As someone who loves hunting, I enjoy seeking thrills and challenges in nature. Last month, my two friends Baldwin Cowper and Les Steele and I decided to go hunting at Miyamit Falls in the Philippines. Miyamit Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in Porac City, reaching up to 80 meters high with dense forests and mountains surrounding it. We chose this location because not only does it have beautiful scenery but also abundant wildlife that’s perfect for night hunting. To make our hunting trip smoother and safer, we prepared some necessary equipment, among which the most important was the Wildguarder infrared binoculars – a high cost-effective product from China that allows us to clearly observe and aim at targets even in darkness.

In this article, I will share with you the details of our hunting trip at Miyamit Falls as well as our experiences there including local history, attractions, and cuisine.

Miyamit Falls is located on Luzon Island in central Philippines; an impressive waterfall standing 80 meters tall surrounded by dense forests and mountains. It is part of Cabusilan Mountain Range formed by volcanic activity with Pinatubo Volcano being its most famous peak. The name “Miyamit” comes from the local Aeta tribe who call this place “little forest”.

To reach Miyamit Falls we first took a bus from Manila to Porac City then transferred onto a 4×4 jeepney to Sapang Uwak village which is closest to the falls. Here we had to register ourselves paying some fees before starting our trekking journey divided into two parts: The first part was from Sapang Uwak village to View Deck taking about one-and-a-half hours while the second part was from View Deck to Miyamit Falls taking approximately two hours.

During our trekking journey we enjoyed beautiful views of Cabusilan Mountain Range including green slopes, vast meadows, peculiar rocks, and clear streams. We also saw some wildlife such as birds, lizards, and monkeys. When we reached the View Deck we could see Pinatubo Volcano crater lake in the distance – a deep blue water body contrasting with surrounding gray and brown peaks.

Continuing forward from View Deck we entered a denser and more humid forest area filled with trees, vines, and mosses. We had to follow a small path sometimes crossing shallow waters or muddy areas. As the sound of water became louder we knew that Miyamit Falls was close by; when we finally saw the white waterfall flowing down from towering cliffs it left us all amazed and excited.

Miyamit Falls is a stunning natural wonder with a strong and stable water flow that remains consistent during both the dry and rainy seasons. The waterfall cascades into a wide and deep pool of cool water, perfect for swimming and playing in. There are also flat areas near the falls where visitors can rest or have picnics.

During our hunting trip to Miyamit Falls, we enjoyed a wonderful time appreciating the beauty of nature while experiencing the thrill of hunting. We even took some photos to commemorate our adventure.

One piece of equipment that proved particularly useful on our hunting trip was the Wildguarder Infrared Binoculars – an affordable Chinese brand product that allowed us to clearly observe and target animals in complete darkness. In this article, I will introduce its features, advantages, as well as how to use it for night-time hunting.

The Wildguarder Infrared Binoculars boasts several key features:

  • Advanced infrared technology provides clear images without any light source even in complete darkness.
  • 4x optical magnification combined with 5x digital zoom allows users to see details from far away such as animal eyes, ears, and noses.
  • A 3.5-inch high-definition LCD screen enables direct viewing or connection via video output line to TV or computer.
  • Built-in camera and microphone allow users to take photos/videos which can be saved onto TF cards for playback or sharing.
  • Powered by six AA batteries which provide over six hours of continuous operation; alternatively external power sources may be used for charging purposes.
  • Waterproof/dustproof casing makes it suitable for various harsh environments such as rain/snowy days or deserts.
  • Ergonomic rubber handle plus adjustable shoulder strap make it easy-to-carry/use.

The advantages of using Wildguarder Infrared Binoculars include:

  • No need for lights/sounds which could potentially scare off animals or reveal the user’s location.
  • More effective and safer in discovering and locking onto targets, thus increasing hunting success rate and enjoyment.
  • Record experiences/achievements which can be replayed/shared with friends/family.

To use Wildguarder Infrared Binoculars for night-time hunting, follow these steps:

  • Install batteries or connect external power source; insert TF card.
  • Turn on binoculars by pressing the power button; adjust menu settings such as brightness, contrast, magnification etc.
  • Aim binoculars towards desired direction; press infrared button to activate infrared function.
  • View clear black-and-white images via screen or video output line. Adjust image size using zoom-in/out buttons when spotting/targeting animals.
  • Capture moments by pressing photo/video buttons. Replay photos/videos by pressing playback button.

After we arrived at Miyamit Falls, we rested by the waterfall for a while before embarking on our hunting trip. Our targets were wild animals that are active at night, such as wild boars, deer, foxes and so on. We brought along some equipment like firearms, ammunition, knives, ropes and also food and water. We also brought our WildGuarder infrared binoculars which were essential tools for our hunting.

We walked into the forest along a small path to find a suitable spot for hunting. We chose an area near a stream because there was a water source that might attract some animals to come drink. There we set up a simple tent to shelter us from wind and rain and hide ourselves from view. We also set up traps and alarms around us to prevent being discovered or attacked by other animals or humans.

After dark, we began our hunting operation in two groups: one group stayed near the tent while the other sneaked through the forest looking for targets. We all wore our WildGuarder infrared binoculars so that we could see clearly in darkness without using any lights or sounds. We kept in touch with each other via walkie-talkies to report back and coordinate.




During the hunt, we encountered some challenges and surprises. The biggest challenge was walking through the forest which was not easy due to obstacles like mud puddles, thorns or potholes; sometimes dangerous animals like snakes scorpions or spiders would appear too! Once I almost got bitten by a venomous snake but luckily I spotted it just in time and shot it dead with my gun! Another challenge was identifying whether something is prey or not since it’s very difficult in darkness; sometimes what appeared as prey turned out to be just tree branches or rocks instead! One time I thought I saw a deer shadow but it turned out to be just a wooden stake!

But there were also many surprises during this hunt – the biggest one being discovering some rare animals in the forest such as anteaters, pangolins and flying squirrels. These animals were very hard to come by and made us feel excited and lucky! Once I even saw a beautiful peacock spreading its feathers under moonlight which was truly spectacular! Another surprise was that after we successfully hunted something, we could use our WildGuarder infrared binoculars to take pictures of our achievements; then replay and share them with others which made us feel satisfied and proud!

Through this hunting trip, we gained a lot – not only did we experience an exciting and fun activity but also appreciated the beauty and wonder of nature while learning some survival skills. We also strengthened our friendship, trust among each other while leaving behind unforgettable memories and photos. We felt that this was a very worthwhile journey that helped us relax both physically & mentally while broadening our horizons.

We are extremely grateful for Miyamit Falls’ help & support as well as WildGuarder’s professional infrared binoculars brand. Miyamit Falls is an amazing place with magnificent waterfalls, clear pools of water, dense forests full of wildlife making it an ideal location for various activities like hunting, swimming camping or hiking etc. We highly recommend everyone to visit there to experience its charm! WildGuarder is a professional brand with advanced technology high-quality products reasonable prices plus excellent after-sales service; they were the best partner for our hunt allowing us to see more clearly in darkness take better pictures & have more fun playing around too! We strongly recommend everyone buy their products so you can enjoy their advantages too!

In conclusion, this hunting trip was one of the most unforgettable experiences in our lives; we are very grateful & satisfied about it all! We hope to have another chance to go back again at Miyamit Falls using WildGuarder infrared binoculars once more time soon! And finally, we hope everyone can refer to our article and try hunting as an activity; we believe you will enjoy it and benefit greatly from it too!

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