I and Barbara Anthony, Alvin Pitman are college classmates, we are all people who love nature and adventure. After graduation, we went our separate ways and haven’t seen each other for a long time. However, last month, we finally had a rare opportunity to go hunting together in Hengyang Siming Mountain National Forest Park in China. This is a place we have longed for for a long time, because it has rich biodiversity, beautiful natural scenery, and a long history and culture. We brought some professional equipment, including night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars, which are essential tools for hunting at night, which can help us observe and catch prey in the dark. We look forward to spending an unforgettable time here.

Hengyang Siming Mountain National Forest Park is located in the south of Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China. It is a comprehensive forest park that integrates nature conservation, scientific research, tourism, sightseeing, and leisure. It covers an area of 21,000 hectares and has four peaks, eighteen streams, thirty-six waterfalls, and seventy-two scenic spots. It is known as the “natural oxygen bar in the central and southern regions” and the “back garden of southern Hunan”.

Here, we felt the charm and magic of nature. We walked along the mountain road, admiring the scenery around us, and sometimes stopped to take pictures. We saw a variety of plants, including tall pine and cypress trees, dense bamboo forests, colorful flowers, and some rare medicinal plants. We also saw traces of many animals, such as deer, foxes, wild boars, squirrels, monkeys, etc. We were even lucky enough to encounter a national first-class protected animal – the white-necked long-tailed pheasant. Its feathers are white and black interlaced, its tail is very long and beautiful, it jumps on the branches, very cute.hunting

In addition to animals and plants, we also appreciated some natural wonders and cultural landscapes. We climbed to the highest peak of the park – Siming Mountain main peak. It is 1506 meters above sea level and overlooks the entire park from the top of the mountain. We also visited the largest waterfall in the park – Siming Mountain Flying Waterfall. It is 108 meters high and the water flows down from the cliff, making a deafening sound, forming a white curtain. We also explored some ancient temples and caves, feeling the history and mystery.

In Hengyang Siming Mountain National Forest Park, we seemed to enter a fairyland, every place amazed us. This is a place worth visiting.

Hunting at night is an exciting and dangerous activity that requires certain skills and courage. We experienced hunting at night in Hengyang Siming Mountain National Forest Park and felt it’s fun and challenge.

We started our hunting trip in the evening. We first found a suitable campsite in the park, set up our tents, prepared our food and water. Then, we took out our equipment, including night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars. Night vision binoculars allow us to see clearly the surroundings in the dark, infrared binoculars allow us to detect the body temperature and location of prey through infrared rays. This equipment are essential for night hunting, because they can help us find and lock the target.

We divided into two groups, each group had a leader and a follower. The leader was responsible for observation and command, the follower was responsible for shooting and harvesting. We proceeded along different routes, contacting each other from time to time by walkie-talkie. We scanned the surroundings with night vision binoculars, looking for possible prey. We saw some small animals, such as squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs, etc., but we were not interested in them, because they were too small and not worth a shot. We wanted to find some bigger animals, such as deer, wild boar, or even wolves.

After walking for about an hour, we finally found a target worth a try. It was a wild boar, with a strong body and shiny black hair. It was foraging on a grassland, unaware of our presence. We confirmed its position and direction with infrared binoculars, then quietly approached it. We stopped at about 50 meters away from it. The leader signaled the follower to prepare to shoot, the follower raised his gun and aimed at the wild boar’s heart. Just as he pulled the trigger, the wild boar suddenly raised its head and let out a scream. It seemed to sense the danger and turned to run away. But it was too late, the bullet had already left the gun barrel and headed straight for the wild boar.

“Bang!” A gunshot later, the wild boar fell to the ground and did not move again. We cheered and ran over to check the situation. The wild boar was hit in the heart by the bullet and died quickly and cleanly. Its body was still warm and blood was still flowing. We dragged it aside, cut open its belly with a knife and took out its viscera. Then we put it in a big bag and carried it on our shoulders. This was our first trophy.

In the next few hours, we continued to look for other prey. We also shot two deer and a fox. Every hunt made us feel excited and nervous. Sometimes we would encounter some difficulties and dangers, such as getting lost, walking into traps, meeting other hunters or wild animals. But we were able to overcome these difficulties and dangers and complete our tasks smoothly. We used our wisdom and courage to conquer the night forest.

Night hunting is an addictive experience that makes us feel the passion and challenge of life. We had an unforgettable time in Hengyang Siming Mountain National Forest Park.

After hunting, we returned to the camp, ready to enjoy our dinner. We made some delicious dishes with the game we shot, such as wild boar stewed with potatoes, venison with eggplant, fox meat with green peppers, and so on. These dishes were made according to the local flavor and our own preferences, and they tasted very good, making us feast on them.

In addition to the dishes, we made ourselves, we also tasted some local delicacies, which we bought from a small shop near the park. The owner of the shop was a hospitable old man, who recommended us some specialties of Hengyang, and also told us some stories and legends of Hengyang. We were very grateful for his hospitality and introduction, and also very curious about how delicious his food was.

We bought three kinds of Hengyang specialties, namely Yulin Xiangyao, Hengyang Yufen, and Suobao Mooncake. Yulin Xiangyao is a snack made from pork kidney, which is sliced thinly and marinated with salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper and other seasonings, then fried in oil until golden and crispy. Yulin Xiangyao has a crispy exterior and a tender interior, with a special aroma and texture. Hengyang Yufen is a noodle made from silver carp or grass carp, which is deboned and skinned, then blended with water into a paste, then squeezed out into thin noodles with a sieve. Hengyang Yufen is smooth and tender, with a light fish flavor. Suobao Mooncake is a dessert made from flour and oil, which is kneaded into a dough, then divided into several pieces, each filled with red bean paste or sesame paste, then cut with a knife to make patterns, then fried in oil until golden and soft. Suobao Mooncake has a crisp crust and a sweet filling, with a rich aroma and taste.

We put these delicacies on the table, eating our own dishes while trying these Hengyang specialties. We found that these delicacies were very delicious, each with its own characteristics and flavor. We praised these delicacies endlessly, and also admired and respected Hengyang’s food culture and tradition.

The experience of tasting local delicacies after hunting in Hengyang Siming Mountain National Forest Park made us feel very satisfied and happy. This place not only has beautiful natural scenery and rich biological resources, but also has a unique food culture and tradition. This is a place that makes people linger and forget to return.

The days we spent hunting in Hengyang Siming Mountain National Forest Park were the most unforgettable trip after graduation. We not only felt the charm and magic of nature, but also experienced the fun and challenge of hunting at night. We also tasted the local food and culture. We gained friendship, knowledge, and happiness here. We were very satisfied and joyful about this adventure.

We thank each other for their company and support. Without everyone’s cooperation and encouragement, we could not have done so many things. We are also very grateful to this place for providing us with such a good opportunity and environment, allowing us to realize our dreams and wishes. We hope that one day we can come back here again and continue to explore its more mysteries and beauty.


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