Hechi in Guangxi, China is a suitable destination for hunting. Hechi is located in the northwest of Guangxi, and is the largest prefecture-level city in Guangxi, as well as an important part of the Zhuang Autonomous Region. Hechi has rich natural resources and biodiversity, and is known as the “Animal Kingdom of Southern China”. Hechi’s mountainous areas account for more than 80% of the city’s area, with undulating mountains, dense forests, and mild climate, making it a habitat for many wild animals. In Hechi, you can see various rare wild animals, such as wild boars, deer, foxes, monkeys, leopards, etc., as well as some poisonous snakes and reptiles, such as cobras, pythons, crocodiles, etc. Hechi not only has rich wildlife resources, but also has a profound ethnic culture and customs. Hechi is home to many ethnic minorities, such as Zhuang, Yao, Miao, etc., who have retained many traditional customs and festivals, such as the Zhuang’s March 3rd Singing Festival, the Yao’s Panwang Festival, the Miao’s Huashan Festival, etc. In Hechi, you can not only experience excitement and fun, but also feel the diversity and harmony of ethnic culture.

Hunting equipment is very important, as it directly affects the outcome and safety of hunting. In Hechi, we chose the wildguarder brand of night vision binoculars, which is a cost-effective night vision device that allows us to clearly observe and aim at targets in the dark. Wildguarder night vision binoculars have many advantages, such as:

High definition: Wildguarder night vision binoculars use advanced CMOS sensors and optical systems, which can provide up to 1080P video resolution and 1920×1080 picture resolution, allowing us to see more details and colors. Long-distance observation: Wildguarder night vision binoculars are equipped with a powerful infrared illuminator, which can provide up to 500 meters of observation distance in no light or low light conditions, allowing us to find more distant targets.


night hunting


Multi-functionality: Wildguarder night vision binoculars can not only be used for hunting, but also for observing wildlife, camping, hiking, exploring and other activities, allowing us to enjoy the night fun in different scenarios.

Easy operation: Wildguarder night vision binoculars have a simple button design and a friendly user interface, allowing us to easily adjust the magnification, brightness, contrast and other parameters, and also connect to mobile phones or tablets via WiFi, to view and share videos and pictures in real time.

Using wildguarder night vision binoculars, our hunting experience in Hechi was very excellent. It allowed us to catch a small wild boar in the dark, and did not encounter any danger or difficulty. Wildguarder night vision binoculars are a recommended hunting equipment. It made our hunting trip more exciting and memorable.

We also had a memorable adventure. Hechi’s mountains are deep and high, with lush vegetation and a variety of animals and plants. We followed the mountain road, sometimes passing through dense forests, sometimes climbing over rocks, sometimes crossing streams, feeling the charm and mystery of nature. During the adventure, we also encountered some thrilling situations that made us scared. Once, we found a cobra in a grassy area, it opened its mouth and hissed at us. We immediately picked up our guns and fired a few shots at it, luckily we were not bitten by it. Once, we rested under a big tree and suddenly found a huge python wrapped around the tree. It was staring at us, as if it wanted to come down and swallow us. We ran away quickly, luckily we were not caught by it. These experiences made us feel both fearful and excited, and also made us cherish life and friendship more. On the last day of the adventure, we finally caught a small wild boar. We used wildguarder night vision binoculars to find its traces in the dark and quietly approached it. When it showed its figure, we quickly aimed and shot it, successfully knocking it down. We happily brought it back to the camp and made it into a barbecue. The wild boar meat was fragrant and tender, the best food of our hunting trip.

We also enjoyed a delicious wild boar barbecue. The process of making wild boar barbecue is not complicated, but it requires some skills and patience. First, we removed the skin and viscera of the wild boar, then cut the meat into appropriate size pieces. Second, we marinated the meat pieces with salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and other seasonings to make them tasty. Then, we found some dry branches and leaves near the campsite, built a simple fire pile and lit it. Then, we threaded the meat pieces with iron wire and roasted them on the fire pile, turning them over and brushing oil from time to time until they turned golden. Finally, we put the roasted meat pieces on a large wooden board, sprinkled some cilantro and chili on them, and we could start eating. The taste and texture of wild boar meat was very good, firm and juicy, rich and not greasy, biting one bite made people want more. We ate and chatted, sharing our hunting experiences and feelings, the atmosphere was very pleasant and warm. Wild boar barbecue was one of our biggest gains in Hechi hunting trip. It made us taste the gift of nature and the joy of life.

We had a memorable trip in Hechi hunting trip. The success of this trip was inseparable from wildguarder brand night vision binoculars. This night vision binoculars allowed us to clearly see the movements of wild animals in the dark, allowed us to accurately aim and shoot targets, allowed us to avoid some dangers and difficulties, allowed us to explore nature more confidently and peacefully. Wildguarder night vision binoculars is a cost-effective hunting equipment. It has reasonable price, powerful function, simple operation, reliable quality. It is the best choice for hunting enthusiasts. The harvest of this trip also made us feel very satisfied and happy. We saw various beautiful and rare animals and plants in Hechi’s mountains. We felt the magnificence and magic of nature. We also encountered some thrilling and exciting situations that made us experience the danger and risk of life as well as enhancing our friendship and trust among us. We also caught a small wild boar and made it into a delicious barbecue that made us taste the freshness of game meat and the happiness of food. This trip gave us knowledge experience friendship food fun It was a perfect hunting trip.

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