I am a professor who enjoys exploring new places and cultures. I also enjoy hunting because it allows me to experience the charm and challenge of nature. So when my two friends, Avery Congreve and Ternence Peg, and I decided to go hunting in Trikala, Greece, I was filled with anticipation and excitement. We are all professors at Boston University in the United States, teaching history, physics, and mathematics respectively. We share common hobbies and interests and often travel together.

Last month we flew to Athens, the capital of Greece during our vacation time before driving to Trikala – an ancient yet beautiful city located on the Thessalian plain. Trikala has a long history and rich culture; it is the birthplace of Asclepius – god of medicine in Greek mythology- as well as his main residence. There are many stunning sights such as Trikala Castle, Lithaios Central Bridge, Palaiokarya Stone Bridge etc., which we visited every day during our week-long stay there.

Of course what we were most looking forward to was the night-time hunting experience. We chose Trikala as our destination for hunting because it has abundant wildlife resources such as wild boars, deer rabbits etc., along with suitable mountainous areas for hunting purposes.We had pre-booked a professional hunting company online that provided us with guides , vehicles , weapons ,and equipment .We paid special attention while choosing infrared binoculars since they are essential for night-time hunts.We chose Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars from China due to their high definition,long battery life,portability,and durability.

In this article,I will share our experiences while hunting in Trikala including how we found suitable locations for stalking/shooting/hunting prey,and how we handled them afterwards.I will also describe interesting or thrilling incidents that occurred during our hunt like communicating with locals or encountering dangerous animals.Finally,I will introduce the local cuisine we tasted in Trikala such as cheese,sausages,bread,salads etc., and the restaurants and markets we visited. I hope that through this article you can feel our joy of hunting in Trikala, as well as our love and appreciation for Greece’s history, culture, and food.

Trikala is an ancient yet beautiful city located on the Thessalian plain in central Greece near Lithaios River. It is the birthplace of Asclepius – god of medicine in Greek mythology- as well as his main residence. It was also one of the important cities throughout Greek history.

The history of Trikala dates back to 3000 BC when it was known as Trikke or Tricca; it was a capital city and kingdom in Thessaly region named after Peneus or Asopus’ daughter -Trikkie who was a beautiful water nymph.Trikka flourished during ancient times with many temples and altars especially dedicated to Asclepius which made it one of the most important medical centers among ancient civilizations.According to legend ,Asclepius learned medicine here before becoming a bridge between humans and gods.

Trikka also participated in Trojan War by sending 30 ships along with two leaders,Machaona,and Podalirio who were both excellent doctors/warriors.In Homer’s “Iliad,” there are descriptions about how they treated wounded soldiers while fighting enemies on battlefield.

In 4th century BC,Trikka was occupied by Persians then joined Thessalian League later conquered by King Philip II of Macedon making it part of Macedonian Kingdom.In 168 BC,King Philip V tried resisting Roman invasion but failed leading to Roman occupation over Trikka which became a province under Roman Empire.

In the centuries after AD, Trikka experienced multiple invasions and plundering by various groups including the Goths, Huns, Slavs, Bulgarians, Normans and Catalonians. In 1204 it was occupied by the Fourth Crusade and became part of the Latin Empire. Later on it returned to being ruled by the Byzantine Empire and Epirus Kingdom.

In the early 14th century, Trikka appeared for the first time with its modern name “Trikala” in Anna Komnene’s biography of her father Alexios I Komnenos.

We chose Trikala as our hunting destination for two main reasons: firstly because of its rich wildlife resources; secondly because it has suitable mountainous areas and forests for hunting.

Trikala is located on the Thessaly plain in central Greece surrounded by southern Pindos Mountains and Koziakas Mountains. Many types of wild animals live in these mountains and plains such as wild boar, deer, rabbits, foxes and squirrels which are challenging targets for hunters. We searched online for information about hunting in Trikala and found some professional hunting companies and guides who could help us find suitable locations at appropriate times while providing necessary permits and safety measures.

Apart from its wildlife resources,Trikala also has mountainous areasand forests that are idealforhunting.These places not only have beautiful scenery but also have a pleasant climate with fresh airand dense vegetation.We can enjoythe wondersof naturein these placeswhile experiencingthe excitementand funofhunting.We can hunt during daytime or nighttime using different strategiesand techniques depending on different animalsand environments.




To be able to hunt at night we paid special attention to choosing an infrared binoculars.The infrared binocularsare devices that allow observation of targetsin complete darkness.They use infrared light sourcesand image enhancement technologyto convert invisible infrared light into visible images.Infrared binoculars are essential for night hunting because they allow us to see animals in the distance or hidden places as well as the surrounding environment and obstacles.

We chose the Chinese brand Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars NB1 which has high definition, long battery life, light weight and durability. It has a 2.7-inch LCD screen that allows us to see images clearlyand adjust brightness and contrast.It also has a 3x digital zoom function that lets us magnify or reduce images.It also has a built-in 5W 850nm LED infrared light source that can provide up to300 meters (984 feet) of observation distance.It also has an internal8GB storage cardthat can store1920X1080 pixel picturesand videoswhichcan be transferredto computersor TVs through USB or HDMI interfaces.We are very satisfied withthe performanceand qualityof thisinfraredbinocularsand it made our night hunting more convenient and interesting.

Our week of hunting in Trikala was one of the most unforgettable and interesting experiences of our lives. We would wake up early every day, follow our guide and driver,and drive to different hunting locations.Our guide was a passionate young professional who knewa lot about local animalsand environments.He provideduswith many useful tipsandskills.

The main areas we hunted were in mountainous areasand forests around southern Pindos Mountains and Koziakas Mountains.These places have rich wildlife resources such as wild boar, deer, rabbits etc.We usually hunt during daytime or nighttime using different strategies depending on different animalsand environments.

During daytime hunting, we try to remain quiet and concealed while using the wind direction and terrain to slowly approach our target animal. We use binoculars or scopes to observe the behavior and location of the animals, then choose an appropriate time and angle for shooting. We aim for a clean shot to avoid causing unnecessary pain or suffering to the animal. If we miss, we track the blood trail until we find it. We respect every animal’s life by giving them a quick and humane death.

During nighttime hunting, we use our infrared binoculars NB1 which allow us to observe target animals in complete darkness as well as surrounding environment and obstacles. We select areas where animals are active such as water sources, food or near tracks then find a place with cover and concealment while waiting for them to appear. We try our best not to startle them by remaining still and silent. The digital zoom function on our infrared binoculars helps us better aim at targets before shooting. We record pictures and videos of what we see through USB or HDMI interface that can be transferred onto computers or TVs later on. Overall, this infrared binocular has made night hunting more convenient and enjoyable.

Throughout our hunting journey in Trikala, Greece there were some interesting experiences such as communicating with locals or encountering dangerous animals like grey wolves during one night hunt where they approached us due either smelling human scent from hunting activities or being attracted by red light source from infrared equipment used during hunts . Fortunately, timely gunshots scared it away but it was definitely a nerve-wracking experience that highlighted dangers associated with night-time hunts.

Apart from hunting activities ,we also enjoyed local cuisine in Trikala which satisfied both taste buds & stomach alike! There were various types of cheese,sausages,bread,salads,dishes & desserts available throughout different restaurants/markets visited during trip . Cheese is one of their specialties since livestock farming is prevalent here; feta, graviera, kasseri and kefalotyri are some of the different types we tried with unique textures & flavors. Some were fresh while others aged or had added herbs/chili peppers. Our favorite was metsovone which is a smoked cheese with rich aroma and creamy texture.

Sausages are another local specialty made from either lamb or pork meat mixed with various spices such as garlic,chili,fennel,thyme etc. We tasted loukaniko sausages made from lamb/pork meat & garlic that had strong flavor and elastic texture; soutzouki sausages made from beef/horse meat along with chili pepper & fennel seeds that had spicy/aromatic taste.

Bread is also an essential part of daily life here in Trikala where wheat/corn flour is used to make breads of different shapes/sizes . Koulouri bread rings sprinkled on top with sesame/poppy seeds have soft yet crispy texture while pita flatbreads can be rolled up with fillings like cheese,meat or vegetables.

Overall our hunting trip in Trikala was one of the most unforgettable experiences we’ve ever had! Not only did we enjoy the thrill and excitement of hunting but also got to taste local cuisine ,visit tourist attractions and meet locals who shared their knowledge about animals/environment .We gained friendship,knowledge,and fun while increasing our understanding/respect for Greek culture/nature .

We highly recommend readers to experience night-time hunting in Trikala as it’s a unique opportunity to feel nature’s mystery/beauty while testing your skills/bravery . Of course you need appropriate equipment/guidance for safety/success so we suggest using NB1 infrared binoculars which has excellent performance/reliability ;you can also contact our guide who is professional/friendly person able to help find suitable locations/times as well provide necessary permits/safety measures .

Thank you for reading our article and we hope you enjoyed our sharing. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below and we will reply as soon as possible. Once again, thank you and wish you all the best!

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