Night hunting is an exciting and fun activity that allows us to experience different environments, enjoy the beauty of nature, and challenge our skills. Last month, my two friends Berg Terry and Arthur Yonng and I decided to go hunting in the outskirts of Batesville to seek new and thrilling experiences. We chose this place because of its rich history, abundant natural resources, and diverse wildlife. In this article, I will share the story of our hunting trip including the brand and features of the infrared binoculars we used as well as interesting or thrilling situations we encountered. Through my narrative, I hope you can feel the joy and charm of night hunting.

We chose Batesville for its rich history and abundant natural resources. As one of Arkansas’ oldest cities founded in 1810 on White River’s banks – America’s longest undammed river flowing through Arkansas & Missouri with beautiful scenery along it – Batesville was once a significant trading center. It also has many historical landmarks such as Old Independence Regional Museum, Batesville Area Historical Society & Mark Martin Museum showcasing past & present.

Apart from history & culture, Batesville outskirts have beautiful natural scenery & diverse wildlife too. We selected a location near Brum Woods for our hunt; an 80-acre forest donated by Lena Brum to Batesville community who loved nature dearly. There are five circular trails plus three connecting ones totaling 4.2 miles suitable for hiking/biking where we saw various plants/animals like oak trees/pine trees/maple trees/squirrels/rabbits/birds etc., hearing sounds like bird chirping/insect buzzing/wind blowing which made us relaxed/happy.

Hunting at such a beautiful yet vibrant place was a rare experience for us! With our equipment & infrared binoculars ready before dark arrived at destination spot where we set up tents with food/water prepared beforehand planning to start after sunset till late night hoping to catch bigger/rarer animals using our skills & courage.

One of the most important equipment for night hunting is infrared binoculars. It allows us to see the thermal signals of target animals in darkness, determining their location and distance. We used a high cost-effective Chinese brand called wildguarder with various advantages/functions making our hunting easier/safer.

Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars have a high-definition display screen/lens showing clear black/white images. It can also take photos/videos saved in built-in storage card convenient for playback/sharing. Its optical/digital zoom adjusts vision size/clarity adapting to different environments/needs.

Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars have long-distance observation capability allowing us to see target animals within 400 meters. Equipped with 5W red light, it provides sufficient illumination even in complete darkness adjusting brightness/angle according to lighting conditions.



Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars are low power consumption & long-lasting enabling us not to worry about battery depletion during hunting process using six AA batteries as power source lasting over six hours plus an automatic shutdown function saving energy when inactive for some time.

Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars are designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and durable, making them suitable for use in harsh weather conditions and terrains. Its casing is made of sturdy plastic material that can resist water and dust. It also has a rubber cover that increases its anti-slip and shock-absorbing effects. It comes with a neck strap and backpack for easy carrying and protection.

During our hunting trip at night, we had many interesting or thrilling experiences that made our hearts race while also giving us more knowledge about animals and respect for them. Here are some highlights from our hunting process:

We just started hunting when we discovered the tracks of a mountain lion. This animal is very strong and fierce, capable of attacking humans as well as other animals. We carefully tracked it hoping to catch sight of it using the infrared binoculars. After observing it for a while, we found it hiding behind a big tree preparing to ambush an unsuspecting deer. We immediately picked up our guns aimed at its head, fired one shot which resulted in hearing its scream before seeing it fall motionless on the ground. We walked over to confirm its death then dragged it aside taking several photos; this was both the most thrilling experience during our hunt but also gave us great satisfaction.

While resting by a small stream, we heard strange noises nearby so went looking for their source only to find out that there was a fox catching frogs! The fox had red fur with pointed ears making him look cute yet smart too! We wanted to capture his video but he seemed aware of our presence turning around barking at us before quickly running away disappearing into the forest leaving no trace behind; this was both relaxing yet humorous experience during our hunt but still unforgettable.

This night-time hunting trip was an unforgettable experience shared between myself along with my two friends Berg Terry & Arthur Yonng where not only did we enjoy the thrill of hunting but gained so much more. We strengthened our friendship, through facing difficulties and dangers together we learned to trust and support each other even more. We also improved our physical fitness by walking and running for long periods of time which increased our stamina too. Our horizons were broadened as we learned about Batesville’s history and culture, increasing our knowledge & understanding while experiencing different customs such as tasting local cuisine or staying in unique accommodations where we felt the warmth & friendliness of the locals.

Apart from these gains, we also developed a greater respect for nature and animals. Seeing beautiful plants & diverse animals that make up a harmonious ecosystem made us realize the connection between humans & nature along with its importance to protect it. We respected animal life & rights only hunting what was necessary while minimizing harm to them.

In conclusion, this night-time hunting trip allowed us to experience the colorful aspects of life while growing in many ways; hoping for another opportunity to explore this charming place again soon!

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