I am a person who loves hunting. I think hunting is not only a sport, but also a way of living in harmony with nature. I often go hunting with my two good friends Page Shelley and Adelaide Lattimore in different places, experiencing different customs and hunting fun. Last month, we decided to go hunting in Albany, because we heard that there are rich wildlife resources and beautiful natural scenery there, and there is also a special challenge: night hunting. Night hunting is a very exciting and skill-testing way of hunting, which requires the use of infrared binoculars to observe and capture the target. We chose a high-cost performance Chinese brand wildguarder infrared binoculars, hoping to find more surprises in the dark. In this article, I will introduce you to our night hunting trip in Albany, as well as our use and evaluation of the infrared binoculars.

Before we started night hunting, we spent a day visiting the town of Albany. Albany is a small town in New Hampshire, located on the edge of the White Mountain National Forest Park, with beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritage. We first went to Covered Bridge, which is a wooden bridge built in 1858, spanning the Swift River, and is one of the local landmarks. There is a small viewing platform on the bridge, where you can enjoy the river and the surrounding mountains. We took a lot of photos on the bridge, feeling the history and charm of this place. Then we went to Albany Historical Society Museum, which is a museum that displays Albany’s history and culture, and collects a lot of precious photos, documents, tools and clothing, telling the story of Albany’s development from an agricultural community to a tourist destination. We learned a lot of interesting knowledge and stories in the museum, and had a deeper understanding of Albany. Finally we went to The Farmstand, which is a restaurant that provides local ingredients and food, as well as a farm and inn. We tasted some special food here, such as oatmeal, granola cereal, fruit loop cereal and so on, which are made with fresh fruits, nuts and grains, both nutritious and delicious. We also tried some local meat, vegetables and dairy products, all very fresh and natural. We enjoyed the food and scenery in the restaurant, and prepared for the upcoming night hunting.

After enjoying a delicious dinner, we started our night hunting trip. We first got our booked infrared binoculars in the restaurant, which is a product from the Chinese brand wildguarder, which is said to have excellent performance, which can allow us to clearly observe the animals’ movements and positions in the dark, and improve the success rate and safety of hunting. We took the binoculars, followed the local hunter guide, and drove to a forest not far from the restaurant. We got off the car at the edge of the forest, turned on the binoculars, and started looking for traces of prey. The forest at night was very quiet, with only occasional sounds of animals and wind blowing leaves. We walked carefully on the small path in the forest, scanning around with binoculars from time to time. Soon, we found some interesting scenes: a deer was drinking water by the river, a raccoon was looking for food on a tree, and a fox was lurking in the grass. We observed them for a while with binoculars, and then continued to move forward. Our goal was larger animals, such as moose, wild boar or black bear. We walked along the river bank for a while, and suddenly heard a gunshot. We ran over quickly and found that the guide had shot a wild boar and was dealing with its corpse. He saw us coming over, waved happily to us, and invited us to take a photo together. We took out our phones, took a few photos with flashlights, and then handed the binoculars to the guide, letting him experience it too. The guide took the binoculars and exclaimed: “Wow, this is amazing! I have never used such a good binoculars! It can let me see all the details of the night! Where did you buy it? How much?” We told him that this is a Chinese brand wildguarder, which is not expensive but has good performance. The guide praised it again and again and said he wanted to buy one for himself. We smiled and said: “No problem, we can help you contact the seller when we go back.” The guide thanked us very much and said: “You are so nice! So what’s next? Do you want to continue hunting? Or do you want to go back and rest?”

After an exciting and interesting night hunt, we decided to go back and rest, preparing for the next day’s itinerary. On the way back, we carefully observed our infrared binoculars, wanting to know its brand and performance. We found that this is a wildguarder WG-80 model binoculars, with the following features:

  • High definition: It can provide images up to 1280×960 pixels in the dark, allowing us to clearly see the details and features of animals, even their eyes and hair.
  • High magnification: It can provide 4x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, allowing us to observe and aim at targets from a long distance, without disturbing them or exposing our position.
  • High durability: It adopts a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof design, which can be used in various harsh environments, without being damaged or affecting performance. It is also equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, which can last for more than 6 hours, enough to support a night hunt.
  • Other functions: It also has the functions of taking pictures and recording videos, which can save the pictures we see in the built-in 32G storage card, or transfer them to the computer or mobile phone through the USB interface. It also has a built-in infrared illuminator, which can provide additional light sources to enhance night vision effects. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which can connect headphones or external speakers, allowing us to hear the surrounding sounds.

In short, this is a very advanced and practical binoculars, which gave us a lot of advantages and fun in the night hunt. We are very satisfied with this product and want to recommend it to more people. We also want to thank the seller and give them good reviews and feedback. We feel that this is a very worthwhile shopping and experience.

Through this night hunt Albany trip, we not only appreciated Albany’s history, attractions and food, but also experienced the charm of infrared binoculars. We feel that this is a very memorable and meaningful journey, which made us have more awe and love for nature and animals. We also have more understanding and trust in China’s brand wildguarder, and feel that their products are very excellent and practical, worthy of our recommendation to more people. We hope to have the opportunity to use this binoculars again, to explore more of the night’s mysteries and beauty. Thank you for reading my article, I hope you also have the opportunity to experience the fun of night hunt Albany and use infrared binoculars. Thank you!

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