angle, and got ready to watch Mayday on stage. We also took out our fluorescent sticks and support cards to cheer them on.

The concert started on time, and suddenly five stars lit up on the stage, representing the five members of Mayday. As the music played, they came out of the stars one by one, dressed in black clothes with cool expressions. They are band leader and guitarist Monster, lead singer Ashin, guitarist Stone, bass Martha and drummer Guanyou. They walked to the center of the stage and waved to the tens of thousands of fans in the audience. We looked at them with infrared binoculars and felt like we were very close to them. We can see every detail of them, such as their clothing, expressions, movements, etc. We thought they were all handsome and attractive.

They began to sing the first song, “Leaving the Earth’s Surface”, and the audience immediately boiled. We sang and danced along with them, and it felt like leaving the surface of the earth with them. Next, they sang classic songs such as “Contentment”, “Stubbornness” and “Suddenly I Miss You”, each of which moved and excited us. We watched them with infrared binoculars, showing their music and emotions on stage. We can see Ashin’s powerful voice singing every word, the monster playing every note with exquisite skill, the stone interpreting every melody with smart fingering, Martha supporting every beat with a steady rhythm, and Guanyou lighting up every atmosphere with enthusiastic drumming. They interact and work together very well and naturally on stage, like a perfect whole.



In the middle of the concert, they also chatted and interacted with the fans in the audience. They speak in Chinese and English so that everyone can understand them. They thanked everyone for coming to support them, saying that this was their first concert in Las Vegas and that they had not performed in the United States for a long time. They said they missed everyone and were happy to see everyone. They said they had a lot of songs to sing for everyone and a lot of things they wanted to say. They said that tonight is a night for Mayday and fans, so that everyone can enjoy music and happiness together.

At the end of the concert, they sang “Later Us”, a song about time and memory. When we heard this song, we couldn’t help but shed tears. We remembered the story of ourselves and Mayday, and remembered our youth with Mayday. We are grateful to Mayday for accompanying us for so many years and for giving us countless strength and warmth. We thank Mayday for bringing us such a wonderful and unforgettable concert and making us have memories that will last a lifetime. We thank Mayday for allowing us to meet so many like-minded friends and keep us no longer alone.

After the concert, Mayday said goodbye to everyone and said that he hoped to meet again. All the fans shouted “Mayday”, “Ashin”, “Monster”, “Stone”, “Martha” and “Guanyou” to express their love and respect for them. Mayday also waved thanks to everyone and threw guitars, bass, drum sticks, etc. to lucky fans. Finally, they took a group photo and said “goodbye”. Colorful confetti and golden rain curtains fell on the stage, creating a dreamlike effect.

After leaving the stadium, we were still immersed in the afterglow of the concert. We feel that this is one of the most beautiful and happy moments of our lives. We feel that tonight is a night of Mayday and fans, a night of music and love.

This trip to Las Vegas was one of the most memorable and precious experiences of our lives. Not only did we enjoy the beautiful scenery and wonderful performances of Las Vegas, but we also fulfilled our dream of seeing our favorite Mayday concert. We felt the music and charm of Mayday, as well as the enthusiasm and unity of the fans. We feel that Mayday is not only an excellent rock band, but also a messenger of positive energy and love. With their songs and actions, they have influenced the hearts and lives of countless people. They are our idols and our friends.

We thank them for bringing us such a wonderful and unforgettable concert that we will remember for a lifetime. We thank them for allowing us to meet so many like-minded friends and keep us no longer alone. We hope that they will always be healthy and happy and continue to create more excellent music and works. We hope that they will always adhere to their ideals and beliefs, and be afraid of difficulties and challenges. We hope that they will always be happy and successful, and be recognized and supported by more people.

You guys are the best! You guys are unbeatable! You are the eternal Mayday! No matter where you are, no matter what you do, we will always support you and love you!

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