I’ve always enjoyed hunting, so when my friends invited me to join a nighttime hunting event in a national park in the western United States, I accepted without hesitation. They said there were many wild animals there, such as deer, foxes, wolves, bears, and more, with beautiful scenery as well. I was looking forward to this trip and curious about what the nights would be like there.

We took a plane to our destination, then rented a car to drive to the national park. We settled in a small log cabin and prepared some essentials, such as food, water, sleeping bags, and flashlights. We also brought some hunting equipment, such as firearms, ammunition, and knives. But the most important piece of equipment was the WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars.

WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars are professional nighttime observation devices that provide clear images in complete darkness. They have 20x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, providing a field of view of up to 1640 feet/500 meters. They also have a 2-inch LCD screen for viewing on a larger display. They can take photos and videos and save them to a TF card. They are a very practical hunting device, allowing us to spot and track targets at night.

After dinner in the evening, we began our nighttime hunting adventure. We split into two groups, with two people in each group, each person equipped with a pair of WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars. We walked along a path into the forest, searching for traces of prey. The sky gradually darkened, and we could only hear the sounds of insects and the wind. We turned on the infrared lights of the WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars, emitting light we couldn’t see, then collecting the reflected light and converting it into images we could understand.

Through the WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars, we saw signs of life hidden in the forest. Some branches were broken, some grass was flattened, and some soil was dug up. We could also see the eyes of some animals shimmering in the darkness, some curious and looking at us, others cautiously avoiding us. We slowly approached them, adjusting the zoom and brightness of the WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars, trying to find the right shooting angle and distance.

My partner and I spotted a large deer standing under a big tree, eating leaves. It had a strong body, long antlers, and shiny fur. We thought it was a good target, so we quietly crouched down and aimed our guns at its head. We used the WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars to confirm its position and distance, then pulled the trigger simultaneously.

We heard a loud bang and saw a flash of fire. Our bullets hit the deer’s head, and it immediately fell to the ground, making no sound. We happily ran over, dragging the deer to the side of the road. We slit its throat with a knife, allowing the blood to flow out. We also took some photos with the WildGuarder Night Vision Binoculars as a memento.

We contacted another group using walkie-talkies, informing them of our success. They told us they had also hunted a fox and were on their way back. We agreed to meet in front of the cabin and return together. We put the deer in the trunk of the car and then drove back. On the way, we saw some other animals, such as rabbits, raccoons, and hedgehogs. We observed them for a while using our WildGuarder night vision binoculars, and then continued on our journey.

When we arrived back at the cabin, it was already late at night. We exchanged game and stories with the other group, and then hung the game on a rack outside the cabin. We decided to deal with them the next day and rest for now. We went inside the cabin, had some snacks and drinks, and then crawled into our sleeping bags. I placed the WildGuarder night vision binoculars next to my pillow, grateful for the wonderful nighttime hunting experience they provided.


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