Last week, my two friends, Harley Marshall and Michael Grey, and I went hunting in Quanzhou Forest Park in China. We all love nature and adventure, so we decided to set out at night in search of rare wild animals. Of course, when hunting at night, night vision binoculars are essential, otherwise we would be groping around like blind people. This time we chose the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars from the Chinese brand Shenzhen, which is said to be the most advanced on the market, providing clear vision and high-definition images in the dark.



The three of us each took a pair of Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars and passed through the gates of the forest park, entering into a dark world. We switched on the night vision binoculars and immediately felt a magical change. Trees, bushes, paths, rivers, rocks, animals and more that were previously invisible to us now appeared in different colors and shapes before our eyes. We seemed to have entered a new dimension, a dimension full of wonder and excitement.

After walking along a path for a while, we saw a deer grazing. It did not notice our presence because we used the night vision binoculars’ stealth function, which allowed us to remain undetected in the dark. We quietly approached it, ready to shoot. But at the moment I pulled the trigger, I suddenly felt a feeling of guilt. I remembered watching Bambi as a child, remembering that cute and innocent deer and its mother. I put down my gun and said to my two friends, “Let it go, it’s too pitiful.” My two friends agreed with me, so we spared the deer and continued walking.




We encountered a wild boar, a fox, a monkey and other animals. Each time we used the night vision binoculars to observe their behavior and habits, and then decided whether or not to shoot. But each time we could not bring ourselves to do it, because we realized that these animals also have their own lives and emotions, families and friends, joys and sorrows. We began to question ourselves why we came to hunt, why we had to kill these innocent creatures. We began to reflect on our attitudes towards nature and life.

In the end, we did not shoot any of the animals, but instead were bitten all over by mosquitoes. We felt like we had failed, were bored, and in pain. We decided to give up hunting and return to the city to enjoy some modern pleasures.

We returned to Quanzhou city and found a hotel to stay in. We wanted to eat some local food, so we used the navigation function of the night vision binoculars to find a restaurant called “Quanzhou Snacks”. We walked into the restaurant and found many people eating all kinds of snacks, such as meatballs, satay noodles, pickled bamboo shoots, taro cakes, etc. We ordered some snacks that interested us and prepared to taste them.




We picked up our chopsticks, took a bite of the snacks, and immediately felt an unprecedented taste experience. These snacks not only had a delicious aroma, but also had a delicate texture and flavor, making us unable to stop eating. We forgot about our earlier troubles and disappointment, and just wanted to enjoy these delicious foods. We ate happily, feeling satisfied and happy.

After finishing our snacks, paying the bill, and getting ready to leave, we walked outside and saw that it was already dawn. We saw a red sun rising from the east, illuminating the whole city. We saw people on the streets starting to get busy, some going to work, some going to school, some going to buy groceries, and some going to exercise. We saw the vitality and energy of the city, and felt the civilization and progress of humanity.




We suddenly realized that we did not need to go hunting or adventure. We just needed to enjoy the simplicity and ordinary things in life to find happiness and satisfaction. We laughed at ourselves, said goodbye to each other, and took our night vision binoculars, each sitting on our own plane home.

This is the story of me and my two friends, Harley Marshall and Michael Grey, hunting in Quanzhou Forest Park in China and using the Wildguarder Owler1 night vision binoculars. It is a story about nature, life, food, culture, and humanity. It is a story that I will never forget.

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