Since I was young, I have been learning the skill and joy of hunting with my father. Hunting not only helps me to exercise my body and willpower, but also allows me to get close to nature and feel the mystery and power of life. I have two like-minded friends, Mavis Benedict and Irene Penn, who are also hunting enthusiasts. We often go on adventures and challenges together.

Last month, we decided to go hunting in the outskirts of Monroe. It was a place we had never been before, but we heard that it had abundant wildlife resources and beautiful scenery. We wanted to experience the excitement and fun of night hunting, so we prepared some necessary equipment, among which the most important one was WildGuarder infrared binoculars. This is a Chinese brand product with extremely high cost performance that can clearly observe animal movements and features in darkness as well as take photos or videos for us to record our experiences.

We booked an off-road vehicle and a guide for our trip in Monroe’s outskirts. It was an unforgettable journey that allowed us to experience the fun and challenge of night hunting. In this article, I will introduce you to Monroe’s history, attractions, cuisine as well as our process and experience of night hunting there hoping you’ll enjoy it.

Monroe’s outskirts is a place with long history rich culture named after James Monroe -the fifth President of United States- who issued famous “Monroe Doctrine” during his presidency from 1817-1825 opposing European intervention in Western Hemisphere affairs; considered an important symbol for American independence & expansion while being foundation for cooperation & unity between American countries.

The development of Monroe’s outskirts began at early 19th century when immigrants from Europe settled here cultivating land building farms & factories bringing their own language customs beliefs arts making it diverse active community over time attracting famous figures such as Marilyn Monroe -20th century influential sex goddess & movie star- who married baseball star Joe DiMaggio in 1954 spending sweet time in Monroe’s outskirts.

Monroe’s outskirts is characterized by preserving traditional rural style while incorporating modern elements. Here, you can enjoy ancient churches, houses, bridges and monuments as well as advanced transportation, communication and entertainment facilities. People of Monroe’s outskirts are hospitable willing to share their stories & experiences making you feel warm like home. It is also a place full of creativity and vitality where various festivals exhibitions performances competitions showcasing their talents & charm take place every year.

Monroe’s outskirts not only has a long history and rich culture but also many attractions worth seeing and delicious food worth tasting. During our journey, we visited some impressive places tasted some authentic delicacies which broadened our horizons & satisfied our taste buds.

The Museum Village is a museum that showcases American life in the 19th century with various antiques tools clothing buildings making us feel like traveling through time. We saw scenes such as schools, churches, banks, pharmacies grocery stores etc., rare animal specimens & fossils; met staff wearing period costumes introducing us to lifestyles customs at that time allowing us to experience the charm of history.

Fitzgerald Falls is a natural wonder located on the outskirts of Monroe, formed by a three-tiered waterfall created by a small stream. We walked along a path to the bottom of the falls and enjoyed the spectacular sight of water cascading down while feeling refreshed by its cool mist. We took many photos to capture this beautiful place.

The Enochs Irish Pub and Cafe is a famous local restaurant and bar that offers various delicious Irish food and drinks. We ordered some signature dishes such as corned beef, shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes, etc., as well as some Irish beer and whiskey. We had an enjoyable dinner here while listening to live music and jokes.

After visiting historical sites in Monroe’s outskirts, tasting perfect cuisine, we began our most anticipated activity – night hunting. With our guide leading us in an off-road vehicle into vast grasslands searching for prey, we brought along our Wildguarder infrared binoculars which were practical equipment allowing us to clearly see animal silhouettes and movements in darkness while also taking pictures or videos for memories.


We encountered a group of deer leisurely grazing on the grassland; we quietly approached them before selecting the largest buck as our target. Aiming at its heart with caution before gently pulling the trigger resulted in it falling dead instantly causing other deer to flee frantically away from danger. After checking its condition up close confirming death, we placed it in the trunk ready for souvenir making.

We spotted a fox lurking among bushes seemingly looking for something; deciding to try again aiming carefully but suddenly it sensed danger rushing towards us forcing us to shoot quickly missing instead letting it escape leaving behind regretful disappointment yet still finding excitement from this experience.

Lastly was encountering a bear sleeping under one tree; considering this rare opportunity but also huge challenge decided not risking shooting instead using Wildguarder infrared binoculars capturing footage without disturbing its slumbering state observing closely breathing and feeling its power and majesty. We named it “Sleeping Beauty” due to its cute and peaceful appearance.

Thus, we concluded our night hunting trip returning to our accommodation distributing deer meat among the guide and others while also making a decoration from antlers. We shared online what we captured with Wildguarder infrared binoculars for others to enjoy as well. This was an unforgettable experience that brought us joy, challenges, knowledge of Monroe’s history, culture, cuisine along with friendship growth thanks to our guide’s help and companionship plus Wildguarder infrared binoculars’ support and functionality. We highly recommend visiting Monroe’s outskirts; you will surely love it!

Through this journey in Monroe’s outskirts, my two friends Mavis Benedict, Irene Penn along with myself gained much insight into the area’s history/culture while enjoying sightseeing/tasting local cuisine plus experiencing night hunting activities. We appreciate everyone who helped or accompanied us during this trip which we believe is worth every moment spent increasing knowledge/friendship/pleasure. Hopefully one day we can return exploring more fresh discoveries in Monroe’s outskirts.


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