Night hunting is an exciting and fun outdoor activity that allows us to experience the charm of nature while also improving our observation and reaction abilities. Last month, my two friends Gwendolyn Leonard and Rachel Grote and I decided to experience the joy of night hunting in the outskirts of Pikes Peak, Colorado, USA. Pikes Peak is a mountain peak with a height of 14,115 feet that has a long history and abundant wildlife resources, making it an ideal hunting location. To clearly see our targets in the dark, we chose the cost-effective Chinese brand Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars which have clear images, powerful magnification capabilities, and convenient operation methods. In this article, I will share with you our experiences hunting in Pikes Peak as well as our evaluation of Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars.

Pikes Peak is a famous mountain peak located in southern Front Range of Rocky Mountains in Colorado State with an elevation of 14,115 feet making it the highest peak eastward from Mississippi River Valley. It was named after American explorer Zebulon Pike who attempted to climb it but failed back in 1806. The name “Pike” comes from his last name while “Peak” refers to its summit point at topmost part above sea level. Pikes Peak has a rich history; it was once considered sacred by Native Americans Ute and Arapaho tribes before becoming symbolic for western expansion movement during early US history period inspiring Katharine Lee Bates’ lyrics for America’s national anthem “America The Beautiful”.

Pikes Peak not only has rich historical significance but also diverse geographical features including unique rock formations due to glacial erosion over billions years ago forming eight different life zones ranging from warm dry grasslands up through cold windy alpine tundra where various wild animals live such as deer elk bear lion squirrel rabbit marmot pika snowshoe hare bighorn sheep yellow-bellied marmot, etc.

We chose Pikes Peak outskirts as our night hunting location because we wanted to experience the feeling of tracking and capturing wild animals in such a high-altitude and ever-changing environment. We knew it wouldn’t be easy since we had to deal with darkness, cold weather, and avoid disturbing other protected areas or private property. We also needed to respect local laws and regulations by only hunting legal and reasonable targets. To clearly see animal silhouettes and eyes at night, we used Wildguarder‘s infrared binoculars which have the following advantages:

– It has a clear 3-inch TFT LCD screen that can convert into a 4-inch wide field of view.
– It has 4x digital zooming capability combined with 20x optical zooming allowing us to magnify or shrink targets.
– It has a 30mm objective lens aperture with a viewing angle ranging from 1.8° -68° enabling us to see broader scenes.
– It is convenient to operate through buttons or remote control for adjusting brightness, contrast, magnification ratio, etc.
– Its battery life is powerful enough for long-term use while also supporting USB charging or external power supply.

During our hunt in Pikes Peak outskirts, we encountered various wild animals including some that were our targets while others were friends or enemies. We used Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars to help identify and track them in the dark as well as adjust our shooting angles and distances accordingly. Here are some details about our hunting experiences that I would like to share with you all.

Our most common animal is the yellow-bellied marmot, a small rodent similar to a groundhog with yellow chest and belly, black eyes and ears. They are very active and curious, often sunbathing on rocks or making sharp calls. Although they are not our hunting targets, they sometimes become our clues because they warn other animals of our presence. We use Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars to observe their behavior and direction, then judge whether there are other animals nearby based on their reactions.

The animal we most want to hunt is the bighorn sheep – an elegant and strong mountain goat with curved horns and grayish-brown fur. They live in high-altitude rocky areas, like eating grasses and shrubs. They are very alert and agile, able to jump and run on steep slopes. They are one of the largest wild animal groups in Pikes Peak but also one of the hardest targets to hit. We use Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars to search for their traces and shadows before quietly approaching them until it’s time for us to shoot at them when we have a good chance. One of us successfully shot a male bighorn sheep that had beautiful horns as well as meaty body which made us feel extremely excited.

The animals we least want to encounter are bears and lions – the most dangerous predators outside Pikes Peak with powerful strength & speed along with sharp teeth & claws.They mainly eat small animals such as deer,rabbits etc.,but will also attack humans especially when feeling threatened or hungry.We use Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars to be aware of their existence & approach while trying our best avoiding conflicts.One person among us was almost attacked by a black bear but luckily he discovered its figure in time & scared it away using gunshots.

When hunting outside Pikes Peak at night ,we not only enjoy excitement during nights but also appreciate beauty during days. We visited some interesting attractions near Pikes Peak and tasted some delicious food. Here, I will share with you our tourism and culinary experiences.


We visited the Pikes Peak Mountain Zoo, which is a zoo that specializes in housing and displaying high-altitude animals with over 750 animals from around the world including wolves, foxes, bears, eagles, deer & sheep etc. We saw some animals we had never seen while hunting before and learned about their habits & characteristics.We also got up close to some gentle animals like feeding giraffes or touching reindeer.

Pikes Peak Railway Museum is a museum showcasing the history & culture of Pikes Peak railway with various train models ,photos,videos,& artifacts.We learned about the development & changes of Pikes Peak railway as well as its impact on local society & economy here.We also rode on a vintage train enjoying magnificent views along the way.

Pikes Peak Canyon Park is a natural park located at the foot of Pikes Peak mountain featuring beautiful canyons,creeks,waterfalls,and forests.Here we did outdoor activities such as hiking,fishing,row boating,& rock climbing.We also saw wildflowers,butterflies,birds,& insects.
In addition to visiting attractions ,we also tasted some cuisine near Pike’s peak.Our favorite was donuts made at top of Pike’s peak -the only donut made above 14k feet altitude having soft,sweet taste perfect for eating in cold mountains .We also liked simple yet tasty foods like burgers,hots dogs,sandwiches,salads etc.,which could replenish energy consumed during hunting.We tried local specialties too such as Pike’s peak chocolate,wild beef jerky,cornbread etc.

Our experience hunting outside Pikes Peak was an unforgettable adventure that allowed us to feel nature’s beauty and mystery while honing our skills and willpower. Not only did we hunt precious wild animals but we also enjoyed spectacular scenery and tasted delicious food. We are very grateful for Wildguarder’s infrared binoculars, which gave us the ability to see targets clearly in the dark and also gave us confidence and fun during night hunting. It is a highly cost-effective infrared binocular that we strongly recommend to anyone who loves night hunting.

If you also want to experience the fun of night hunting or if you already have your own hunting story, please feel free to share with us. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy your hunting trip too.

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