Selena Gallup and Jessica Lucy and I are college classmates and big fans of Huimei Zhang. All three of us loved her singing voice, style, personality and charm. We often listen to her albums together, watch her videos, and discuss her news. We dream of one day being able to see her in person and hear her sing live.

Our dream has finally come true this year. Zhang Huimei held a concert in the United States in Chicago. As soon as we heard the news, we immediately went online to grab tickets. Although the ticket price was not cheap and the seats were not the best, we bought them without hesitation. We felt this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we could not pass up.

So, we started planning our trip to Chicago. We decided to arrive a few days early to enjoy the sights and culture of the city. We also ordered an infrared binoculars online, the infrared telescope. We know that such a telescope can allow us to see more clearly in concerts and feel the charm of Zhang Huimei more closely. We chose the Chinese brand WildGuarder because of their high product quality, cost-effective, and many good reviews.

With excitement and anticipation, we embarked on our plane to Chicago. We prepared the Infrared Binoculars and Zhang Huimei’s support items and waited for that unforgettable night.

In order to be able to see more clearly at the concert, we decided to buy an infrared binoculars. We searched the web for a lot of make and models, and finally chose WildGuarder’s WG-50. This telescope has many advantages and features that we like at a glance.

First of all, its clarity is very high. It has a 5x optical zoom and an 8x digital zoom that allows us to see details in the distance. It also has a 2.31-inch HD screen that will allow us to watch and take pictures and videos in real time. Its resolution reaches 1920×1080 pixels, which is much higher than a regular telescope.

Secondly, its night vision is also powerful. It has an infrared illuminator of 850 nanometers that provides enough light in the dark. It also has three night vision modes, black and white, green, and red, which can be switched according to different environments and personal preferences. It can see objects within 200 meters in complete darkness, much farther than a regular telescope.

Moreover, its durability is also very good. It adopts a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof design, which can adapt to all kinds of bad weather and terrain. It also has a sturdy casing and a comfortable handle that protects it from damage and slipping. It is also equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that can last for more than 6 hours, much longer than a regular telescope.

Finally, it’s also reasonably priced. We ordered the telescope on WildGuarder’s website for only $199.99. We feel that this is a very good price because of its high performance and quality. We also enjoy free courier service and a one-year warranty. When we received the telescope, we couldn’t wait to try it out and found that it really met our expectations.

We are very satisfied with this infrared binoculars we bought. We felt it was our best companion to go to the Zhang Huimei concert. We believe it will make our concert an unforgettable experience.

We arrived three days early in Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. We stayed in a hotel in the city center which was convenient for us to get to all the attractions and restaurants. We spent three enjoyable and fulfilling days in Chicago, feeling the city’s scenery and culture.

We went to many famous attractions, such as Chicago River Walk 1, Cloud Gate 2, Willista 3, Lincoln Park Zoo 3 and so on. We enjoyed Chicago’s architecture and river views on the river walk and took lots of photos. We saw the reflection of ourselves and the city in front of the cloud gate and felt the artistic charm of this huge stainless steel bean. We had panoramic views of Chicago from Willista’s Skydeck and dared to step on the glass balcony for a thrill. We saw all kinds of cute animals such as pandas, giraffes, lions, etc. in Lincoln Park Zoo.

We also tasted a lot of delicious food such as Chicago style pizza 4, Italian beef sandwich 4, hot dog 4 etc. We had Chicago-style pizza at a restaurant called Giordano’s, which is a thick-crust pizza with lots of cheese and fillings and a layer of ketchup on the outside. It was very rich and delicious and made us eat very satisfying. We ate the Italian beef sandwich at a restaurant called Al’s Beef, a sandwich made with French bread sandwiched with thinly cut beef and chili peppers and soaked in beef gravy. It is very juicy and spicy, which makes us enjoy eating. We ate hot dogs at a restaurant called Portillo’s, a snack with poppy seed bread sandwiched with beef hot dogs and various toppings like mustard, onions, pickles, etc. It was very refreshing and tasty and made us have a great meal.

We had a great time in Chicago and also learned a lot about the city’s history and culture. We felt that Chicago was a place worth visiting, with many interesting and wonderful things to discover.

Our long-awaited concert has finally arrived. We arrived two hours early at Hard Rock Live1, an Indiana-based entertainment venue that can accommodate more than 2,000 people. We found our seat, which was not the front row, but not too far. We took out our infrared binoculars and got ready to watch the show.

The concert started on time, and Zhang Huimei appeared in a black shape, which caused screams and cheers from the audience. She first sang a song “If You Dare You Come”2, showing her strength and domineering. Through infrared binoculars, we can clearly see her expressions, movements, costumes and other details. Her eyes are full of confidence and charm, her dancing is smart and powerful, and her clothes are simple and stylish.

Next, Zhang Huimei sang a series of classic songs, such as “Sister”, “Listen to the Sea”, “My Dearest”, “If You Have Heard Too” and so on. Every song moved and thrilled us, and we sang, danced, and screamed along with her. Through infrared binoculars, we can feel her emotions and warmth. Her singing is gentle and soulful, her smile is sweet and sincere, and her tears are pure and moving.

The climax of the concert was Zhang Huimei singing a song “Behind” 3, which is a song about love and death. With her voice and ASMR skills, she gave us a double shock of audiovisual and audiovisual. Through the infrared binoculars, we can see her every subtle movement and expression. Her eyes shone with tears, her lips spit out every word softly, and her fingers caressed the microphone.

After the concert, Zhang Huimei thanked the audience and said, “Chinese Thank you for coming to see me!” When we heard this, we all felt very warm and kind. We applaud and cheer for her, and we feel lucky and fulfilled for ourselves. We felt it was an unforgettable concert and an unforgettable trip.

This trip to Chicago was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. We not only appreciated the beauty and diversity of the city, but also realized our dream of seeing our most beloved Zhang Huimei. Her concert made us feel her talent and charm, and also made us feel her sincerity and warmth. We are very grateful to her and wish her to remain healthy, happy and successful.

We are also very grateful to WildGuarder’s infrared binoculars, which allowed us to see more clearly and see every detail of Zhang Huimei more closely during the concert. Their performance and quality are excellent, making us feel like great value for money. We like them very much and would recommend them to other friends who like to go to concerts.

We hope that one day, we will be able to come to Chicago again and see Zhang Huimei again. We believe that day will not be too far away because our love and support for her will never change.

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