I am a person who loves outdoor sports and adventure, hunting is one of my favorite activities. Last month, I and my two colleagues Rose Dolly and Page Hawthorne, decided to go to Richloam Wildlife Management Area in Florida for a night hunting challenge. We chose this place because it has a rich wildlife resource, such as turkeys, deer, wild boars, etc., and it also has a long history and beautiful natural scenery. Our goal is to capture some interesting animals at night, while also enjoying the fun of being close to nature.

Because it involves night hunting, infrared binoculars are essential equipment. We searched online for a lot of brands and models, and finally chose a very cost-effective Chinese brand wildguarder. This infrared binocular has excellent optical clarity and high-performance digital night vision function, can provide clear images and videos in the dark. It also has a 4×20 times manual zoom function, can easily adjust to the best focus according to the actual observation distance. We think this infrared binocular is very suitable for our needs, so we immediately ordered and bought three.

After receiving the goods, we couldn’t wait to start our night hunting trip. Next, I will introduce you in detail our thrilling experience in Richloam Wildlife Management Area, as well as our use of wildguarder infrared binoculars feelings and evaluation.

Before we started night hunting, we first learned some about Richloam Wildlife Management Area (Richloam Wildlife Management Area). This area is one of the seven largest forest conservation areas in Florida, covering more than 58,000 acres, spanning four counties of Hernando, Pasco, Sumter and Lake. It has a diverse natural ecosystem, including pine plains, oak forests, swamps and rivers. It is also a place with a long history, once the residence of Native Americans, later became an important base for logging and agriculture.

We checked online for some local attractions and food, and found a lot of places worth visiting. One of them is Richloam General Store, which is a historic building built in 1922, and used to be the local store, post office and train station. It reopened in 2017, and became a museum showcasing local history and culture, as well as selling some retro goods and local specialties. We decided to stop by this store on our way to hunting, and feel its charm.

Another place that interested us was Little Withlacoochee River, which is a river that flows through the northwest part of the wildlife management area. It has clear water and beautiful scenery, and is a good place for fishing, boating and watching waterfowl. We planned to rest by the river after hunting, and enjoy the gift of nature.

Of course, we can’t forget the local food. We searched online for some nearby restaurants and cafes, and found a lot of places with good reputation. One of them is Big John’s BBQ, which is a restaurant that specializes in barbecue and burgers and other American food. It has a rich menu and reasonable prices, and also offers takeout service. We planned to have a hearty lunch at this restaurant before hunting, and replenish our strength.

Through these understandings, we have a deeper understanding and interest in Rich loam Wildlife Management Area. We think this place is not only suitable for hunting, but also suitable for various outdoor activities and cultural exploration. We look forward to spending an unforgettable time in this place.

After lunch, we drove to Rich loam Wildlife Management Area, ready to start our night hunting trip. We went to Rich loam General Store before entering the area, visited the museum inside, saw some historical photos and artifacts on display, and bought some local products and souvenirs. We chatted with the owner for a while, he warmly introduced us to some hunting tips and precautions, and told us which places are more suitable for hunting, which places to avoid. We thanked him for his help, and then continued on our way.

We followed the owner’s suggestion and chose a place near Little Withlacoochee River as our hunting point. We set up a simple tent there, put our equipment and food away, and then started checking our infrared binoculars. This wildguarder infrared binoculars is very light and easy to use, it has a large LCD screen that can display clear images and videos. It also has a built-in infrared illuminator that can provide enough light in the dark. It also has a removable 32G memory card that can store a lot of data. We followed the steps in the manual to adjust the infrared binoculars to the best condition, and then waited for nightfall.

As the weather gradually darkened, we began to use infrared binoculars to observe the surrounding environment. We found a lot of animals began to become active, such as squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and so on. We used infrared binoculars to take some photos and videos of them, feeling their cute and agile. We also saw some larger animals, such as turkeys, deer, wild boars and so on. These animals are very alert and smart, once they find any noise or smell, they will immediately run away. We used infrared binoculars to carefully observe their behavior and habits, and then choose the appropriate time and angle to shoot. We used firearms and bows and arrows to kill two turkeys and a deer, as our night’s spoils.

In the process of hunting, we also encountered some dangers and difficulties. Once, we almost were hit by a huge wild boar, luckily, we dodged in time. Once, we saw a non-venomous water snake by the river, swimming in the water. Once, we got lost in the woods, and it took a long time to find our way back. These experiences made us feel both nervous and exciting, but also made us cherish life and nature more.

By using wildguarder infrared binoculars, we were able to clearly see the shape and characteristics of various animals in the dark, and also record their sounds and movements. These infrared binoculars made our night hunting easier and fun, but also made us have more understanding and respect for wildlife.

After experiencing a night of hunting, we returned to our tent before dawn, packed up our spoils and equipment, and then prepared to leave. Before we left, we also went to Little Withlacoochee River, enjoyed the morning scenery, and saw some waterfowl feeding by the river. We used infrared binoculars to take some photos and videos of them, as a souvenir of our trip.


On the way home, we summed up our night hunting harvest and feelings. We think this trip is very meaningful and memorable, not only let us experience a new outdoor activity, but also let us feel a way of harmonious coexistence with nature. We also have a deeper impression and evaluation of wildguarder infrared binoculars, we think this infrared binocular is a very excellent and practical product, it has the following advantages:

• Clear image and video quality, can provide high resolution and high contrast visual effects in the dark.
• Powerful infrared illumination function, can provide enough brightness and range without light source.
• Flexible zoom function, can adjust and magnify according to different observation distance and target.
• Light and durable design, can be easily carried and used, and can resist various harsh environments and impacts.
• Large capacity memory card, can store a lot of data, and can also be transferred and shared through USB interface.
• Reasonable price and cost performance, can meet different levels and needs of users.

In summary, we highly recommend wildguarder infrared binoculars to all people who like night hunting or other night activities. We believe that these infrared binoculars will bring you a new and unique experience, and also let you have more discoveries and surprises about the night world.

Finally, we would like to thank Rich loam Wildlife Management Area for providing us with such a beautiful and safe hunting place. This area not only has a rich and diverse wildlife resources, but also has a beautiful and spectacular natural scenery. This area also has a sound and standardized management system, ensuring the balance and respect between hunters and animals. We hope that this area can continue to maintain its originality and purity, and also hope that more people can come here to enjoy the fun of night hunting.


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