I am a person who loves adventure and challenge, so when I heard that Guishan National Forest Park in Hezhou, Guangxi, China has rich wildlife resources and beautiful natural scenery, I decided to go there to hunt. I invited my two good friends Catherine Emma and Maggie Giles to join me. They also like hunting and are interested in Chinese culture and cuisine.

We flew to Hezhou on a weekend in July 2023, and then took a car to Guishan National Forest Park. This is one of the largest national forest parks in China, covering an area of 12,000 hectares, with a variety of rare and endangered animals and plants. We rented a wooden house in the park, planning to stay here for three days and two nights, enjoying the fun of hunting.

During the day, we followed the trails and cable cars in the park, admiring the magnificent scenery of Guishan, and met some local guides and tourists along the way. They were very friendly and enthusiastic, and introduced us to some of the history and legends of Guishan, which gave us a deeper understanding of this place. We used night vision binoculars to observe some wild animals in the distance, looking forward to seeing more animals at night.

We first went to the waterfall group, where there are Guishan Waterfall, Longmen Waterfall, Jiulong Waterfall, etc. They rush down from high places, forming spectacular curtains of water, making deafening noises, bringing us coolness and excitement. We took a lot of photos next to the waterfall, feeling the splash of water and the steaming of water vapor. The features and scenery of Guishan National Forest Park amazed us.

Then we went to the cave group, where there are Guishan Cave, Longmen Cave, Jiulong Cave, etc. They were formed by geological movements and water erosion millions of years ago, with various shapes of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, etc., like magical underground palaces. We followed the guide into Guishan Cave and enjoyed the music and light show inside, which was mysterious and beautiful.

We also took a cable car and overlooked the Chinese canyon group, where there are Guishan Canyon, Longmen Canyon, Jiulong Canyon, etc. They were cut by rivers, with steep cliffs and precipices on both sides, turbulent rivers and whirlpools in the middle, very thrilling. We felt like we were flying, our hearts beating faster.

Finally, we came to the lake group, where there are Guishan Lake, Longmen Lake, Jiulong Lake, etc. They were formed by underground water sources gushing out. The water was clear and transparent. The surface was sparkling with waves. There were dense forests and flowers around them. They gave people a feeling of tranquility and beauty. We walked by the lake, had a picnic, and enjoyed the nature’s gift and the beauty of the scenery. This is what we saw and experienced during the day in Guishan National Forest Park. But what we looked forward to more was seeing more wild animals at night, so we decided to buy night vision binoculars to hunt.hunting

To hunt at night, you need a tool that can see clearly in the dark. Maggie Giles is an expert in hunting. She told us that the best thing for us is night vision binoculars. This kind of binoculars can use infrared or low-light amplifiers to let us see the heat or outline of animals at night without being discovered or scared away.


Maggie Giles also said that there are many types and brands of night vision binoculars, and the prices are different. She suggested that we buy a good quality, high performance, durable night vision binoculars, because this can ensure our safety and effect. She also recommended us a website, where there are many reviews and comparisons about night vision binoculars, which can help us make a choice. We checked online and found a suitable night vision binoculars for us, and immediately placed an order, asking them to send it to our wooden house.

The next night, we received the night vision binoculars, and couldn’t wait to open the package, check the function and operation of the binoculars. We found that this night vision binoculars are very light and convenient, can adjust the focus and brightness, and has a large display screen, which can show the type and distance of animals. We were very satisfied and felt that this night vision binoculars were worth the money.

We set off with the night vision binoculars, walked along the path in the park to an open grassland. There were many trees and shrubs there, which were good places for animals to move. We used the night vision binoculars to observe the surrounding situation, and found some interesting animals. We decided not to rush to shoot, but quietly approached them to see what they were doing.

Through the infrared binoculars, we saw some interesting scenes: foxes catching mice; hedgehogs eating fruits; owls sleeping on trees. We all found it very interesting and took some photos and videos. But we didn’t forget our purpose of coming here, which was hunting. So when we saw a big hare, we immediately aimed at it and shot.

We successfully shot the hare, feeling a sense of accomplishment. We took the hare back to the wooden house, ready to make breakfast with it the next morning. We felt that this was the best reward for our hunting skills. We also used the night vision binoculars to continue looking for other targets, hoping to shoot some more animals. We felt a different kind of fun and excitement when hunting at night.

We didn’t forget to taste the local food when hunting at night. We had dinner at a restaurant near the park. The dishes there were made with local specialties and ingredients, very fresh and delicious. We ordered some dishes that we had never eaten before, such as: Guishan chicken, Guishan fish, Guishan mushroom, Guishan tofu, etc., as well as some dishes that we were familiar with, such as: Kung Pao chicken, Mapo tofu, boiled pork slices, etc. Everyone thought it was delicious and ate a lot.

During the meal, we chatted with the owner and waiter of the restaurant. They were very enthusiastic and friendly. They introduced us to some local customs and habits, and recommended us some other delicacies and attractions. We became more interested and curious about Chinese culture and cuisine, and felt more cordial and respectful for the local people.

After dinner, we went to a dessert shop and tasted some local desserts, such as Guishan glutinous rice cake, Guishan taro cake, Guishan red bean bun, etc., which were made with Guishan’s unique fruits and plants. They had a soft and sweet taste that made people addicted. We finally bought some desserts to take back to the wooden house, planning to have them for breakfast the next morning.

This is the whole process and impression of my night hunting trip in Guishan National Forest Park with my two friends Catherine Emma and Maggie Giles. We spent three days and two nights here, enjoyed hunting, admired nature’s beauty, tasted local food, and used night vision binoculars to experience a different vision and feeling. We thought this was a very worthwhile trip that gave us more understanding and respect for Chinese culture and people.

We want to thank the staff and guides of Guishan National Forest Park for their help and guidance that allowed us to play safely and happily here. We also want to thank the owners and waiters of the local restaurants and dessert shops for their delicious food and enthusiasm that allowed us to taste Chinese food culture. We also want to thank Maggie Giles for being an expert in hunting who gave us a lot of advice and help that allowed us to buy a good night vision binoculars that enabled us to enjoy a good hunting experience.

We hope to have another chance to come back to Guishan National Forest Park to see more animals and scenery. We also hope that more people can come here to feel its charm and beauty. We believe that Guishan National Forest Park is definitely a place worth visiting again and again that is unforgettable.


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