Have you ever thought of leaving the noisy city and going to a primitive forest to experience the thrill and fun of night hunting? Have you ever thought of tasting the local specialties in between hunting, satisfying your taste buds and stomach? If you have such an idea, then Nanling National Forest Park is a good choice.

Nanling National Forest Park is located in the northern part of Guangdong Province, at the junction of Ruyuan County, Yangshan County, Lechang County in Guangdong Province and Yizhang County in Hunan Province, in the south-central part of the Nanling Mountains. It is the largest nature reserve in Guangdong Province, with the only original forest in Guangdong and a treasure trove of rare animals and plants. It is also the source of the Beijiang River, a tributary of the Pearl River, and Shikengkong, with an altitude of 1902 meters, is the “first peak of Guangdong”.hunting

Last week, I went to Nanling National Forest Park to hunt with two friends Werner Wilhelmina and Quinn Pater. Because it involved night hunting, Elaine Bartlett suggested buying military night vision goggles to hunt, but I thought it was too expensive, so I chose Owler1 night vision binoculars. This is a cost-effective night vision binoculars that can clearly observe the movement and position of animals in the dark. We also booked guns and ammunition online and prepared all the equipment.

We spent three days and two nights of night hunting in Nanling National Forest Park, not only enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, but also experiencing the pleasure and challenge of hunting. We also tasted the local food, such as Shaoguan beef noodles, Shaoguan sauce duck, Shaoguan tofu, etc., which made us very satisfied. This trip impressed me deeply, and I will share our wonderful experience with you below!

Our night hunting trip was booked online. We chose a hunting club in Nanling National Forest Park. They provided professional guides and drivers, as well as rental services for guns and ammunition. We had seen their introduction and evaluation online and felt very reliable, so we placed an order. We booked three hunting rifles, namely Remington 700, Marlin 336 and Mossberg 500, as well as some shotgun shells and rifle bullets. We also bought some hunting equipment, such as camouflage clothes, gloves, hats, masks, flashlights, etc.

The most important equipment is of course the night vision device. Without it we would not be able to see the target clearly in the dark. Elaine Bartlett suggested that we buy military night vision goggles, which are military-grade night vision glasses. She said that this kind of night vision device can provide high-definition images, as well as zoom and infrared illumination functions, which can make us see very clearly in any light conditions. She also said that this kind of night vision device can be worn on a helmet, which is convenient for us to operate the hunting rifle with both hands. I checked online and found that this kind of night vision device is really powerful, but also very expensive. A pair costs thousands of dollars, and it is not easy to buy because it belongs to military equipment and has export restrictions.

I think that’s too wasteful. After all, we’re just going to have fun, not really going to war. I found a cheaper option, which is Owler1 night vision binoculars, which are night vision binoculars. This is a cost-effective night vision device that can provide clear images in the dark, as well as 8x digital zoom function, which allows us to adjust the size of the target. It also has a 2.4-inch screen that allows us to see a larger field of view. It can also take photos and videos and supports 32GB of storage cards. It’s not heavy either, weighing only about 600 grams. Most importantly, it costs only a few hundred dollars.

I showed Elaine Bartlett the introduction and evaluation of this night vision device, and she thought it was good too, so she agreed with my choice. Werner Wilhelmina and Quinn Pater had no objections either. They said as long as they could see clearly, it was fine. So, we ordered three pairs of Owler1 night vision binoculars online and chose the delivery service. A few days later, we received all the equipment we ordered and tried it out and found it all worked well. We couldn’t wait to start our night hunting trip.

We set off from Shaoguan City and took the special car arranged by the hunting club along the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway northward. About two hours later, we arrived at the gate of Nanling National Forest Park. We bought tickets, 80 yuan per person, and then changed to a sightseeing car in the scenic area and started our forest adventure.

Nanling National Forest Park is a very beautiful place. It has four scenic areas: Xiaohuangshan Scenic Area, Waterfall Group Scenic Area, Qingshui Valley Scenic Area and Shikengkong Scenic Area. Each scenic area has its own characteristics and charm, making people linger. Under the guidance of the guide, we visited these four scenic areas one after another, enjoying various natural scenery such as strange peaks and rocks, clear streams, waterfalls and springs, primitive forests, etc., feeling the magic and magnificence of Nanling.

Xiaohuangshan Scenic Area is the core scenic area of Nanling National Forest Park. It is mainly composed of granite landforms, forming many peculiar peaks and stone forests. Here is the highest peak in Guangdong – Shikengkong, with an altitude of 1902 meters, known as the “first peak of Guangdong”. Climbing Shikengkong, you can overlook the whole view of Nanling Mountains, and also enjoy the scenery of sea of clouds, sunrise, sunset, etc. Xiaohuangshan Scenic Area also has some other attractions, such as Tianjing Mountain, Wuzhi Mountain, Longwang Cave, etc., which are worth seeing.

Waterfall Group Scenic Area is the water park of Nanling National Forest Park. It is characterized by numerous waterfalls, forming a series of moving pictures. Here is the largest waterfall in Guangdong – Baizhang Flying Waterfall, which is 108 meters high and 40 meters wide, with extraordinary momentum. Below Baizhang Flying Waterfall there is a deep pool called Longtan. Legend has it that this is the residence of the Dragon King, and there are dragon pearls and dragon scales in the water. In addition to Baizhang Flying Waterfall, there are some other beautiful waterfalls here, such as Yinhua Flying Waterfall, Yudai Flying Waterfall, Jiuqu Flying Waterfall, etc., which are amazing natural wonders.

Qingshui Valley Scenic Area is the leisure and entertainment area of Nanling National Forest Park. It mainly features clear streams as the main landscape, allowing visitors to have close contact with water. There is a 3-kilometer-long rafting river here where you can take a rubber boat or bamboo raft and experience speed and passion in the water. Along the way you can also enjoy various ecological scenery such as exotic flowers and plants, rare birds and animals, ancient trees and famous trees. Qingshui Valley Scenic Area also has a large hot spring bath where visitors can relax in the soup.

We played in Nanling National Forest Park for a whole day and felt very happy and satisfied. Next, we found a farmhouse in the scenic area to stay and prepared to start our night hunting trip in the evening.

We had a hearty dinner at the farmhouse, and then we started our night hunting trip. We followed the guide and driver, took an off-road vehicle, and drove towards the small road in the mountain. We all put on camouflage clothes, helmets and gloves, as well as night vision glasses. We put the hunting rifles and ammunition in the trunk of the car, ready to use at any time. Our target was the spotted dove, a common wild bird with delicious meat, which is a favorite of hunters.

Night hunting spotted doves is a very skillful activity that requires attention to the following aspects:

• Time: Spotted doves are active during the day and rest on trees at night. The best time for night hunting spotted doves is between 9 pm and 11 pm, when they have entered deep sleep and are not easily disturbed.

• Location: Spotted doves like to live in places with water sources and fruit trees, so you need to find such places, and then look for their nests or perches. Generally speaking, spotted doves will choose tall and dense trees, such as pine trees, camphor trees, banyan trees, etc.hunting

• Method: You need to use professional hunting rifles and shotgun shells, as well as night vision devices and flashlights. First you need to use the night vision device to observe whether there are spotted doves on the tree, then use the flashlight to illuminate the target, making them temporarily blind, and then shoot with the hunting rifle. When shooting, you need to control the strength and angle well, avoid injuring other birds or shooting empty ammunition.

• Precautions: You need to abide by the hunting regulations and ethical norms, do not overkill or kill innocents. You also need to pay attention to safety protection, do not accidentally injure yourself or your companions. In addition, night hunting also needs to avoid some days that are not suitable for going out, such as the traditional four ghost festivals or the first and fifteenth of each month, so as not to encounter some supernatural things.

We followed the guide’s instructions and turned around a few places in the mountain, finding a lot of traces of spotted doves. We took turns shooting, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing, but all very excited. We also heard some other animal sounds, such as wild boars, hares, wild dogs, etc., which made us feel very stimulated. We played for a few hours at night and harvested more than a dozen spotted doves. We put the spotted doves in a big bag and then returned to the farmhouse. We handed over the spotted doves to the boss’s wife for processing. She said she would make us a delicious breakfast the next morning. After washing up, we each went back to our rooms to rest.

After getting up in the morning, we enjoyed the spotted dove breakfast prepared by the boss’s wife. The meat of the spotted dove was tender and fragrant, with some vegetables and rice, we ate very full. Thanked the boss’s wife for her warm hospitality, then packed our luggage and prepared to return. We also took a group photo with the guide and driver, thanking them for their professional service. Then we got on the special car and drove towards Shaoguan City.

On the way back, we reviewed the bits and pieces of this night hunting trip and felt very happy and fulfilled. We not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Nanling National Forest Park, but also experienced the fun and challenge of night hunting spotted doves, as well as tasted their deliciousness. This was a rare travel experience that broadened our horizons, exercised our bodies, and enhanced our friendship. We agreed to come back to Nanling National Forest Park next time, and also hoped that more people could participate in the night hunting trip and feel the charm of nature and the passion of life.


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