I and Arlene Anna, Lucy More are college classmates, we all like traveling and hunting, have been to many places together, and have left many wonderful memories. After graduation, we each went on different paths in life, and rarely had the chance to meet again. However, last month, we finally had a rare opportunity to get together, we agreed to go to Liping National Forest Park in Hanzhong, China to hunt, and experienced the fun of hunting at night.

For this trip, we specially prepared night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars, this two equipment are essential for night hunting. Night vision binoculars can let us see the outline and movement of animals in the dark, infrared binoculars can let us judge their position and state by their body temperature. With these equipment, we can better observe and track animals at night, increase the success rate and fun of hunting.

This article will record our hunting trip in Liping National Forest Park in Hanzhong, including what local delicacies we tasted, what kind of animals and challenges we encountered, what kind of prey and experience we gained. I hope to make you feel our joy and excitement, and also let you have a deeper understanding of this place.

Liping National Forest Park is located in the southern suburb of Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China. It is a comprehensive forest park that integrates natural scenery, ecological tourism, science education, and wildlife protection. It has rich vegetation and animal resources, with nearly 200 kinds of wild animals, including national first-class protected animals such as golden monkeys, giant pandas, crested ibis and so on. The mountains here are undulating, the gullies are crisscrossed, the climate is mild, the four seasons are distinct, it is a good place for hunting.

We chose this place because we are all interested in China’s wildlife, and want to see their style and habits with our own eyes. We also want to challenge our hunting skills and endurance, and see if we can catch our favorite prey here. We also want to feel the thrill and mystery of hunting at night, and use our night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars to explore the dark world here.hunting

So, we booked online the hunting package of Liping National Forest Park, including accommodation, catering, guide, hunting license and so on. We also bought online night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars, these two products are one of the best night vision equipment on the market, with high definition, high magnification, high stability and other characteristics. We packed this equipment in our backpacks, ready to go.

We took a plane from California to Beijing, then transferred to Hanzhong. We were picked up by our guide at Hanzhong Airport. He was a warm-hearted local from Hanzhong. His name was Li Wei. He took us by car to the hotel we booked. Along the way he introduced us to Hanzhong’s history, culture and customs. He said Hanzhong was an ancient city with more than 3 thousand years of history. It used to be a military fortress and political center in southwest China. It was also the residence and expedition place of Zhuge Liang, a famous figure in the Three Kingdoms period. He also said that Hanzhong people love peace, hardworking and kind-hearted. They like singing and dancing. They have a strong ethnic flavor.

After we arrived at the hotel, we put our luggage away and then couldn’t wait to taste the local cuisine. Li Wei took us to a restaurant he recommended, saying that the dishes here are all Hanzhong specialties, with unique flavors and methods. We ordered a few dishes he recommended, namely hot rice noodles, vegetable tofu, Shimen spicy bean paste fish and sour cabbage shredded pork.

Hot rice noodles are a kind of noodles made from rice flour, sprinkled with sesame sauce, chili oil, peanuts, cilantro and other seasonings, soft and spicy, very appetizing. Vegetable tofu is a kind of cold dish made from tofu and vegetables, drizzled with vinegar, salt, garlic and other seasonings, refreshing and crisp, very greasy. Shimen spicy bean paste fish is a dish made from fresh grass carp and bean paste sauce, sprinkled with peppercorns, dried chili peppers, celery and other ingredients, tender and spicy, very rice. Sour cabbage shredded pork is a kind of home-cooked dish made from sour cabbage and shredded pork, topped with ginger slices, green onions and other seasonings, sweet and sour salty fragrant, very nourishing.

We ate these delicious dishes while chatting about our recent situation and feelings. We all felt that Hanzhong’s cuisine was very distinctive, both in line with our taste and let us experience the local flavor. We also praised Li Wei’s guide level, saying that he introduced us to a lot of interesting knowledge and information. Li Wei smiled happily and said that he was honored to serve us and that he would take us hunting in Liping National Forest Park tomorrow morning. He also reminded us to rest early because there would be an exciting and tense night hunting trip waiting for us tomorrow.

The next morning, we had a hearty breakfast and then followed Li Wei by car to Liping National Forest Park. We picked up our hunting permits at the entrance of the park and then changed into our hunting clothes and equipment. Our hunting clothes are a kind of camouflage suit that can help us better hide and keep warm in the forest. Our equipment includes our night vision binoculars, infrared binoculars, rifles, bullets, flashlights, first aid kits and so on. We put this equipment in our backpacks and got ready to enter the forest.

Li Wei took us for a while and then pointed to a forest and said that this was a good place for hunting. There were many wild animals that often appeared here. He said that we could find a suitable place to hide here and then use our night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars to observe and track animals. He also said that we should pay attention to safety, not shoot at random, not disturb other animals, not get lost, not hurt ourselves or our companions. He said that he would patrol nearby and if there was anything we could contact him by walkie-talkie.

We followed Li Wei’s instructions and hid in a secluded place in the woods. We took out our night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars and started looking for targets. The night vision binoculars allowed us to see the outlines and movements of animals in the dark, and the infrared binoculars allowed us to locate and assess them by their body temperature. With this equipment, we could better observe and track animals at night, increasing our chances and enjoyment of hunting.

We waited in the woods for a while and found some traces of animals. Some were small animals, such as rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, etc., some were medium-sized animals, such as wild boars, deer, foxes, etc., and some were large animals, such as bears, leopards, wolves, etc. We chose suitable targets according to our preferences and abilities, and quietly approached them. When we felt close enough, we aimed at them with our rifles and gently pulled the trigger.

Hunting is an activity that requires patience and skill, sometimes it can be very smooth, sometimes it can be very difficult. In this night hunting trip, we encountered various animals and challenges. Sometimes we would hit the target with one shot, sometimes we would miss the opportunity or injure rather than kill the target. Sometimes we would be discovered or attacked by other animals, sometimes we would encounter danger or trouble. But no matter what, we did not give up or get discouraged, but encouraged and helped each other, overcoming all difficulties and dangers.

Finally, after several hours of hunting, we gained a lot of prey and experience. We shot a total of six wild boars, four deer, three foxes and one bear. We dragged this prey to our car and happily returned to the hotel. We felt that this night hunting trip was a very exciting and fun experience that made us feel the charm and challenge of nature, as well as enhancing our friendship and trust among us. We were proud and satisfied with our performance and results.

This Hanzhong Liping National Forest Park hunting trip was an unforgettable memory for me and my classmates. We not only appreciated Hanzhong’s history, culture and food style, but also experienced the thrill and fun of night hunting. We used our night vision binoculars and infrared binoculars to explore the dark world of the forest and found many interesting animals and phenomena. We also gained a lot of prey and experience, enhancing our friendship and trust among us. We thanked Li Wei for his help and guidance, as well as Hanzhong Liping National Forest Park for its service and facilities.

We hope to have the opportunity to meet again in the future, go to more places to travel and hunt, share more happiness and stories. We also hope to share our travel experiences and feelings with more people, so that they can also feel our joy and excitement, as well as have a deeper understanding of Hanzhong Liping National Forest Park. We believe that such travel can not only enrich our lives but also promote communication and understanding between different places and cultures.


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