I have always enjoyed hunting, an interest that I developed with my father since childhood. Hunting not only allows me to experience the charm of nature but also helps me exercise my body and willpower, as well as improve my observation and judgment skills. I have two like-minded friends, Ethel Van and Teresa Rossetti, who are also hunting enthusiasts. We often go on adventures together to seek new challenges and fun.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in Mount Isa, Australia. It is a city located in the northwest of Queensland known for its rich minerals and beautiful scenery. We heard that there are many types of wild animals suitable for hunting there. We particularly wanted to try night hunting because it is more exciting and challenging while testing our skills and patience.

Of course, night hunting requires some professional equipment, most importantly the infrared binoculars. This instrument can capture the target’s heat signature and outline using infrared radiation so that you can see clearly even in darkness displayed on a screen. We searched online for many brands and models before finally choosing the WG-50 model from Chinese brand Wildguarder which has several advantages:

  • It has high-definition image quality allowing clear details such as animal eyesight hair or skin texture visible even at night.
  • It has long battery life working continuously for over 6 hours without worrying about power depletion.
  • It is stable & durable enough to withstand various harsh environmental conditions such as rain snow wind dust etc.
  • Lightweight & portable weighing only 0.8 kg with dimensions of just 20.5 cm x 8.6 cm x 5 .8cm making it easy to carry around in backpacks or pockets.

We placed an order online which arrived quickly; we eagerly opened up the package & tried it out finding Wildguarder very user-friendly with obvious results – we were very satisfied with it, feeling that it was the best partner for our night hunting.

Mount Isa is a city with a long history and unique geography located in the northwest of Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 1826 km from Brisbane and 904 km from Townsville. It is a mining town and one of Australia’s largest inland cities.

The history of Mount Isa can be traced back thousands of years when it was the traditional territory of the Kalkadoon people. The Kalkadoon were a brave & powerful tribe who lived by hunting, gathering as well as fishing & trading. Their crafts especially stone tools were famous worldwide.

Modern history began in Mount Isa in 1923 when an explorer named John Campbell Miles discovered large amounts of lead ore here. He named one leased land “Mount Isa” after his sister Isabella; subsequently, Mount Isa Mines Company was established to develop its mineral resources.



Mount Isa Mines is one of the most productive single mines in the world, producing large amounts of copper, silver, lead and zinc. It is also one of the top ten producers in the world. Mount Isa Mines not only brings economic prosperity to the local area but also promotes urban development and diversification. Now, Mount Isa is not only a mining center but also a destination for tourism, education, culture and sports.

The geographical features of Mount Isa are also remarkable. It is located at an altitude of 356 meters at the northern end of Selwyn Mountains. It belongs to an arid climate zone with an average annual temperature of 24.5 degrees Celsius and an average annual rainfall of 461.8 millimeters. There are many natural landscapes and wildlife around it such as Lake Moondarra, Leichhardt River, Mary Kathleen etc.

We saw many types of wildlife in Mount Isa that we had never seen before such as kangaroos, emus, eagles parrots lizards snakes etc.. We observed their behavior and habits through our WildGuarder infrared binoculars which allowed us to experience the wonders and beauty of nature.

On our third day in Mount Isa we began our long-awaited night hunting trip.We drove about 30 kilometers from town to a vast grassland suitable for hunting around four o’clock in the afternoon where we set up tents prepared dinner then started our hunting journey divided into two groups: Ethel & I were together while Teresa was alone each carrying a WildGuarder infrared binoculars with power on & infrared function activated.

Night hunting differs greatly from daytime hunting mainly due to visibility issues.In darkness it’s difficult to see targets or even lose direction.However with WildGuarder infrared binoculars these problems no longer bother us.It can capture target heat signatures & outlines displaying them on screen allowing us clear view on animal location & movement.It has high-definition image quality allowing us to see animal details such as eyes, fur and skin. This allows us to more accurately judge the type and size of the target, as well as whether it is suitable for shooting.

Endurance is also an issue during night hunting which requires longer time & more patience since animals are usually more alert and concealed.We need to slowly search for and approach targets while keeping quiet & stealthy.This means we need equipment that can work continuously without worrying about battery depletion or malfunction.WildGuarder infrared binoculars have this capability; they can work continuously for over 6 hours, are very stable and durable, able to withstand various harsh environmental conditions such as rain, snow, wind, dust etc.

Finally, let’s talk about the fun part. Night hunting has brought us many new and exciting experiences, allowing us to feel the charm of the night that is different from during the day. We have seen some rare animals such as wild boars, rabbits, foxes, etc., which become active at night in search of food and mates. Using Wildguarder infrared binoculars, we observed their habits and behaviors while learning about their survival skills and adaptability. Of course, we also caught some precious prey; when using firearms to shoot them down, we had to control our distance and angle carefully to avoid disturbing other animals or causing harm.

In addition to night hunting in Mount Isa, we did many other activities that helped us understand this city’s history, culture and style better. We visited local museums, mines and lakes; tasted local cuisine; enjoyed a variety of pleasures.

Firstly,we visited one of Mount Isa’s landmarks – Underground Hospital & Museum. This was an underground hospital built during World War II designed to prevent Japanese bombing attacks by being constructed by local miners and residents manually dug out with 13 rooms accommodating over 100 patients complete with medical facilities & living supplies showcasing medical conditions & lifestyles at that time period under professional guidance from a tour guide.

Next up was Hard Times Mine where visitors can experience what it’s like working as a miner through simulation equipment including specially made clothing & helmets taking an elevator down 60 meters below ground level led by former miners turned tour guides visiting various mine shafts/equipment while learning about mining history/technology personally operating machines experiencing both hardship & pleasure for themselves.

Then there was Lake Moondarra located north of Mount Isa approximately 19 kilometers away created by Leichhardt River damming serving as both drinking water source for city inhabitants as well as leisure/recreation spot where beautiful scenery/birds/fish could be appreciated renting water sports equipment such as kayaks/jet skis having a great time on the lake.

Lastly, we tasted some local delicacies such as steak, burgers and ice cream. We went to a restaurant called Red Earth Hotel which is one of Mount Isa’s oldest and most famous restaurants. It offers various delicious dishes and drinks in an elegant and comfortable environment with excellent service. We ordered several signature dishes such as steak, seafood platter, chocolate cake etc., all of which were very tasty. While eating, we chatted about our experiences and feelings in Mount Isa.

We had a wonderful time in Mount Isa where not only did we experience the fun of night hunting but also learned about this city’s history, culture and style. We feel that it was an unforgettable trip that brought us much knowledge & friendship.

We would like to give special thanks to Wildguarder infrared binoculars – our best partner for night hunting providing us with lots of help & convenience featuring high-definition image quality/long battery life/stability/durability allowing us to see targets clearly in the dark capturing some precious prey while observing rare animals learning their habits/behaviors being extremely cost-effective highly recommended for all hunting enthusiasts.

We hope there will be another opportunity to go hunting in Mount Isa or explore new challenges/fun elsewhere next time using Wildguarder infrared binoculars again making our hunting journey more perfect & exciting!

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