The Hunter: Call of the Wild is a hunting-themed game developed by Avalanche Studios. Players will play as a hunting explorer, crossing a beautiful and dangerous world, hunting various wild animals in the vast wilderness. Among them, night hunting is an important part of the game, and it also requires players to master various skills and strategies to achieve success.

Night hunting is not to be ignored in the game. First of all, at night, some animals will be more active, such as deer, which means that there are more opportunities to hunt at night. In addition, night hunting can also avoid the heat wave of high temperature during the day, making it easier to be energetic, focused, and improve the effect of hunting.

However, night hunting also poses certain challenges to human vision and hearing. Compared with daytime, night light is weakened, field of view becomes narrow, difficult to see the surrounding environment, and hearing also needs to be extra sensitive to hear the sound of animals. Therefore, players need to use various auxiliary tools correctly to improve the efficiency and safety of night hunting. Among them, night vision binoculars are the helpers that players can use in night hunting. By observing animal behavior through night vision binoculars, they can better formulate hunting plans and improve aiming accuracy.

Night vision binoculars are equipment that can enhance night light and magnify objects, which can help players better observe the surrounding environment and capture prey. Here is an introduction to the use of night vision binoculars:

Turn on night vision binoculars In the game, players need to press the corresponding key to turn on the night vision binoculars function.

Adjust magnification When using night vision binoculars, players can adjust the magnification of the target by pressing the corresponding key to better observe the target object.

Adjust focus Night vision binoculars also support focus adjustment, by rotating the focus ring to make the target image as clear as possible.

Color differentiation of target light spots In order to distinguish different prey, night vision binoculars also have a color differentiation function, which can display the color of the target light spot in different colors.

Stick to use in low-light environments Night vision binoculars are equipment specially used for night hunting, so they should only be used in low-light situations to achieve better results.

Night vision binoculars have the following advantages in night hunting:

  1. Clear observation of animals: Night vision binoculars can magnify images in low-light environments, making herds and wild animals clearly visible in the dark. This is very important for hunters, because they need to make sure they are aiming accurately.
  2. Improve hit rate: Night vision binoculars can make hunters aim more precisely at the target object, thereby improving the hit rate. This equipment usually has special aiming marks or red dots, allowing hunters to lock the target more accurately.
  3. Easy to use: Night vision binoculars are usually easy to use, without requiring too much professional knowledge and skills, so there is no need to worry about technical difficulties.

The limitations of night vision binoculars include:

  1. Observation distance limitation: The observation distance of night vision binoculars is usually shorter than that of ordinary binoculars, which is due to the need to operate in low-light environments. This means that hunters need to get closer to the target to get a clear view.
  2. Energy consumption: Night vision binoculars usually require more batteries or other energy sources to maintain effective operation. This means that using night vision binoculars may require extra financial and patience.

Weather restrictions: The effect of night vision binoculars is affected by weather and target conditions, for example, it may not be able to penetrate some types of clouds or dark leaves, which makes it more difficult to accurately locate the target.

Night hunting skills and strategies:

Avoid using strong light sources: When hunting at night, avoid using strong light sources, as they will scare away prey and make them flee. Instead, use weak light sources or night vision binoculars, which will allow you to see your target and aim better.

  1. Understand the behavior of prey: Hunters should understand the behavior of the prey they are hunting, such as how to find food and water, and the general nests or resting places. This information can help hunters better understand how to find prey in the dark.
  2. Choose the right equipment: Hunters should use specially designed equipment such as night vision binoculars, low-light binoculars, red dot sights, etc., to improve their field of view and aiming ability.
  3. Try not to affect the field of view of prey: During the hunting process, try not to affect the field of view of prey. For example, do not throw light at them, avoid making too much noise.

Night vision binoculars can not only be used for hunting, but also for finding targets in other night activities, such as:

  1. Observe animal behavior: Night vision binoculars can be used to observe animal behavior, such as raptors’ predation activities, night herons’ foot fishing, birds’ activities at midnight, etc.
  2. Explore the road: If you want to drive or walk travel, night vision binoculars can help you illuminate the road ahead, avoid stepping on dangerous things, or avoid taking the wrong route.
  3. Find a hiding place: If you want to find a hidden hiding place, night vision binoculars can help you see the surrounding environment and objects in the dark, to facilitate you to choose the most suitable position.


  1. Pay attention to brand and quality when buying night vision binoculars: When buying night vision binoculars, it is recommended to choose products with guaranteed brand and quality, to ensure the use effect and safety of the instrument.
  2. Comply with regulations: When hunting at night, be sure to comply with local and national regulations, do not violate animal protection laws, and conduct hunting activities legally and reasonably.
  3. Pay attention to safety: Night hunting has certain risks, when hunting, be sure to pay attention to safety, avoid hunting equipment causing harm to the body, such as accidental injury of firearms.

The safety issues of night hunting include:

  1. Do not prohibit night hunting: Night hunting should be legal, but it is necessary to ensure that hunters have the necessary skills and tools to ensure safety.
  2. Use night vision binoculars correctly: If hunters use night vision binoculars, they must ensure that they are used correctly, must strictly follow the instructions for use, and comply with all necessary safety regulations during use.
  3. Reasonably control lighting: Hunters need to reasonably control lighting, ensure that cameras and lights do not affect the field of view and hunting experience of other hunters.

In short, in night hunting, hunters need to pay great attention to safety and take necessary measures to ensure safety. In any case, hunters should comply with local regulations and follow safety precautions when using any equipment.

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