Last night, I went to San Antonio with two friends, Jeremy Luke and Chester Swinburne, for a concert we had been waiting for. We booked our tickets online in advance, but due to the high ticket prices, we had to choose a farther seat and couldn’t see the stars on stage. In order not to make the concert lose the fun, we decided to purchase an infrared binoculars that would allow us to see the wonderful performance on stage up close. After searching on the Internet, we found a Chinese brand Wildguarder infrared binoculars, which has a high evaluation and good cost performance, so we did not hesitate to order. Unexpectedly, these infrared binoculars brought us unexpected surprises and satisfactions. Below, I will take a closer look at the concert that night and our experience with infrared binoculars.

The main guest of the concert was pop singer Taylor Swift, who was a common idol for all three of us, and we all loved her songs and style very much. Her new album, Midnights, was released just last month and has set several all-time records, including all of its top ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. We were lucky to hear her new songs at this concert and are looking forward to her classic old songs.

Before the concert started, we arrived early and found our seats. Although we were mentally prepared, we were a little disappointed when we saw the distance between the stage and us. We could hardly see any details on the stage and had to rely on the big screen to see it. Luckily, we have infrared binoculars that allow us to see the stars on stage in the dark. We couldn’t wait to take out the IR binoculars, adjust the appropriate magnification and IR brightness, and aim them at the stage.

Just then, the lights went out, the music started, and the crowd boiled. Taylor Swift appeared on stage wearing a shiny purple dress and a silver crown. She smiled and waved to the audience, then began singing her new song, “Anti-Hero.” We were immediately drawn to her voice and charm, and through infrared binoculars, we could clearly see her expressions and movements as if she were right in front of us. Her singing voice is clear and moving, her dance is elegant and agile, and her aura is strong and confident. We sang and danced along with her, feeling her emotions and energy.

For the next two hours, Taylor Swift takes us through her musical era (past and present!). She sang all the songs from the Midnights album, as well as classic old songs such as “Shake It Off”, “Blank Space”, “You Belong With Me” and more. Every song touches or excites us, and every song makes us fall in love with her more. Through infrared binoculars, we can see her different shapes and props on stage, such as guitars, pianos, umbrellas, petals and so on. We can also see the warm moments she interacts with and shares with the audience, such as giving out signed posters, hugging small fans, telling stories, and so on. We felt like she was her friend, sharing joy and emotion with her.

At the end of the concert, Taylor Swift thanked everyone who participated in the show and said it was her best night. Then, she sang her last song, “Love Story”, and the audience fell into a romantic and joyous atmosphere. We also sang aloud and waved the glow sticks in our hands. Through the infrared binoculars, we can see that Taylor Swift has tears in his eyes, but a happy smile on his lips. When the song ends, fireworks burst into the sky, bringing the concert to a perfect end.

It was the most memorable concert experience of my life, and I’m so thankful to my friends and infrared binoculars for allowing me to see my idol Taylor Swift perform so closely. Without infrared binoculars, I would have missed a lot of wonders and details. I think this infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand Wildguarder is very recommended for everyone who likes to watch concerts or other nighttime activities.
Here, I would like to elaborate on the advantages and features of the infrared binoculars we use and how it allows us to better appreciate the concert. We use the NB1 infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand wildguarder, which has the following advantages:
• Clarity: This infrared binoculars uses an advanced CMOS sensor and a 5W 850nm LED infrared illuminator to view and record targets up to 984 feet away in complete darkness. It also has a 2.7-inch LCD screen that allows us to see the picture clearly without having to keep the optical viewfinder attached. It can also take clear pictures and videos in 1920X1080 pixels, allowing us to review and share our experience at any time.
• Stability: This infrared binoculars has an anti-shake function that keeps the picture stable and clear when we hold it in our hands or fixed it on a tripod. It also has an autofocus function that automatically adjusts the focus and sharpness according to the distance and size of the target, so that we don’t have to adjust it manually frequently.
• Durability: This infrared binoculars has a rugged shell that can resist harsh environments such as water, dust, vibration, etc. It also has a large rechargeable battery that can last more than 6 hours, enough for us to watch the entire concert without worrying about running out of power.
• Price: The price of this infrared binoculars is very reasonable, for only $208.99, you can buy a high-performance infrared binoculars. Compared to other brands and models of infrared binoculars, it is very cost-effective, making us feel that it is worth the money.


It is because of this infrared binoculars that we can see every detail of Taylor Swift at the concert, feel her every emotion, and enjoy every song of her. We felt like we were sitting in the front row of the stage, with an intimate and authentic connection to her. We can also see the reactions and interactions of other audiences through infrared binoculars, which adds to the atmosphere and fun of the concert. We feel that this infrared binoculars is our best partner for watching concerts.

After the concert, we didn’t leave right away, but continued to enjoy the nightlife in San Antonio. We went to a restaurant for a nice dinner, then went to a bar for a few cocktails, and finally went to a game hall to play some games. During these activities, we also discovered the uses and benefits of infrared binoculars in other contexts.
• In the restaurant, we can see distant landscapes and people through infrared binoculars, which increases our vision and interest. We can also take some interesting photos and videos through infrared binoculars to record our food and beauty.
• In the bar, we can see the dancers and singers on the dance floor through infrared binoculars and feel their enthusiasm and rhythm. We can also see the various drinks behind the bar and the skills of the bartender through infrared binoculars, and learn some knowledge and culture about wine.
• In the arcade, we can see the details and tips on the game console through infrared binoculars to help us play the game better. We can also see the expressions and reactions of other players through infrared binoculars, communicate and compete with them.

In short, infrared binoculars not only give us a better viewing experience in concerts, but also give us more fun and gain in other night activities. We feel that this infrared binocular is a very practical and interesting tool that allows us to see more things in the dark.

Looking back on last night’s concert and infrared binoculars experience, I feel very fortunate and satisfied. I not only saw the wonderful performance of my idol Taylor Swift, but also felt her music and charm. Not only did I have a great time with my friends, but I also discovered the advantages and features of an infrared binoculars from the Chinese brand Wildguarder. I think this infrared binocular is a worthy product, it can allow us to see more things in the dark, and it can also give us more fun and harvest in night activities. If you also like to watch concerts or other night activities, I highly recommend you to try this infrared binoculars of the Chinese brand Wildguarder, you will not regret it.

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