Last month, my two friends Alberta Lily and Heloise Rebecca and I decided to go on a night hunting trip in the outskirts of Bailey. It was our first time attempting to hunt wild animals in the dark, so we were all very excited and looking forward to it.

Why did we choose Bailey? Firstly, Bailey is a beautiful place with a rich history and culture. Located about 50 miles from Denver, Colorado, it is a small town mainly focused on agriculture and animal husbandry. It has vast grasslands, forests, mountains and rivers which make it an ideal destination for leisure activities and adventures. Secondly, Bailey is also a paradise for hunting as it has abundant wildlife resources including deer, bears, wolves, foxes and groundhogs among others. Here we could enjoy the thrill of chasing after targets while shooting them accurately. Lastly but not leastly , there are many scenic spots worth visiting as well as delicious local cuisine that we could savor while hunting.

To ensure our night hunting trip went smoothly and safely,we chose Wildguarder infrared binoculars -a high-quality Chinese brand- as our essential equipment due to its high-definition clarity,magnification power,brightness level,and durability features which allowed us to clearly observe target animals’ positions even in darkness thus improving our efficiency & accuracy during hunts . At the same time ,it protected our eyes from strong light glare ensuring comfortability & peace of mind throughout the entire experience.

This trip turned out to be one of the most unforgettable experiences for us three; not only did we gain plenty of trophies but also knowledge & insights into nature’s beauty . In this article series , I will detail what we saw ,did ,felt at Bailey’s outskirts along with how Wildguarder infrared binoculars helped us achieve success beyond expectations .

Before starting off with hunting activities ,we learned about Bailey’s history & culture which made us appreciate this place more deeply .

Bailey’s establishment and development are closely related to a person named William Bailey. In 1864, he established a ranch and a post office here, later building an inn which was called Bailey’s Ranch. In 1878, the Denver & South Park Railroad arrived at Bailey bringing more tourists and business opportunities with it; in the same year,Bailey opened its own post office too . Over time , Bailey gradually developed into a small town mainly focused on agriculture and animal husbandry while also attracting many miners ,workers ,and adventurers.

There are many features & celebrities associated with Bailey that we cannot list all of them but we can give some examples such as Coney Island Boardwalk -a famous building shaped like a giant hot dog cafe originally located in Aspen Park but moved to Bailey in 2006- which is very interesting & special providing not only delicious food & drinks for people but also services for their pets ; Glen-Isle Resort -a historic resort covering an area of 160 acres built in the early 1900s- is one of America’s national historical landmarks where many celebrities including US President Hoover and Hollywood star Mary Pickford have stayed .

By learning about Bailey’s history and culture,we gained deeper understanding& respect towards this place making us even more excited to hunt& explore here.

We also visited some interesting & beautiful scenic spots along with tasting some delicious local cuisine during our stay at Bailey outskirts thus spending quality time together creating unforgettable memories.

We visited McGraw Memorial Park which covers an area of 20 acres containing several historic buildings such as log cabins built-in 1864 or single classrooms constructed-in1894 allowing us to experience Baileys’ history& culture firsthand. There is also a path leading to another natural exploration area covering ten additional acres where we enjoyed breathtaking scenery breathing fresh air while seeing groups of bighorn sheep moving around mountainsides. The park has picnic facilities, fishing areas, and kayaking docks where we enjoyed a simple yet delicious lunch.

We also visited The Sasquatch Outpost, a museum and gift shop dedicated to Bigfoot. This place was very interesting and unique, showcasing various materials, evidence, models, and souvenirs related to Bigfoot. We learned some knowledge and legends about Bigfoot there and bought some fun gifts for our family and friends.

We also went to Coney Island Boardwalk which is a coffee shop shaped like a giant hot dog. This cafe is famous for its uniqueness as it not only provides delicious food and drinks but also offers services for pets. We tried their signature hot dogs and ice cream there which made us feel satisfied and happy.

The attractions and cuisine in Bailey left us with a deep impression that this is a place worth visiting whether you are hunting or relaxing; you can find what you like here.

What we looked forward to the most in Bailey was the experience of night hunting. It was our first time hunting wild animals in the dark so we were both nervous yet excited. To make our hunt smoother and safer, we prepared some necessary equipment including the most important one – Wildguarder infrared binoculars.

Wildguarder infrared binoculars are professional night vision instruments that allow us to observe target animals’ positions clearly even in darkness thereby improving our efficiency & accuracy while hunting. It has several features:

High Definition: With high-performance CMOS sensors & full optical systems it provides up to 1280×960 resolution allowing us clearer & more detailed images.
High Magnification: It offers 3.5-7 times optical zooming & 2 times digital zooming enabling us better targeting by adjusting magnification according to need.
High Brightness: Equipped with powerful infrared illuminators it provides sufficient brightness even in complete darkness letting us see farther & brighter scenes.
Durability: Its sturdy metal casing design makes it waterproof/dustproof thus resistant against harsh environments/impacts giving peace of mind while using.

With Wildguarder infrared binoculars, we felt like having super eyes that could freely explore and hunt in the dark. We encountered many types of wild animals in Bailey including deer, bears, wolves, foxes, groundhogs etc. Based on our preferences & skills we chose suitable targets for shooting. Sometimes we approached animals quietly while other times observed them from afar; sometimes hitting the target with one shot while other times missing opportunities; sometimes cheering excitedly while other times feeling disappointed or frustrated but regardless of what happened we all experienced the thrill and pleasure of hunting.

Wildguarder infrared binoculars not only helped us improve efficiency & safety during hunting but also protected our eyes from strong light/glare. It has a great feature allowing us to take photos/videos which can be saved in its built-in storage card so that we can review/share our hunting experiences/results anytime.



This night hunt was one of the most exciting and fun experiences for all three of us as it not only gave us plenty of trophies but also valuable experience & friendship. We thank Bailey for providing such a wonderful place for hunting and Wildguarder infrared binoculars for giving us such a powerful tool.

This trip to Bailey is one of the most unforgettable experiences for all three of us where we saw beautiful scenery, learned about rich history/culture, tasted unique cuisine but most importantly enjoyed the fun/challenge of night hunting making ourselves feel like real hunters who had an amazing showdown with nature/wildlife.

We highly recommend Bailey as a destination both for hunting/adventure seekers or those looking to relax/unwind because it has unparalleled charm/attraction that will make you fall in love with this place forever.

We also highly recommend Wildguarder infrared binoculars as a tool both for hunters/observers because they allow you to see clearer/farther even at night thereby increasing your efficiency/safety during activities. It’s an excellent Chinese brand product that offers advanced technology & quality service.

Finally, we want to thank the residents and staff of Bailey for being so friendly and welcoming to us. They provided us with a lot of help/suggestions making us feel at home. We also want to thank Wildguarder infrared binoculars’ manufacturers/sellers for being so professional/responsible providing us with support/guarantee making us feel trusted/satisfied.

This trip to Bailey gave us a lot of harvests, and we hope to have the opportunity to come back here again someday. We also hope more people can come here and enjoy everything this place has to offer.

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