When the sun sets and the moon rises, many wild animals become active, searching for food and mates. It’s a mysterious and thrilling world that only a few lucky people get to witness firsthand. My two friends, Dawn Henley and Ogden Nathaniei, and I are among those fortunate individuals. Last month, we went hunting in Tampico, located in northeastern Mexico. We used Wildguarder brand infrared binoculars which allowed us to observe and capture various prey in the dark. In this article, I will share with you our experiences during our night hunting trip in Tampico as well as our impressions of this city with its rich history and diverse culture.

Tampico is a port city with a long history and colorful culture situated near the Gulf of Mexico in Tamaulipas state. It lies on the north bank of Pánuco River surrounded by swamps and lakes that were once home to otters. The name “Tampico” comes from Huastec language meaning “place of water dogs.”

The first human settlement dates back to around 1000 AD when it was an important village for Huastec people called Las Flores. During Spanish colonial period in 1532, Father Andrés de Olmos from Franciscan order built a church and monastery on ruins of an Aztec village here named San Luis de Tampico but it was destroyed by pirates in 1683 remaining abandoned for nearly 150 years.

It wasn’t until after Mexico gained independence in 1823 that General Antonio López de Santa Anna ordered Tampico rebuilt on the north bank of Pánuco River where it began developing into an important center for trade & agriculture while also experiencing wars & occupations such as defeating Spanish army here (1829), brief occupation by US forces during Mexican-American War (1846-48), French invasion (1862) & bombardment/occupation by US Navy due to an incident involving American sailors (1914).

Tampico experienced a petroleum boom in the early 20th century becoming one of the world’s largest oil export ports. In 1901, Mexico’s first oil well was drilled near Tampico at Ébano. However, in 1923, Mexico’s largest oil field located very close to Tampico dried up resulting in significant job losses and investment outflows. Nevertheless, economic development continued in other areas making Tampico a pioneer for aviation and soft drink industries.

Tampico not only has rich cultural heritage but also beautiful natural landscapes with many museums, buildings, churches, squares & monuments showcasing its history & art as well as parks, lakes, rivers & beaches offering various outdoor activities and water sports while being a great place for observing wildlife and birds due to its diverse ecosystems and species.




Our hunting trip in Tampico was an unforgettable experience that allowed us to enjoy the fun and challenge of night hunting. We booked a professional hunting guide online who took us to some suitable places near Tampico such as forests, grasslands & swamps where we targeted nocturnal animals like foxes, raccoons, wild boars, deer& leopards.

We set off every evening armed with our guns ammunition flashlights, & Wildguarder brand infrared binoculars which had high-definition displays allowing clear images/videos even in darkness along with powerful infrared light sources enabling observation/capture of prey from distances up to 984 feet away while having battery life lasting up to six hours ensuring continuous night hunting sessions.

We use infrared binoculars to search for and track the traces of prey, such as eye reflections, body contours, and movements. When we find a suitable target, we quietly approach it and aim with our firearms. We use the zoom function of the infrared binoculars to enlarge or reduce images for better adjustment of the gun barrel. We also use the recording function of the infrared binoculars to document our hunting process and achievements.

During our hunting trip in Tampico, we encountered some challenges and surprises. Sometimes we encounter dangerous or sensitive animals such as snakes, scorpions, leopards etc., which require us to handle them carefully or avoid them altogether. Sometimes we also come across rare or beautiful animals like flamingos, peacocks, eagles etc., which make us stop to admire or take pictures of them. Occasionally unexpected situations arise such as sudden rainstorms, car breakdowns or dead cell phones that require us to find solutions or seek help.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery of beaches and sunsets in Tampico,we visited some interesting attractions,tasted local cuisine,and experienced this charming city.

Museo MATT1 is a museum showcasing Tampico’s history and culture with various exhibits including ancient maps,photographs,clothing,tools etc.. With guidance from tour guides here ,we learned about how Tampico developed from a small fishing village into an important port city during Mexico’s revolution period .We also saw some local artworks like paintings sculptures ceramics etc., experiencing Tampico’s artistic atmosphere.

Museo del Juguete Tampico is a toy museum collecting all kinds of toys from different eras & countries including puppets dolls cars trains planes etc. Some have been collected over several decades even centuries old! Here we found childhood memories while seeing different cultural styles & characteristics through toys from different times.

Centro Comercial Altama City Center is a modern shopping center with various shops, restaurants, cinemas etc. Here we bought some souvenirs and specialties such as handicrafts, coffee, chocolate etc. We also had lunch here and tasted local cuisine like seafood,corn cakes,chili peppers etc. The food was fresh, delicious and spicy.

Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción is a Catholic church built in the late 19th century with a towering bell tower of up to 60 meters high and a magnificent dome. It is one of Tampico’s most famous and spectacular buildings. Inside the church we admired its stained glass windows,wooden altars,golden decorations etc., while listening to beautiful organ music.

During our hunting process, we used Wildguarder brand infrared binoculars which are professional night vision devices that allow us to observe & record targets clearly even in complete darkness. With its 5W infared 850nm LED infrared illuminator it can see large animals at distances up to 984 feet away! It also has a 2.7-inch LCD screen for convenient viewing & playback of photos & videos taken. Its digital zoom function allows us to enlarge or reduce images easily too. It is an excellent performance device that is easy-to-use ,portable& comfortable .

This binocular made us feel very satisfied and surprised because it allowed us to discover & track various wild animals such as deer foxes wolves bears etc., during nighttime hunts; admire their behavior & characteristics from safe distances; aim more accurately & effectively when shooting; and share/save our experiences after hunting.

We highly recommend this binocular for all those who love night-time hunting. It’s reliable equipment worth owning that enables you see more/do more in the dark!

Our hunting trip in Tampico brought us many rewards. Thanks Wildguarder brand for providing such an outstanding night vision binocular which made our journey even more exciting and unforgettable.

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