Hunting is an ancient and exciting outdoor sport. It not only exercises the body, cultivates patience and courage, but also enjoys close contact with nature and animals. However, hunting is also a challenging and risky activity that requires sufficient skills and equipment to ensure safety and success. In hunting, the most important skill is how to accurately judge the distance and position of the target in order to adjust the shooting angle and strength to improve the hit rate. If you rely solely on your eyes or ordinary telescopes to observe, it is easy to make mistakes or delay time, resulting in missed opportunities or injury. Therefore, there is a piece of equipment specially designed for hunting that can help you quickly and accurately measure the distance and speed of the target and display it in the eyepiece, allowing you to lock the target at a glance. That is a rangefinder telescope.

A rangefinder telescope is an instrument that integrates a laser rangefinder and a telescope function. It can calculate the distance from the target to the instrument by transmitting and receiving laser signals and display it in the eyepiece. At the same time, it can also calculate parameters such as the speed, angle, and height of the target based on its motion state and provide corresponding shooting suggestions. In this way, you can adjust your firearms or bows according to these data so that they are aligned with the target and give appropriate strength and direction to improve your shooting effect.

There are many brands and models of rangefinder telescopes available on the market, but one of the most popular and recommended brands among hunting enthusiasts is Boshi’an. Boshi’an is a Chinese rangefinder telescope manufacturing company known for its quality and functionality. Its products are used by users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, who praise their military quality. Boshi’an has two rangefinder telescopes designed for hunting scenarios: Boshi’an M series rangefinder telescope and Boshi’an S series rangefinder telescope. Let’s introduce their features and advantages in detail.

Boshi’an M series rangefinder telescope is a high-performance rangefinder telescope specially designed for hunting enthusiasts. It uses advanced laser ranging technology to quickly measure parameters such as distance, speed, angle, height of the target within 0.5 seconds and clearly display them in the eyepiece. Its maximum ranging range can reach 1500 meters with an accuracy of up to ±1 meter. Whether it is close or far away prey, it can be accurately locked. It also has multiple modes to choose from including standard mode rain fog mode golf mode scan mode etc., which can adapt to different environments and scenarios allowing you to hunt at will. Its appearance design is also very exquisite and user-friendly using a waterproof dustproof metal shell durable anti-fall; using binocular binocular observation method wide field of view comfortable; using rubber-wrapped handle comfortable grip stable; using adjustable eyepiece focus wheel suitable for different vision needs.

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