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What is The Difference Between 4G Cellular Trail Camera and Wireless Trail Cameras?

What is The Difference Between 4G Cellular Trail Camera and Wireless Trail Cameras?

Definition of Wireless Trail Cameras

A wireless trail camera allows users to view the photos or videos it captures without needing to connect cables to the camera or removing the memory card. Wireless trail cameras send these files to your computer or smartphone in one of two ways.

  1. These image & video files can be transferred wirelessly byusing the Bluetooth technology. It will allow you to connect to the camera with your smartphone or computer via a Bluetooth connection module then transfer the photo and video that way. The one negative about these cameras is that you will still need to be relatively close to them (100 feet or less in most cases) to make the Bluetooth connection works and download the files to your device.
  2. Anotherway to transfer information wirelessly is using a Wi-Fi internet connection. Once connected to the internet these Wi-Fi enabled cameras can send you the photos and videos it captures. One drawback to Wi-Fi enabled trail cameras is that they need to stay within the Wi-Fi range so it can make a connection. Another drawback for Wi-Fi enabled trail cameras is that they have high power consumption if they are always connected to the internet (so you might want to consider a solar panel or battery box for these models).

Definition of 4G Cellular Trail Cameras

On one hand, the different from 4G cellular trail cameras to wireless trail cameras is that they have a much greater range. Instead of needing to keep it within range of a Wi-Fi signal so it can connect to the internet or walking up to within 100 feet or less of the game camera to receive photos and/or videos. All you need to do with a cellular game camera is to put it in an area that has a strong enough 4G cellular signal so it can make a connection (like your cellphone).

This freedom to post the camera in the areas you are most interested in monitoring means that you can get the information you want and thanks to the cellular technology you can get that information when you want it.

4G Cellular Game Cams are Often Be Referred as “Wireless”

Even though wireless trail camera doesn’t necessarily mean 4G cellular trail camera. The most people who use the term wireless trail camera are actually referring to a trail cam that uses 4G cellular technology to send photos and videos.

Cellular Trail Cameras Can Save You Money & Time

On one hand, buying a cellular trail camera might cost you some extra money initially, but in the long run, having a cellular game camera might save you money. For example, the place your prefer to deer hunt is a three hours drive with long distance and it is accessible only by a truck. After a few trips each fall to check the wildlife photos on your trail cameras,You would spend a couple of hundred dollars in gas each year, which will go a long way to paying for any additional expenses you might have with a cellular deer camera.

Another hand, the information I can obtain by having the photos of deer and other wild game from your trail camera emailed to you during the season, that will help you to make those critical in-season decisions of where to hunt.

What to Consider When Buying a 4G Cellular Trail Camera

You need to consider the photo quality, trigger speed, and flash range,transmitting speed,what sending function that the camera supported.For example, is it supports MMS/SMTP/FTP function? (If you need to learn more about the transmitting function of 4G trail camera, you can find our complete buying guide for trail cameras from our official website.



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