Some people say that hunting is a cruel and boring recreational activity. I disagree with this view. For me, hunting is a way to challenge myself and enjoy nature, as well as an opportunity to spend quality time with friends. My two good friends Quintion Tyler and Mark Lincoln and I are all avid hunters. We often go to different places to explore and adventure, looking for new hunting experiences and fun.


Last month, we decided to go hunting in Huntsville because we heard that there were a lot of wildlife there, and the scenery was beautiful and the culture was rich. Our goal was to hunt at night, because it was more challenging and exciting. To achieve our goal, we needed to prepare some professional equipment, especially infrared binoculars, because they could let us see the position and movement of animals in the dark. After searching online for many brands and models, we finally chose a Chinese brand wildguarder‘s infrared binoculars, because it had a high cost performance, powerful functions and reliable quality.


This is the beginning of our hunting trip to Huntsville. Next, I will introduce our whole process and experience in detail. I hope you can feel our passion and joy.


After we decided to go hunting in Huntsville, we started our intensive preparations. We first had to determine our itinerary and accommodation, then we had to buy some necessary hunting supplies, such as guns, bullets, knives, cans, kettles, etc.

But the most important equipment, and also the one that took us the most time and energy, was the infrared binoculars. Because we planned to hunt at night, we needed a device that could see animals clearly in the dark. Infrared binoculars were such a device. They could show the thermal image of animals by emitting and receiving infrared light, thus allowing us to observe and aim at animals.

There were many different brands and models of infrared binoculars, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan. We searched online for a lot of relevant information and reviews, and found that there was a Chinese brand called wildguarder that was very popular and well received. Its products had the following advantages and features:


First of all, its price is very reasonable, much cheaper than other brands of similar products, with a high cost performance.


Secondly, its function is very powerful, not only can see animals clearly in the dark, but also can take photos and videos, save and share our hunting experience.


Thirdly, its quality is very reliable, using advanced materials and technology, waterproof, shockproof and fogproof, adapting to various harsh environments and climates.


Finally, its design is very user-friendly, lightweight, easy to operate, long battery life, complete accessories.


After considering all the above factors, we decided to buy wildguarder’s infrared binoculars. We placed an order on the official website and chose the express delivery method. After a few days, we received our long-awaited infrared binoculars. We couldn’t wait to open the package and found that there were two infrared binoculars (one for me and one for Quintion), a charger, a USB cable, a storage card, a manual and a warranty card. We carefully read the manual and followed the steps to set up and test. We found that the infrared binoculars were very easy to use, with clear and smooth picture, crisp and loud sound, and full functions. We were very satisfied with our choice and full of confidence and expectation for the upcoming hunting trip.


After we prepared all the equipment, we started our Huntsville trip. We took a plane to Huntsville airport, then rented a car and drove to our booked hotel. We stayed at a hotel called Hampton Inn, which had clean and comfortable rooms and warm and attentive service. We rested at the hotel for a while and then set off for our hunting destination.

Our hunting destination was a forest park called Oak Mountain, where there were a lot of wildlife, such as deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, etc. We bought tickets at the entrance of the park and asked the staff some rules and precautions about hunting. We learned that we could choose any place in the park to hunt, but we had to follow these principles: Do not hunt protected animals, such as eagles, bears, leopards, etc. Do not hunt more than the specified number and weight of animals, such as no more than two deer per person per day, and each deer should not exceed 100 kg. Do not use illegal or dangerous weapons, such as homemade guns, explosives, poisons, etc. Do not damage the park’s facilities or environment while hunting, such as cutting down trees, polluting water sources, leaving garbage, etc. Do not disturb other tourists or staff while hunting, such as making loud noises, quarreling, threatening, etc.


We expressed our understanding and compliance with these rules and thanked the staff. Then we entered the park with our equipment. We chose a place not far from the entrance as our campsite and set up tents and bonfires. We decided to explore the park’s scenery and animals during the day and start hunting at night.


The scenery in the park was very beautiful, with tall and dense trees, clear and flowing streams, flower-filled meadows, etc. We walked along the path and stopped to admire the charm of nature. We also saw a lot of cute animals, some jumping on trees, some foraging on grasslands, some playing by the water. We used our infrared binoculars to observe their behavior and characteristics and used their photo and video functions to record their images. We also used them to judge which animals were suitable for hunting targets and which animals should be avoided for hunting.


When the sun set, we returned to our campsite and started our long-awaited night hunting. We picked up our guns and infrared binoculars and quietly left the campsite and headed for the depths of the park. We split into two groups: me and Quintion in one group and Mark in another group. We agreed on a signal: if we found a suitable target, we would whistle to notify each other.


Me and Quintion walked for a while and found a group of deer grazing on the grassland. We immediately hid behind a big tree and used our infrared binoculars to observe their situation. We found that one of them was a very magnificent male deer with long antlers and a strong body. We decided to make it our target and whistled to Mark.


Mark soon arrived at our location and also confirmed our target with his infrared binoculars. We discussed the hunting strategy: I and Quintion would flank from both sides while Mark would shoot from the front. We carefully approached the deer herd without making any noise. When we were about 50 meters away from them, we stopped and aimed at the male deer with our infrared binoculars. We waited for a good opportunity: when the male deer raised his head, Mark decisively pulled the trigger.


Bang! A gunshot rang out and the male deer fell to the ground. The other deer fled in panic. We cheered happily and ran over to check our results. The male deer was shot in the heart by Mark and died quickly and cleanly. Its body was very intact and did not suffer any other damage.


In addition to hunting, we also took advantage of our free time to visit some interesting attractions in Huntsville and experience the charm and culture of this city.




First, we went to the Rocket Center, which is the largest space museum in the United States, showing various history and technology from rocket launch to moon landing. We visited the Rocket Park, where we saw various types of rockets and missiles, as well as the Apollo 11 lunar module. We also experienced the simulated space flight equipment, feeling the thrill of weightlessness and supersonic speed. We also watched a space movie at the IMAX theater, learning about the frontier and challenges of space exploration.


Then we went to the art museum, where we admired various styles and periods of art works, including oil paintings, sculptures, photography, glass art, etc. We also participated in some interactive activities, such as making pottery, painting portraits, collage, etc., showing our creativity and imagination. We also bought some souvenirs at the museum gift shop, such as postcards, magnets, bookmarks, etc.


Finally, we went to the botanical garden, where we felt the beauty and grace of nature. The botanical garden had a variety of flowers and plants, such as colorful flower gardens, fragrant herb gardens, different cactus gardens, etc. We also saw some cute animals, such as butterflies, squirrels, birds, etc. We also had a picnic in the botanical garden, enjoying the sun and breeze.


Of course, we did not forget to taste the local cuisine, which satisfied our taste buds as well. We tried some southern specialties such as barbecue ribs, cornbread, cheesecake, etc., feeling the rich smoky flavor, sweet corn flavor and soft cream flavor. We also drank some local beer and whiskey, feeling the warmth and relaxation brought by alcohol.


This hunting trip gave us a lot of happiness and memories. We not only exercised our body and willpower but also enhanced our friendship and team spirit. We were full of love and gratitude for Huntsville city. It provided us with an excellent hunting place and let us appreciate its scenery and culture. We also want to thank wildguarder’s products. They made our hunting safer and more convenient and allowed us to better observe and capture prey. We strongly recommend all friends who like hunting to use wildguarder’s products. They will surely make your hunting trip more exciting and unforgettable!

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