You may not know that I am a female engineer working at Tesla in Shanghai, China. My name is Li Tingting. My two colleague friends are also female engineers, they are Samantha Isabel and Ivy Whitman from the United States. We three have a common hobby, which is hunting and exploring nature. We like to take our guns and equipment to some places with beautiful scenery and rich ecology in our spare time, and experience the joy of being close to nature.


Last week, we decided to go hunting at Baicaopan Forest Park in Yesanpo, Hebei. This place has many reasons to attract us. It is one of the six scenic spots of Yesanpo, a national key scenic spot, located in the northwest of Laishui County, Hebei Province. It borders Beijing on the east and north sides, with a main peak altitude of 1983 meters. It is one of the four highest points around Beijing, located at the junction of Taihang Mountain and Yanshan Mountain. The forest coverage rate is more than 76%, and it is known as the “green pearl”. It is a tourist attraction that integrates forest, stone forest, sweet spring, rare plants, wildlife, sea of clouds and sunrise. According to expert evaluation, there are about 91 families and 662 species of seed plants in the park, and 11 families and 38 species of fern plants; there are 184 species of vertebrates, of which 15 are national key protected animals. It is known as a “natural plant specimen library” and a “wildlife kingdom”. The air negative oxygen ion content in the park is 551923 per cubic centimeter, which is 126 times that of Beijing’s urban area, and it is called a “natural oxygen bar”.

We booked accommodation and transportation online in advance. We chose a farmhouse as our foothold, which is not far from the scenic spot, quiet and clean. We also rented an off-road vehicle as our means of transportation, which made it convenient for us to shuttle through the mountains. We planned to stay there for three days and two nights, and enjoy the charm of nature. On the first morning, we got up early and had a hearty farmhouse breakfast before driving to Baicaopan Scenic Area. After arriving at the entrance of the scenic spot, we bought tickets and cable car tickets, ready to start our adventure. The cable car can save us a lot of time and energy, and let us reach the top of the mountain faster. On the cable car, we can overlook the forest scenery, feel the fresh air and cool breeze.

After getting off the cable car, we entered the core part of Baicaopan Scenic Area-the sky garden. This is an alpine meadow with grasses and birds singing, and flowers blooming. The grass here is not ordinary grass, but a special plant called Baicaopan grass. They grow very tall and dense; some even reach people’s chests. They have various colors and shapes, some like small trumpets, some like small stars, some like small butterflies. They sparkle in the sun, like a colorful carpet, making people feel relaxed and happy.

We played in the sky garden for a while, took a lot of photos, and then continued to move forward. Our goal was the highest point of Baicaopan Scenic Area-Baicaopan Main Peak. Here the altitude is 1983 meters, which is the highest peak in Yesanpo Scenic Area and one of the four highest points around Beijing. The view here is very open, with clouds on both sides often forming spectacular scenes. And the climate on the top of the mountain is changeable, often feeling the magical scenery of “one mountain has four seasons, ten miles different days”.

After reaching Baicaopan Main Peak, we found a flat place to put our equipment down and started our hunting activity. We brought two hunting rifles and a pair of night vision binoculars. Night vision binoculars are essential tools for our hunting because many wild animals are active at night. If we don’t have night vision binoculars, we can’t see their traces clearly. The night vision binoculars we use are WildGuarder Owler 1 Night Vision Binoculars,which have many functions and advantages,and are very light and easy to use.

After wearing the night vision binoculars, we started our observation. We found a lot of nocturnal animals and plants, some of which we had never seen before. We saw a little fox looking for food quietly in the grass. It had gray-brown fur, bright black eyes, and pointed ears. It looked very cute and smart, and made us want to hug it. We also saw a group of wild rabbits hopping on the grass. They had snow-white fur and red eyes, like some cotton balls. They sometimes played and fought, and sometimes raised their ears alertly, very interesting. We also saw some birds and insects, flying or singing in the moonlight, forming a beautiful picture.

Of course, we also encountered some interesting or thrilling things. For example, once we saw a wild boar shuttle through the woods. It was huge, rough-skinned, and had two sharp tusks. It found us and rushed towards us, making a deafening roar. We immediately picked up our rifles and fired at it, but because the distance was too close and we were too nervous, we didn’t hit it. Fortunately, when it was about to hit us, it suddenly turned to the side and ran away into the woods.

We breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God for his blessing. We decided not to chase the wild boar anymore, but to change direction and continue to observe. We found some other animals, such as pheasants, wild ducks, deer, wolves, etc. We chose some suitable targets according to their size, speed and danger level, and then shot them with our rifles. Our shooting skills were not bad, and we hit several animals. We collected them and put them in a big bag, ready to take them back and make them into delicious food.


About two hours later, everyone felt a little tired and decided to take a break. We found a place near the cliff, put our bags and guns away, and sat on the ground, admiring the stars in the night sky. We also took out some dry food and water to replenish our strength. We ate and chatted, talking about our work, life and ideals. We found that although we came from different countries and cultures, we had a lot of commonalities and similarities: we were all women who loved technology and nature, had the spirit of pursuing excellence and innovation, had a broad vision and an open mind. Everyone felt that they got along well with each other and naturally became good friends.

In the process of chatting, we also found a very surprising thing. It turned out that Samantha Isabel and Ivy Whitman were both fans of my idol-American famous female singer Taylor Swift. They both liked her songs and style very much,and they collected her albums and peripherals. I am also a loyal fan of Taylor Swift,I have been listening to her songs since I was a child,her songs accompanied me through every stage of my growth. I think she is a very talented and charming woman,she uses her music to convey a lot of positive energy and touch. I admire her very much,and take her as my role model.

When I knew that they were also Taylor Swift’s fans,I felt very excited and happy,and felt that this was a fate and a miracle. I immediately took out my phone,opened my music player,found Taylor Swift’s playlist,and put my phone on a small speaker,letting the music play. I said: “Listen,this is my favorite song-Blank Space.” Then I started singing: “Nice to meet you,where you been? I could show you incredible things…” Samantha Isabel and Ivy Whitman also joined my singing,they also knew how to sing this song. “Magic,madness,heaven,sin. Saw you there and I thought oh my god…” The three of us sang together,jumped together,laughed together,enjoying this wonderful moment in the moonlight. We felt like three happy girls,without any worries or pressures.

That’s how we spent an unforgettable night on Baicaopan Main Peak. The next morning,when the sun rose,we were awakened by a golden light. We opened our eyes and saw an amazing sight. The mountains and forests around us were illuminated by the sun,showing a warm and peaceful atmosphere. There was a layer of fog rising from the valley below us,like a white ocean,making us feel like we were in a fairyland. There were some colorful balloons floating in the distant sky,like some dreamlike decorations,making us feel happy. We felt that this was the most beautiful sunrise we had ever seen,and we were amazed and moved by it.

We took out our cameras,recorded these beautiful pictures,and then hugged each other,thanking each other for their company and friendship. We decided to name this place “The Top of Heaven” because it gave us a heavenly feeling. We also swore that no matter where we are in the future,we will keep in touch,and if we have the chance,we will come here again,and relive these wonderful memories.

This is our experience of hunting in Baicaopan Forest Park in Yesanpo, Hebei on the first day. In the next two days, we went to other scenic spots, saw more scenery and animals, and encountered more thrills and joys. But those are another story, I won’t go into details here. In short, this hunting trip gave me a lot of gains, not only some animals and photos, but also some knowledge and friendship. I think this is the most unforgettable trip in my life, and I will always remember it.

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