When you think of Louisiana, you may think of delicious seafood, lively jazz music, colorful mosaic art, or the disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina. But did you know that there is a hidden world in the outskirts of Louisiana with rich wildlife, spectacular natural landscapes, and a long history and culture? This world is beautiful during the day but mysterious and dangerous at night.

My two friends Meredith Norris and Rita Lancelot are adventurous hunting enthusiasts just like me. Last month we went to hunt in the outskirts of Louisiana and experienced the fun of night hunting. We used a Chinese brand Wildguarder infrared binoculars which allowed us to clearly see our targets in darkness while being easy to operate with lightweight durability. This binoculars gave us many surprises and helped us greatly.

In this article, I will share with you our experiences and feelings on our hunting trip in the outskirts of Louisiana so that you can see a different side of Louisiana.

The outskirts of Louisiana are full of history and scenery; it has witnessed many important events as well as unique natural landscapes. During our hunting trip we were fortunate enough to appreciate these charms while also learning some interesting knowledge.

Louisiana’s history dates back thousands of years when it was inhabited by indigenous people. In 1682 French explorer La Salle planted France’s flag here naming this land “Louisiana” after King Louis XIV. In 1763 France ceded Louisiana to Spain making it a Spanish colony until 1800 when Spain returned it back to France again only for America’s President Jefferson bought it from France for $15 million dollars known famously as “the Louisiana Purchase” making it America’s 18th state in 1812.

Louisiana played an important role throughout American history; In 1815 during last battle fought between US & UK armies defending sovereignty & territory where US army defeated British army protecting New Orleans city; In1861,Louisiana seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy fighting against the North in Civil War; In 1865, after the end of Civil War Louisiana entered into a reconstruction period where Jim Crow laws were implemented to segregate and oppress black people. In 1872, Louisiana became America’s first state with a black governor when P.B.S. Pinchback served as governor for over a year. Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005 causing huge losses and casualties while also sparking social and political controversies & reforms.

In addition to its rich history, the outskirts of Louisiana also have beautiful scenery with vast swamps, lakes, rivers, forests which are home to many wildlife animals & plants. During our hunting trip we often saw deer, foxes, raccoons alligators water birds etc., rowed boats in swamps hiked through forests fished in lakes camped out under tents experiencing nature’s magic and grandeur while feeling harmony & respect between man & nature.




The outskirts of Louisiana is definitely worth visiting as it allows you to understand American history and culture while appreciating natural beauty and wildlife. If you have the opportunity then you must experience it yourself!
During our hunting trip, we experienced many unforgettable moments and encountered some challenges and dangers, but we overcame them all and gained a lot. We chose deer as our prey because they are intelligent and agile animals that can provide us with enough challenge and fun. We used rifles as our weapons because they offer longer range and higher accuracy, with less noise to avoid disturbing other animals. Our equipment included tents, flashlights, canned food, water bottles, knives, ropes etc., which are essential for survival in the wilderness.

The most important piece of equipment was the Wildguarder infrared binoculars – a high-quality product from a Chinese brand that allowed us to clearly see targets in the dark while being easy to operate with lightweight durability. This binocular gave us many advantages such as:

– Clarity: The Wildguarder infrared binocular has a high-definition display screen and powerful magnification function that allows us to see target details and movements in the dark without losing clarity or color.
– Stability: The Wildguarder infrared binocular has sturdy casing design with anti-shock features allowing stable vision during movement or shooting without shaking or blurring.
– Durability: The Wildguarder infrared binocular is made of strong materials with waterproof functions making it suitable for use in various harsh environments without damage or failure.
– Price: The Wildguarder infrared binocular offers reasonable pricing along with quality service enabling us to enjoy high-quality products while saving money.

During the hunting process we faced difficulties such as finding suitable campsites; getting bitten by mosquitoes; encountering crocodiles & venomous snakes etc., but instead of giving up we helped each other overcome these obstacles using our weapons & equipment. In return we harvested several deer successfully tasted fresh wild game dishes enjoyed starry skies & sunrises experiencing nature’s beauty & life force.

This was an unforgettable journey that deepened friendships improved abilities & provided enjoyment. Without the help of Wildguarder infrared binoculars, we might not have been able to hunt at night or see so many beautiful and magical sights. I am very grateful to Wildguarder for providing us with such good products and services.

Apart from hunting, we also enjoyed local cuisine & culture in the Louisiana countryside which gave us a deeper understanding & appreciation of this place. Louisiana’s food and culture are diverse and unique, blending influences from France, Spain, Africa, Native Americans etc., forming a one-of-a-kind style.

Louisiana’s cuisine is world-renowned for its rich aroma & delicious taste along with various ingredients & cooking methods. We tasted some of the most representative dishes such as:

– Creole Cuisine: Originating from New Orleans it uses lots of butter cream tomatoes chili peppers etc., giving food a strong spicy flavor; gumbo jambalaya étouffée are typical examples.
– French Cuisine: Originating from France it uses lots of herbs mushrooms cheese wine etc., giving food lightness elegance; bouillabaisse cassoulet beef bourguignon are typical examples.
– Seafood: Originating from coastal areas in Louisiana using fresh seafood like crabs lobsters shrimps oysters fish etc., making food juicy sweet; oyster po’boy lobster salad grilled crab are typical examples.

Louisiana’s culture is colorful with deep history traditions modern innovation elements. We appreciated some of the most characteristic cultural aspects such as:

– Jazz Music: Originating from New Orleans using brass instruments piano guitar etc., creating music with strong rhythm improvisation; Louis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald Miles Davis being famous representatives.
– Mosaic Art: Originating from France and Spain using colored tiles glass stones materials pieced together into various patterns images; French Market St. Louis Cathedral Jackson Square being famous representations.

This was my experience during our hunting trip in the Louisiana countryside with my friends. I hope you can learn about Louisiana’s history, scenery, cuisine and culture from it while experiencing the fun and challenge of hunting. This trip made me very satisfied & grateful as I gained a lot of knowledge & friendship while improving my physical fitness & willpower. Without Wildguarder infrared binoculars, I might not have been able to hunt at night or see so many beautiful and magical sights. I am very grateful to Wildguarder for providing us with such good products and services.

If you also like adventure and challenges; if you want to experience the charm of Louisiana’s countryside; if you want to use high-quality infrared binoculars at an affordable price then you must try this kind of journey. I believe that you will enjoy it too, creating unforgettable memories. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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