I have always enjoyed hunting, which is a sport and pastime I learned from my father since childhood. Hunting not only helps me stay fit and improve my skills, but also allows me to experience the charm and challenge of nature. So when my two good friends Winston Peg and Bess Macaulay suggested that we go hunting together in Santa Ana, El Salvador, I readily agreed.

Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador located in the west of the country with abundant natural and cultural resources. Here we can hunt various animals such as birds, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons etc. To add more fun and difficulty to our hunting trip, we decided to hunt at night so that we could better observe and approach animals while enjoying the beautiful scenery of volcanoes and lakes.

Of course, night hunting also has its challenges and dangers such as poor visibility, getting lost or animal attacks. To ensure our safety and efficiency during this trip, we chose an excellent Chinese brand called Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars which provide clear images & videos even in darkness. It can also capture photos & record videos of our hunting process for us to review & share later on. It has many other features like being lightweight, durable, waterproof, dust-proof, and adjustable brightness.

With Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars by our side, we embarked on our exciting night-hunting journey in Santa Ana. Next, I will introduce you to some highlights of our experiences there.

Before starting out on our hunt, we first learned about Santa Ana’s history & geographical characteristics along with local rules & permits regarding hunting. This helped us better integrate into local culture/environment while avoiding unnecessary troubles or risks.

Santa Ana is situated on a plateau at an altitude of approximately 665 meters above sea level with warm yet dry climate. It is surrounded by many volcanoes & lakes forming spectacular landscapes. The most famous one among them is Ilamatepec volcano (also known as Santa Ana volcano) which is the highest volcano in El Salvador with an altitude of 2365 meters. It has four craters, one of which contains a beautiful green volcanic lake. This volcano erupted in 2005 causing two deaths and thousands to evacuate. Another famous volcano is Izalco Volcano which frequently erupted during the 19th & early 20th century emitting bright flames that sailors called “the lighthouse of the Pacific”. This volcano hasn’t erupted since 1958.Apart from volcanoes, there’s also a beautiful lake near Santa Ana called Coatepeque Lake. This lake was formed by a volcanic eruption where a huge pit collapsed forming this lake. It’s about 12 km long ,6 km wide with water surface area around 25 square kilometers. It’s considered one of the most beautiful lakes in El Salvador and also a popular tourist destination.

When hunting in El Salvador, there are rules and permits that must be followed. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) in El Salvador:
• Hunters must hold a valid hunting license.
• Hunters must comply with restrictions on hunting season, area, time, quantity, species, etc.
• Hunters must respect animal welfare.

On our first day in Santa Ana, we began our night hunting trip. In the evening, we drove along a dirt road towards the mountains in a 4×4 vehicle. Our goal was to find suitable hunting spots on the mountain and set up tents while waiting for nightfall.

We carried essential items such as guns, ammunition, flashlights, water bottles, food and sleeping bags with us as well as our Wildguarder infrared binoculars which were our best companions during this hunt. They allowed us to see animals’ positions and movements clearly even in darkness while also recording our hunting process so that we could relive it later or share it with others.

Along the way we enjoyed beautiful scenery including volcanoes, lakes forests, and fields among other natural landscapes. We also saw some animal tracks such as birds, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons etc. However instead of rushing into shooting them down ,we continued searching for bigger game that would pose more challenge.

As it got darker outside, we found an appropriate place to park after about half an hour’s walk uphill. It was an open space on a small hill surrounded by trees and bushes providing cover from view. We quickly set up tents next to where we parked car, eating simple food while replenishing fluids & energy .




After complete darkness fell upon us, it was time for action. We split into two groups: Winston Peg accompanied me whereas Bess Macaulay went alone. Equipped with guns & Wildguarder infrared binoculars each group quietly left tent heading off different directions .

Winston Peg and I walked up the hill hoping to find some deer or antelope. We scanned the surrounding environment with our Wildguarder infrared binoculars, looking for any possible targets. These binoculars were amazing as they allowed us to see clearly in darkness just like during daytime. They could also adjust brightness and contrast making images clearer and sharper.

After about half an hour’s walk, we found a herd of deer consisting of about a dozen animals including both males and females grazing on grassland. We nodded at each other indicating that we had found our target. Then we slowly approached them trying not to make any noise.

When we were about fifty meters away from them, we hid behind some trees. Then using our Wildguarder infrared binoculars ,we aimed at one male deer which had beautiful antlers appearing strong & healthy .We decided it would be our prey. Recording the aiming process with video function of these binoculars was important so that later on we could review it or share it with others .

Firstly, we determined wind direction & distance then adjusted gun sights finding best shooting angle. We waited until the male deer lifted its head revealing its chest before simultaneously pulling triggers firing two shots.

The male deer was hit by our bullets falling down dead. Other members of herd panicked running around aimlessly. We quickly ran over to confirm death, hugged each other happily celebrating success. Cutting open its throat letting blood out followed by dragging carcass next to car putting it into trunk covering with cloth so as not attract attention from other animals. Next morning plan was processing skin, internal organs dividing meat into several portions, some for ourselves, others given away locally. This way showed respect & gratitude towards animal life.

We returned back to tent meeting Bess Macaulay who had caught a rabbit placing it in trunk too. Sharing hunting experiences & feelings made us all happy & satisfied. Watching videos recorded through Wildguarder infrared binoculars praising each other’s skills & courage.

We decided to light a bonfire outside the tent, roast some food, drink beer and enjoy the night atmosphere. We sat around the fire chatting, laughing and observing animals with our Wildguarder infrared binoculars. Sometimes we even discovered interesting or dangerous situations such as a fox sneaking up on our car or an owl staring at us from a tree. We used the camera function of these binoculars to record these scenes for future memories and sharing.

We played until late at night before feeling tired. We extinguished bonfire returning back to tent. Lying in sleeping bags listening to animal sounds & wind gradually falling asleep. Dreaming about hunting trip & Wildguarder infrared binoculars.

Apart from hunting, we also experienced local attractions, cuisine and some fun activities in Santa Ana. We found that Santa Ana is a charming and vibrant city with rich history, culture and natural resources that opened our eyes and made our trip more colorful.

We stayed at The Lodge at Santa Ana, a luxurious resort located on the mountain with comfortable rooms, elegant restaurants, spacious swimming pools, beautiful gardens and spectacular views. Every morning we could enjoy the stunning views of volcanoes and lakes from the balcony while feeling the charm of nature. Here we could also enjoy various services and facilities such as massages, yoga classes, golfing or horseback riding. We felt it was an ideal place to relax away from noise and enjoy life.

We visited some famous landmarks in Santa Ana such as the Cathedral of Santa Ana, National Theatre of Santa Ana or City Hall which are all colonial heritage buildings with exquisite design and decoration showcasing the history and culture of this city. Using Wildguarder infrared binoculars allowed us to observe details hidden within these buildings revealing their beauty along with stories behind them.

We also went to nearby attractions like Joya de Ceren ruins – a Mayan village buried by volcanic ash known as “America’s Pompeii”. It preserved many scenes depicting Mayan people’s lives along with their belongings allowing us to learn about their history & culture. Ilamatepec volcano is El Salvador’s highest peak & one of its most active volcanoes where we participated in hiking tours climbing up into its crater seeing inside its lake – an unforgettable experience! Coatepeque Lake is another attraction formed by volcanic eruption featuring blue water color surrounded by beautiful scenery where we rented small boats enjoying peacefulness & happiness rowing around admiring landscapes.

Of course, we didn’t forget to taste local cuisine during our trip! Pupusa is El Salvador’s most famous food made from corn flour stuffed with cheese/bean paste/minced meat etc., available in various flavors to suit personal preferences. We tried pupusa from street vendors, restaurants and even at the resort finding it delicious, affordable and unique to El Salvador. Besides pupusa, we also tasted other delicacies such as sopa de pata (a soup made of cow’s feet, corn & bananas), quesadilla (a sweet dessert made of cheese & corn flour), tamales (a food wrapped in corn dough with meat or fruit filling) and horchata (a drink made of rice, sesame seeds & cinnamon). All these foods were tasty and had a distinct flavor of El Salvador. We used Wildguarder infrared binoculars to take some photos of these dishes for future memories.

Our night hunting trip in Santa Ana was one of the most unforgettable experiences in our lives! Not only did we enjoy the fun and challenge of hunting but also appreciated beautiful natural scenery along with tasting delicious local cuisine while experiencing rich history & culture. We also made new friends sharing interesting stories and feelings during this trip which broadened our horizons and enriched our souls.

We are very grateful for Wildguarder infrared binoculars – they were not only our best partner during hunting but also recorded all memorable moments on this trip! They allowed us to see clearly in darkness just like daytime by adjusting brightness/contrast making images clearer/brighter. They could record videos/photos giving us opportunities to review/share our hunting process/travel experience later on. Their performance/quality were excellent making us satisfied/trustful towards them.

We strongly recommend everyone who loves hunting/traveling should visit Santa Ana for a night-hunting tour along with purchasing Wildguarder infrared binoculars that will make your journey more relaxed/fun-filled! We believe you will love this city & binoculars, just like we did!

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