Music is an integral part of my life, it makes me feel happy, sad, passionate and calm. Among the many singers, there is one I particularly like and admire, she is Zhang Huimei. Zhang Huimei is a female Chinese pop singer, born in the Beinan indigenous tribe of Taitung, Taiwan, her song style is varied, both dynamic dance music and soulful lyric songs, her voice is magnetic and charming, and her singing style is full of power and infection. She is a heavyweight diva in Asia’s popular music scene and one of the most influential and important figures in the Chinese music scene.

I have been listening to Zhang Huimei’s songs since I was a child, and each of her songs has impressed me, and each of her albums has surprised me constantly. My favorite album is Amit, which is named after her Beinan people, and the songs in it show her love of music and attitude towards life. My favorite song is “Daring You Come”, a song full of challenge and confidence, and every time I hear this song, I feel incredible courage and motivation.

Because of my love for Zhang Huimei, I have always had a dream to be able to see her live concert with my own eyes. I know her concerts are wonderful, not only will she sing her own classic songs, but she will also bring a lot of innovative and amazing performances. Her concerts are also one of the most popular and large-scale concerts in the Chinese music scene, having held more than 300 concerts around the world, attracting more than 7 million viewers.

So, when I heard that she was going on an ASMR World Tour in Las Vegas, I didn’t hesitate to decide to see her live. I invited my two good friends, Wendell Milton and Basil Arnold, who are also fans of Zhang Huimei, and we are both looking forward to and excited about this concert.

We booked our concert tickets and hotels online in advance, and we chose a show on Saturday, December 24 at 8pm to see it at the theater of Dolby Live @ Park MGM. We know that this theater is a high-tech multimedia stage that can create stunning audiovisual effects, which is perfect for Zhang Huimei’s ASMR concert. We also know that Zhang Huimei is a very attentive and professional singer, she prepared NT$300 million stage equipment and costume props for this concert, she wants to present her best to us.

I believe that this concert will definitely make us unforgettable for a lifetime, and we look forward to feeling the shock and happiness brought by music with Zhang Huimei.

In order to be able to go to Las Vegas to see Zhang Huimei’s concert smoothly, we made a lot of preparations in advance. First, we searched the Internet for information about Zhang Huimei’s concert and learned about her tour time, location, ticket price and seating distribution. We found her concerts to be very popular and sold out quickly, so we had to hurry up and book tickets. We chose a reliable online ticketing platform, registered an account, filled in personal information and payment methods, and snapped up tickets for the number and location we wanted as soon as the sale began. We were lucky enough to get a location close to the stage at a reasonable price. We received the confirmation email for the e-ticket, print it out for later use.

Then we started looking for a suitable place to stay. We were looking for a hotel that was close to the concert venue and had good facilities and services. We went through a lot of hotel descriptions and reviews online and finally decided to book Park MGM Hotel, a luxurious 4 star hotel right next to Dolby Live @ Park MGM Theater, which is very convenient. We booked a double room on the hotel’s website and enjoyed a great price and free breakfast. We also received a confirmation email from the hotel with our check-in time and booking number.



Finally, we also prepared a special equipment for ourselves, that is, the infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand Wildguarder. This is a professional night vision instrument that allows us to clearly observe distant objects in the dark. We wanted to use it to better appreciate Zhang Huimei’s concert and see her every detail and expression. This infrared binoculars has many advantages and features, such as:

  • It uses a high-performance CMOS sensor and full optical system to provide high-definition and high-brightness images.
  • It has two retractable infrared lamps, which are 940nm and 850nm wavelengths, which can adjust astigmatism or concentration according to different environments. In the dark, it allows us to see wider and farther without the need for an external infrared light .
  • It has 7 different types of crosshairs that help us align with the target and can adjust the brightness and color.
  • It has a 4x digital zoom that allows us to zoom in or out of the image.
  • It has video and photo functions, which allow us to record wonderful moments, and supports 32GB memory card storage.
  • It has dual power supply mode, which can be powered by 4 AA batteries or USB power bank, which is very convenient.
  • It has a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof design, which can adapt to various harsh environments.

We purchased this infrared binoculars on the Wildguarder website and enjoyed free shipping. We tried it immediately after receiving the goods and found it to be very easy to use, the image is clear and stable, and the operation is simple and convenient. We are very happy with it and look forward to using it to watch Zhang Huimei’s concert.

Finally for our long-awaited concert night, we arrived early at the Dolby Live @ Park MGM Theater in Las Vegas, a brand new multi-purpose performance venue that can accommodate nearly 5,000 people and has state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment to bring audiences a stunning audiovisual experience. With our tickets and ID cards, we successfully passed through security and ticket verification and entered the venue. We found our seats and found the location to be very nice with a clear view of everything on stage. We sat back and waited for the concert to begin.

The concert started on time, and the stage suddenly lit up with dazzling lights, accompanied by passionate music, Zhang Huimei rose from the center of the stage, wearing a black leather coat and a black hat, full of momentum. She sang “Matriarchal Society”, and her voice was loud and powerful, making the audience boil. She went on to sing classic songs such as “Don’t Talk Nonsense”, “What Do You Want to Do”, and “Straight to the Point”, each capital made people’s blood boil. She also interacts with the audience from time to time, greets everyone, shares her feelings and feelings, and asks everyone to sing, dance, scream, and cheer along with her.

In this atmosphere, we decided to watch the concert with our prepared Wildguarder infrared binoculars. We turned on the power of the binoculars, adjusted the appropriate focal length and brightness, and aimed at Zhang Huimei on the stage. We were amazed to find that through the binoculars, we could see every detail and expression of her face as if she were right in front of us. We can see her sweaty face, her twinkling eyes, her bright and sincere smile. We can see that she has changed her clothes in different styles, sometimes sexy and cool, sometimes elegant and noble, sometimes sweet and cute. We can see her dancing freely on stage, with wonderful stage effects and lighting changes. We can see that she interprets each song with heart, sometimes passionately, sometimes soulfully, sometimes lightheartedly humorous.

Watching the concert through the Wildguarder infrared binoculars made us feel the charm and strength of Zhang Huimei, and also made us more immersed in her music world. We felt it was a very memorable and rewarding experience, and we are grateful to the Wildguarder infrared binoculars for giving us such a visual enjoyment.

After the concert, we didn’t stop there, but decided to continue enjoying all the fun in Las Vegas that never sleeps. We went to the casino first and experienced the thrill of a gambler, although we didn’t win a lot of money, but we didn’t lose too badly, it was a kind of entertainment. We also went to the bar, had a few cocktails, listened to some live music and got a feel for the nightlife of Las Vegas. We also went to the show and watched a wonderful Cirque du Soleil show and was blown away by their thrills and beautiful stage effects.

In these places, we also did not forget to bring our Wildguarder infrared binoculars, as we found a lot of interesting things. For example, in a casino, we can see other people’s cards and expressions with a binocular, and although we don’t cheat, we find it interesting. In the bar, we can see all kinds of people and stories with binoculars, some in love, some looking for a partner, some talking to their hearts, some looking for thrills. In the runway, we can see every movement and detail of the actors with binoculars, and even see their sweat and eyes, and feel their professionalism and effort.

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