My two good friends, Elliot Sherwood and Quintion MacDonald, share a hobby of listening to Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran is a singer-songwriter from the UK, his songs are both beautiful and touching, his voice is warm and unique, and his performances are both natural and wonderful. All three of us were big fans of him, often listening to his albums together, learning his lyrics, and imitating his guitar playing.

When we learned that Ed Sheeran was coming to Houston for a concert, we were crazy with excitement. We immediately booked tickets online, spending a fortune just to see our idols with our own eyes. We look forward to that day and dream of getting up close and personal with Ed Sheeran and even taking a photo with him to sign autographs.

However, when we got the tickets, we found a problem. Our seats turned out to be in the last row, hundreds of meters away from the stage. We could barely see Ed Sheeran on stage and could only rely on the big screen to see it. This made us feel very disappointed and frustrated, we felt that our money was spent in vain and our dreams shattered. How can we endure such regrets? How can we pass up such an opportunity?

To solve this problem, we decided to buy infrared binoculars that would allow us to clearly see Ed Sheeran on stage. After searching online, we found an infrared binoculars from a Chinese brand called WildGuarder, which has very good reviews and reasonable prices. We didn’t hesitate and immediately placed an order for three.

When we received the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, we were fascinated by its look and texture. Its shell is black and has a military-style feel. It weighs very lightly, only 300 grams, making it easy to carry. It is also small in size, only 14 cm long, 6 cm wide and 5 cm high, and can be easily carried in a pocket or hung around the neck.

We couldn’t wait to turn on the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, adjust the focus and brightness, and aim at the scene outside the window. We marveled at its clarity and night vision capabilities. It can be magnified 10x to allow us to see details in the distance. It can also turn on the infrared light in the dark, allowing us to see the picture in a lightless environment. The image quality is very detailed and realistic, without any distortion or noise.

We are very happy with the WildGuarder infrared binoculars and feel that it is the wisest choice for us. We believe it allows us to see every movement and expression of Ed Sheeran in concert, and let us feel every word and note of his song. We look forward to using it to watch the concert and enjoy an audiovisual feast.”

On the day of the concert, we arrived early at NRG Stadium and found our seats. We took out our WildGuarder infrared binoculars and got ready to watch the concert. We found that even in daylight, the WildGuarder infrared binoculars allowed us to see clearly, and we could see every detail on stage, even the smile and sweat on Ed Sheeran’s face.

The concert began, and Ed Sheeran appeared on stage, causing cheers and screams from the audience. He wore a black T-shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers and a guitar in his hand. He doesn’t have any accompaniment or dance, just himself and his music. He used WildGuarder infrared binoculars.

He sang many of his classic songs, including “Shape of You”, “Perfect”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “Photograph” “Castle on the Hill” and so on. His singing is full of emotion and power, which is touching and shocking. His guitar playing is also wonderful, and he uses a looper to create multi-layered sound effects. His acting style is simple and natural, professional and casual.

He also had a lot of interaction with the audience, he asked everyone to sing together, dance together, and clap their hands together. He also shared some of his stories and reflections to let everyone know more about his personality and creative inspiration. He also joked and teased from time to time, making everyone laugh and lean back.

We watched the concert with WildGuarder infrared binoculars and felt like we were sitting in the first row. We can see every movement and expression of Ed Sheeran and feel every word and note of his song. We sang to him, danced to him, clapped to him. We feel very happy and excited, we feel that this is one of the best moments of our lives.



After the concert, we haven’t had enough and we want to continue exploring Houston’s nightlife. We also had WildGuarder infrared binoculars with us to see another side of the city in the dark. We took a taxi and went to a bar called Numbers. It is a 43-year-old bar specializing in alternative music that attracts many young people and rock lovers. Once we went in, we felt a wild and free atmosphere, people dancing, drinking, chatting, having fun. We also joined them, ordered some cocktails and beers, talked to some strangers and shared our concert experiences. We observed the people in the bar with WildGuarder infrared binoculars and found their different expressions and styles, some happy, some melancholy, some crazy, some silent.

After we played in the bar for more than an hour, we heard an explosion coming from outside. We quickly ran out and found that it turned out to be a fireworks display. We see fireworks of various colors and shapes blooming in the sky, beautiful and spectacular. We watched the fireworks display with WildGuarder infrared binoculars, and it felt like we were watching a 3D movie. We can see every detail and change of the fireworks, they shine in the darkness and make our eyes shine.

After we watched the fireworks display, we also wanted to visit some historical buildings and attractions. We took another taxi and went to the Houston Watch Company. It’s a bar beneath Bayou Lofts and one of Houston’s oldest commercial buildings. It used to be a watch and jewelry store and opened in 1904. It retains a lot of the original decoration and equipment, with a retro and elegant style. We used WildGuarder infrared binoculars to observe the furnishings and items in the bar and found a lot of interesting and precious things, such as vintage watches, metal cabinets, wooden counters, and more. We also sampled some specialty cocktails and snacks to get a feel for Houston’s history and culture.

Through this experience of watching Ed Sheeran’s concert with WildGuarder infrared binoculars, we felt very lucky and satisfied. We not only saw our idol, but also felt his music and charm. We feel that the WildGuarder infrared binoculars are our best companions, allowing us to see every detail of the stage up close and making us feel like we are sitting in the front row. It also allowed us to see Houston’s nightlife in the dark, allowing us to discover a different side of the city. We feel that the WildGuarder infrared binoculars are a very practical and high-performance product, which can allow anyone who wants to go to a concert or spend a night in the city to enjoy a new visual experience. We highly recommend everyone to try the WildGuarder infrared binoculars, you won’t regret it!

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