I am a person who loves outdoor activities, especially hunting. Hunting is not only a sport for me, but also a way to get close to nature and animals. I have two like-minded friends, Ferdinand Morris and Vicky Daisy, who are also my hunting partners. We often explore different places together and enjoy the fun of hunting.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in the outskirts of Murfreesboro, a city located in central Tennessee with a long history and rich culture. There were several reasons why we chose this place. Firstly, it has beautiful natural scenery with vast fields, dense forests and clear rivers. It is also home to many wild animals such as deer, rabbits and raccoons. Secondly, it has deep historical roots as an important battlefield during the American Civil War and was once the capital of Tennessee. There are many well-preserved historical sites and buildings here such as Stones River National Battlefield and Oaklands Mansion. Lastly, it has unique culture and cuisine such as BBQ and cornbread that we wanted to experience while enjoying our hunt.

Since we planned on night hunting, infrared binoculars were essential equipment for us. After searching online for options we found Wildguarder – a Chinese brand with good reputation for its infrared binoculars at reasonable prices – so we decided to give them a try by ordering three pairs which arrived promptly; they were lightweight yet high-performing with simple operation.

Excitedly anticipating our trip ahead filled with adventure exploring Murfreesboro’s scenic beauty along with its rich cultural heritage began!

We chose Murfreesboro because it not only boasts beautiful natural scenery but also has deep historical roots dating back from Revolutionary times when William Lytle owned land there after serving in the war; later becoming Rutherford County’s new county seat named Cannonsburgh before being renamed one month later by Colonel Hardy Murfree after his friend Revolutionary War hero Colonel Hardy Murfree instead of Newton Cannon, a young politician. In 1818, Murfreesboro was designated as the capital of Tennessee due to its central location and population growth; however eight years later Nashville regained the title.

In the early 19th century, Murfreesboro was primarily an agricultural community with corn, cotton and tobacco being major crops. By 1853 it had three universities and several colleges earning it a visiting religious journalist’s nickname “Athens of Tennessee”. It also became known for one of the most intense and bloody battles during the American Civil War – Stones River Battle (1862-1863) which caused nearly 24,000 casualties leaving behind great destruction and trauma.

Despite education being affected by war in those times; by early 20th century education began to recover with Middle Tennessee State Normal School opening in Murfreesboro in 1911 for teacher training now known as Middle Tennessee State University – state’s largest undergraduate university with over twenty-two thousand students.

After World War II ended, Murfreesboro along with Rutherford County shifted from agriculture towards industrialization & manufacturing leading to steady economic & population growth. Over past decade significant residential & commercial development has taken place making it named as one of Tennessee’s most livable towns while ranking tenth among US cities having populations exceeding fifty-thousand experiencing fastest growth rate.

Murfreesboro not only has a rich history and culture, but also many attractions worth visiting. The most famous of these is the Stones River National Battlefield, a 570-acre (2.3 square kilometer) park that winds along the Stones River. This is the site of the Battle of Stones River, which took place on December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1863. It was one of the fiercest and bloodiest battles during the American Civil War, resulting in nearly 24,000 casualties. The battle was also an important victory for Union forces as it brought central Tennessee and Nashville under federal control while boosting morale among northerners.



In this park we can see many well-preserved historical relics and markers such as Union army positions, Confederate assault routes and Hazen Brigade Monument built in 1863 -the oldest monument from American Civil War-. We can also visit Stones River National Cemetery where there are buried over six thousand union soldiers including two thousand six hundred sixty-nine unknowns.

Apart from Stones River National Battlefield there are other attractions worth seeing in Murfreesboro such as Oaklands Mansion which is a historic mansion built in 1815 by wealthy plantation owner and Southern General Joseph Palmer. This mansion witnessed social changes before & after civil war era in Murfreesboro society & culture; it was also used by both sides’ generals to communicate & negotiate during civil war period. Nowadays it’s transformed into museum showcasing furniture & art pieces from mid-19th century.

Another interesting attraction is Cannonsburgh Village which recreates rural life between years1800-1930 in Tennessee state with various historical buildings like grist mill or blacksmith shop alongside schoolhouse church building plus world’s largest cement-made smoking pipe! Here visitors can experience daily life customs of people living back then.

By visiting these attractions we not only gain knowledge but also deepen our understanding & respect for Murfreesboro’s history and culture.

Our hunting experience in the outskirts of Murfreesboro was unforgettable. We searched online beforehand for suitable hunting locations, choosing a place near forests and rivers with abundant wildlife resources. We also checked weather forecasts and moon phase tables to determine a clear night when the full moon could provide some light.

We arrived at our destination in the evening, first setting up tents on a nearby flat ground while preparing food & water. Then we took out our WildGuarder infrared binoculars -a Chinese brand product- which has many advantages: it is lightweight (only 1.5 pounds or 0.68 kilograms), performs well by clearly observing animals within 300 meters even in darkness; it can take photos & videos plus has four times digital zoom function; finally, it is easy to operate with just one button to turn on/off infrared function as well as adjust brightness & contrast.

We divided into two groups each equipped with an infrared binoculars walking quietly towards different directions into forest scanning surroundings from time to time searching for potential prey like deer rabbits raccoons etc., all shimmering red eyes under moonlight. We approached them cautiously trying not to make any noise until we felt close enough then aimed guns at them before gently pulling triggers.

During hunting process we not only experienced tension and excitement but also enjoyed natural beauty & sounds of night scenery such as starry sky shining silver light against dark background or various sounds interweaving together forming a moving symphony including insect chirping bird singing river flowing tree branches swaying animal breathing… All these sounds made us feel part of nature living harmoniously with it.

However, during hunting process we encountered difficulties and dangers sometimes getting lost or separated other times facing fierce or poisonous animals like snakes or wild dogs but luckily we were able to solve problems promptly helping each other out meanwhile being grateful for having powerful tool like infrared binoculars that enabled us to see everything clearly in darkness avoiding danger or missing opportunities. We took some photos and videos with infrared binoculars recording our hunting experience which were very clear & authentic allowing us to reminisce and share our memories.

After several hours of hunting, we harvested a lot of game, including deer, rabbits, raccoons and more. We brought them back to the tent area to prepare for processing and preservation. We were proud and satisfied with our achievements and felt that this hunting trip was worth it.

After processing the game, we began our post-hunting activities and experiences. We lit a campfire near the tent, sat around it sharing stories and jokes. We also tasted local delicacies such as BBQ and corn cakes which made us feel warm inside while experiencing the local flavor.

By the campfire, we talked about many topics including hunting techniques and experiences, Murfreesboro’s history and culture as well as our own lives and dreams. We praised each other for their accomplishments while encouraging one another which strengthened our friendship and trust in each other. We felt like a united team who could face any challenge or difficulty together.

On such a beautiful night, we felt incredibly happy and satisfied with ourselves. This hunting trip was not only an exercise or entertainment but also spiritual growth for us all. We were proud of ourselves for taking on this adventure while looking forward to future hunts.

This Murfreesboro outdoor hunting trip was an unforgettable experience shared between myself along with my two friends Ferdinand Morris & Vicky Daisy . Not only did we enjoy the thrill of hunting but also experienced nature’s beauty along with its rich history; strengthening friendships & building trust through adventure & personal growth – gaining much from this journey making every moment count!

To anyone who loves outdoor activities or exploring unknown territories I highly recommend nighttime hunting! It allows you to see different landscapes & animals while feeling different atmospheres & emotions! If given the chance I strongly suggest trying out nighttime hunting- you will have an unforgettable experience!

Of course if you want to hunt at night you need good equipment that can help you see everything clearly in darkness! I recommend using Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars, a high-performance product with great value and easy operation. It allows you to observe & aim at animals in the dark while also taking photos and videos to record your hunting experience. My friends and I are very satisfied with this product as it was our best companion on our hunting trip.

Finally, I want to thank you for reading my article! I hope you enjoyed my sharing! If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me anytime. Have a wonderful day & enjoy every moment of life!

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