1. Introduction

Dayao Mountain is a northeast-southwest mountain range in the eastern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in central China. It is part of the internal arc-shaped mountain range of Guangxi, and has more than 60 peaks above 1300 meters above sea level, presenting a typical Danxia-style peak forest landscape. Dayao Mountain is a branch of Nanling, the watershed of the Yangtze River system in central China and the Pearl River system in southern Guangdong. It is one of the largest catchment areas in Guangxi and the largest national nature reserve in Guangxi.


This article will introduce my experience of hunting and camping in Dayao Mountain with two friends, and share our process of enjoying the scenery, experiencing folk customs, tasting food, and exploring wild plants and animals in Dayao Mountain. This article will also introduce the night vision binoculars we used in the hunting process, and why we chose wildguarder as the brand.


  1. Dayao Mountain

Dayao Mountain is located in Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, about 30 kilometers away from the county seat and about 200 kilometers away from Nanning, the capital of Guangxi. Dayao Mountain is a tourist attraction that integrates natural scenery, ethnic customs, and historical culture. It is known as “China’s Danxia First Peak”, “China’s Most Beautiful Danxia”, “China’s Most Beautiful Forest Park” and other titles.


Dayao Mountain has unique natural resources and ecological environment, with a forest coverage rate of 95%, mild and rainy climate, an average annual temperature of 18°C, and excellent air quality. Dayao Mountain has a rich and diverse vegetation and animal life, with nearly 3000 species of higher plants, many of which are rare, endangered and endemic species, such as Jinxiu tea, Jinxiu orchid, Jinxiu azalea and so on. Dayao Mountain is also a paradise for wild animals, with nearly 400 species of vertebrates, including national first-class protected animals such as Asian elephants, white-necked long-tailed pheasants, white cranes and so on.



III. Hunting and Camping Trip

The trip to Dayao Mountain for hunting and camping was planned by me and two friends Chen Peng and Wang Zhongjun. We are all outdoor sports enthusiasts who like to explore different places. We heard that Dayao Mountain has beautiful scenery and rich wild resources, so we decided to go there and experience it.


We set off from Nanning, took a bus to Jinxiu County, and then rented an off-road vehicle to Dayao Mountain. We chose a relatively remote and safe place to camp, set up tents, lit a bonfire, prepared food and water. We planned to stay in Dayao Mountain for three days and two nights, during which we would do hunting, picking herbs, barbecue wild game, enjoy the scenery, experience folk customs and other activities.


On the first day, we hunted in the nearby mountains and forests, hoping to catch some small animals such as wild rabbits, pheasants, ducks and so on. We all brought our own hunting guns and bullets, as well as a very important equipment – night vision binoculars. Because we know that many wild animals are active at dusk or night, if we don’t have night vision binoculars, it will be very difficult to find and aim at them.




  1. Night Vision Binoculars

Night vision binoculars are instruments that can observe targets in dark or low-light environments. They use photoelectric conversion and amplification technology to convert the weak light emitted or reflected by the target into visible images. Night vision binoculars have different types and grades, according to their performance and price, they can be divided into generation one, two, three and four.


In the hunting process, night vision binoculars are very useful equipment, they can let us see the position and movement of the target in the dark, improve the hit rate and safety. We chose wildguarder as the brand of night vision binoculars, because it has the following advantages:


It is a digital night vision binoculars, which can take pictures and record videos of the target, and transmit them to the phone or tablet via WIFI, so that we can check and share them at any time.

It has a high-definition color display screen, which can provide clear images in both day and night, and can also adjust the brightness and contrast.

It has a powerful infrared illuminator, which can provide enough light in completely dark environments, allowing us to see targets beyond 200 meters.

It has a variable magnification lens, which can zoom from 3.5x to 9x, allowing us to adjust according to the distance and size of the target.

It has a sturdy shell, which is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, suitable for various harsh environments.

  1. Conclusion

The three-day and two-night hunting and camping trip to Dayao Mountain gave us a lot of gains. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery in Dayao Mountain, experienced the folk culture of the Yao people, tasted the delicious wild plants and animals, and explored the mysteries of nature. We also felt the importance of night vision binoculars in the hunting process, which allowed us to see the target clearly in the dark, improving the efficiency and fun of hunting. We were very satisfied with the wildguarder brand night vision binoculars we chose, which had excellent performance and quality, and was the best partner for hunting enthusiasts.


This article introduced my experience of hunting and camping in Dayao Mountain with two friends, and shared some of the activities we did in Dayao Mountain. This article also introduced the night vision binoculars we used in the hunting process, and why we chose wildguarder as the brand. This article aims to show readers the charm of Dayao Mountain and the role of night vision binoculars, hoping to provide some useful information and inspiration for readers.

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