Powered by clean renewable energy, this weather-proof panel requires little maintenance. It is the perfect attachment for cameras in remote locations or operating over a long period of time. With a S360 Solar Panel , there’s no need for batteries.

One rule of every successful hunter is to not disturb your hunting spot unless you absolutely have to. Making your trail camera’s batteries last longer is one of the best ways to assure less trips into your spot. The WildGuarder Trail Camera Solar Panel S360 extends your trail camera battery life by months! Use the included adjustable screw-in bracket to mount it near your camera. Attached the positive locking cables and your done!


How A Solar Panel Kits works

The inner workings of a solar panel can become very complex to understand. The basis of a solar panel is that it contains what is called photovoltaic (PV) cells, or solar cells. These cells within the solar panel present a characteristic that is known as a photovoltaic effect, which allows them to absorbs the photons that are within light, and releases electrons. The electrons are then captured and stored, and are able to be used as an electrical current.

The electrical current that is stored is a direct current (DC). When you use a solar panel for a house, the DC will need to be converted to alternating current (AC) by using an inverter. Which is why home based solar panels are so expensive. Luckily for Trail camera users, the power source that runs trail cameras is DC and an inverter is not needed.

Once charged, installing a solar panel to a trail camera is very easy. Simply use the power cord from the solar panel and plug it into the auxiliary port (AUX) that is typically located at the bottom of your trail camera. I recommend still installing the camera’s recommended batteries. These will be used as a back up in the event that the solar panel is not able to produce enough solar energy. Not often, but periodically, there will be a wave of night time activity around your trail camera that will drain the stored energy from the solar panel, and it is always good to be covered until the solar panel has the ability recharge.

Camera Output

One thing that you need to be aware of is the amount of voltage your trail camera requires. Most cameras on today’s market are using 12 volt systems, but as the industry is going to smaller more compact sized cameras, there has been an influx of cameras that are requiring only 6 volt systems.

Solar Panels will come in a variety of voltage applications as well, so be sure to check your trail camera’s owners manual to ensure that you are matching a solar panel for the right amount of voltage your trail camera requires. Having too little or too much voltage from your solar panel will cause failure.


The WildGuarder Solar Panel S360 is designed to function as a supplemental source of power for all current models of trail cameras series cameras.

With the Solar Panel mounted near your camera and connected to its external power input jack, you will find that your camera’s batteries last much longer before they need to be replaced.

The solar panel has an internal lithium ion power core, which is continuously charged by the solar cells when they are exposed to the sun.

Once connected, the camera will draw its power from the solar panel’s charged lithium battery for as long as possible, switching to its internal batteries only when the Solar Panel’s battery’s charge level is too low.

As a result, the camera’s batteries will have significantly longer life.


    When to use a Solar Panel Kits?

    Cellular Cameras

    The most common use of solar panels are when used in conjunction with wireless cameras (cellular, wifi, bluetooth), and for good reason. Most cellular cameras will have the battery life of just 25% of the normal stand alone trail cameras. The reason for this is simply the amount of network searching that the camera needs to do in order to stay connected to cellular service, and the amount of battery that sending photos through cellular service actually takes.

    If you think of a cellular trail camera in terms of your cell phone, the times you eat away the battery the fastest is when your phone is searching for service, and when you are downloading and sending photos (aside from searching the internet of course).

    This is why it is a great investment to use a solar panel for cellular cameras. The entire purpose of using cellular trail cameras is in order to get the needed information about a particular area without having to go into it and potentially mess with the area. If the battery on your camera however needs to be changed every other month, it sort of defeats the purpose altogether. With a solar panel, you will have virtually unlimited battery life, and only need to go into the camera location when you want to move it.

    Long Soaks

    If you use your trail cameras in areas out of town, in a different state, or miles back into a swamp, the likelihood of checking the cameras on a regular basis are pretty slim. Often times these trail camera sets can go months without you ever having the time or need to check them. Using large capacity SD cards to capture all of the photos, and using an external battery source like a solar panel makes sense.

    Saving Money

    While using a solar panel, can be classified more as a convenience than a huge money saver, over the life of the camera you can in fact save money. Figuring if you buy the recommended lithium ion batteries for your trail camera the average price per battery is around $1.30. In a 12 volt system battery, you will need 8 batteries, totaling $10.40.

    Most cameras, with a decent amount of activity will last 6-10 months on a set of batteries. Meaning you will spend roughly $20 a year keeping batteries fresh in your trail camera. While at this rate, it would take you 5 years to recover your money from a $100 solar panel, over the course of time it will pay off.

    Using cellular trail cameras on the other hand, you would need to change out batteries every 2-3 months, depending on a host of factors such as frequency of photo uploads and camera settings. In this case though you would be spending roughly $80 throughout the year, making the purchase of a solar panel a much quicker return on the investment.


    Where to Place a Solar Panel

    There is a misconception that a solar panel needs to be in direct sunlight in order to be effective. While direct sunlight would have a faster charge, the solar panel itself absorbs photons from light, whether it be direct light or indirect light.

    Most often you can hang the solar panel on the same tree as the trail camera itself. Just be sure that it is not under dense cover, that will impede the amount of light that will get to the panel.

    Make sure to angle the solar panel slightly up, rather than slightly down as well. The more light that the panel can get the better charge it will have to the internal battery. Since light energy comes from the sun, which is obviously above us, it makes sense that an angled solar panel toward the light would collect more energy.


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