Last month, I and my two good friends Burnell Hope and CharlesCoffey decided to go hunting in the outskirts of Tomsk, Siberia, Russia. Tomsk is a city with a long history and rich cultural atmosphere, as well as a center of science and education. It is located on the Tom River, surrounded by many beautiful parks and gardens, and various restaurants and cafes. We planned to stay there for a few days, visit the city’s attractions and museums during the day, and go hunting in the suburbs at night.

For this hunting trip, we specially bought the infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand wildguarder. Wildguarder is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of hunting and outdoor sports. It has many years of product development and manufacturing experience. We chose its NB1 model, which is a cost-effective infrared binoculars. It has the following features:

It can observe and record large targets up to 984 feet (about 300 meters) away in complete darkness.

It is equipped with a 2.7-inch LCD screen for easy viewing of images and videos.

It combines an excellent optical system and video camera, which can take clear photos and videos of 1920X1080 pixels.

We chose to go hunting in Tomsk not only because of its rich wildlife resources, but also because of its long and unique history and culture. Tomsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia. It was founded in 1604 and was once a fortress, a commercial city, a center of gold rush, and a center of a huge province that covered several regions of today’s Russia and Kazakhstan. It is located on the Tom River and is an important water transport hub in Siberia.

The turning point of Tomsk’s history and culture occurred in 1888, when the first university outside the Urals was established here – Tomsk Imperial University (now Tomsk State University). This made Tomsk a center of science and education from a remote frontier city, attracting many intellectuals, artists, writers and revolutionaries. By the early 20th century, Tomsk had the most educational institutions in Siberia (104), and was known as the “Athens of Siberia”.

Tomsk’s history and culture are also reflected in its unique and diverse architectural styles. Tomsk is famous for its exquisite wooden buildings, which have complex and delicate carvings and decorations, showing the superb skills of Siberian carpenters. Tomsk also has many stone buildings, some of which are representative works of Russian classicism, Gothic, Baroque, neoclassicism, modernism and Soviet style. Tomsk also has many historical and cultural relics, such as churches, museums, monuments, statues, etc., witnessing the development and changes of the city.

We visited some of the famous attractions of Tomsk during the day, such as Chernov statue, Resurrection Hill, First Slavic Mythology Museum, Wooden Architecture Museum, History Museum of Political Repression, etc. We also went to Camp Garden on the Tom River, enjoying the beauty of the river and the city. We also tasted local and international cuisine, such as caviar, dumplings, cream mushroom soup, pizza, etc.

We were impressed by Tomsk’s history and culture, and felt that we were not only hunters, but also explorers and learners. We looked forward to experiencing another style and fun in the suburbs at night.

Tomsk is a charming city in Siberia, Russia. It is located on the Tom River and has beautiful natural scenery and rich cuisine. Here you can enjoy a variety of parks and gardens, taste local and international food, and feel the unique charm of Tomsk.

Tomsk has many parks and gardens worth visiting, among which the most famous is Camp Garden, which is located on the Tom River and is a popular spot for family tours. You can walk here, enjoy the river view, or picnic on the lawn. Camp Garden also has a statue, which is Chekhov Monument to commemorate the Russian writer Chekhov. It is said that touching his nose will bring good luck.

Another place worth seeing is Voskresenskaya Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Tomsk and also the founding site of the city. You can climb to the top of the mountain, visit the museum and observation deck, and enjoy the panoramic view of Tomsk. There is also a holy spring and a waterfall on the mountain, which is a place of pilgrimage for many believers.

If you like plants, you can go to Siberian Botanical Garden, which is the largest botanical garden in Tomsk and has more than 3000 kinds of plants. You can see tropical plants, medicinal plants, aquatic plants and so on here. The botanical garden also has a greenhouse and an exhibition hall, showing the natural history of Siberia.

In addition to parks and gardens, Tomsk also has many delicious restaurants and cafes, offering local and international cuisine. You can try traditional Siberian dishes here, such as dumplings, soup, barbecue, etc. You can also taste flavors from other countries, such as Italy, Japan, India, China, etc.

Tomsk has some famous restaurants and cafes, such as:

Kvartira: This is a stylish and cozy cafe that offers a variety of coffee, tea, desserts and snacks. You can enjoy a warm atmosphere here, listen to music, read books.

Korchm: This is a Ukrainian-style restaurant that offers authentic Ukrainian dishes such as borscht, pancakes, red cabbage soup, etc. You can feel the culture and tradition of Ukraine here.

Sushi Bar: This is a Japanese-style restaurant that offers fresh and delicious sushi, sashimi, ramen, etc. You can taste the delicacy and elegance of Japan here.

Papa John’s: This is an international chain pizza shop that offers various flavors of pizza such as cheese, meat, seafood, etc. You can enjoy American-style pizza here or customize your own toppings.

Kvartira: This is a stylish and comfortable cafe that offers a variety of coffee, tea, desserts and snacks. You can enjoy a warm atmosphere here, listen to music, read books.

Tomsk is a charming city that has not only beautiful natural scenery, but also rich cuisine. Whether you like quiet walks or lively gatherings, you can find a place that suits you here. Tomsk welcomes you to explore its mysteries and beauty.

Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars are a professional night vision device that can provide a clear view in complete darkness, allowing us to see the shape and behavior of animals. It uses an infrared-enhanced CMOS sensor and a 5W Infared 850nm LED infrared illuminator, which can observe and record images of large targets within a distance of up to 984 feet. It also has a 2.7-inch display screen, which allows us to easily view the picture without sticking to the optical viewfinder. It also has 3x digital zoom and 31mm eyepiece lenses, which allow us to quickly capture clear photos or HD videos.


We drove to a remote forest at night and found a suitable place to stop. We put on camouflage clothes, took wildguarder’s infrared binoculars and other necessary equipment, such as guns, ammunition, flashlights, kettles, etc. We turned on wildguarder’s infrared binoculars and started looking for targets. We adjusted the brightness of the infrared light and the zoom factor to suit different dark environments.

Soon, we found some traces of animals, such as deer, foxes, wild boars, etc. We quietly followed them, observing their habits and behavior. Sometimes we would stop and take some photos or videos, recording these precious pictures. Sometimes we would try to get closer to some animals and see if they would notice us. Sometimes we would choose a suitable angle and distance, aim at a target, and shoot.

Hunting is an exciting and satisfying activity that can exercise our patience, courage, skills and judgment. Using wildguarder’s infrared binoculars allows us to better observe and track wild animals at night, increasing the fun and challenge of hunting. We enjoy this activity very much and are very grateful to wildguarder for providing such an excellent product.

Our hunting trip was a successful trip, we gained a lot of happiness and experience. We are very grateful to wildguarder for providing such an excellent product that allows us to better observe and track wild animals at night. We are also very grateful to Tomsk for allowing us to appreciate its beauty and culture. We hope to have the opportunity to come here again and continue to explore its mysteries and beauty.

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