Last month, I and my two colleagues Harry Norton and Humphrey Carmen had the opportunity to go hunting in Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in Oregon, USA. This is a national forest park with 2.3 million acres of land, including four wilderness areas and ten scenic rivers. The ecosystem here is very rich and diverse, from towering peaks to magnificent prairies and canyons, from dense forests to winding rivers, all make people linger. We chose this place as our hunting destination because we wanted to experience the thrill and fun of tracking and catching wild animals in the dark.

In order to hunt at night, we needed a high-performance, reasonably priced infrared binoculars. After some investigation and comparison, we finally chose the NB1 model of the Chinese brand wildguarder. This binoculars uses an advanced infrared enhanced CMOS sensor and a 5W infrared 850nm LED infrared illuminator, which can observe and record large targets up to 984 feet away in complete darkness. It also comes with a 2.7-inch LCD screen that allows us to easily see clear images and videos. It also has a 3x digital zoom function that allows us to lock on targets more accurately. Its shell is made of waterproof and dustproof material that can adapt to various harsh weather conditions. It is also very light, weighing only 0.8 pounds, making it easy for us to carry around.



During the week-long hunting trip, we used the wildguarder binoculars to observe and catch various wild animals, including deer, wolves, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, etc. We found this binoculars very easy to use, it can provide a clear and bright view in the dark, allowing us to easily track and locate targets. It can also take high-definition pictures and videos, allowing us to record our hunting experience, and transfer them to computers or phones via USB or SD card. It also has a 7-level infrared adjustment function that can adjust the brightness according to different degrees of darkness. In short, this binoculars made our hunting trip smoother and more enjoyable.


Besides hunting, we also visited some local attractions and tasted some local delicacies. The most impressive ones were Wallowa Lake State Park and Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

Wallowa Lake State Park is located on the south shore of Wallowa Lake, a picturesque park that offers a variety of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, hiking and camping. We rented a small boat here and enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the lake, and caught some salmon and trout. We also visited some historical and cultural attractions in the park, such as Wallowa Lake Tramway, a cable car that can take visitors to an altitude of 8000 feet; Wallowa County Museum, a museum that showcases the local history and folklore; and Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site, a site that preserves the cultural heritage of the native Nez Perce people. We felt the natural beauty and cultural charm of Wallowa Lake here.

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is a national recreation area that covers 652,488 acres of land, including North America’s deepest canyon Hells Canyon. This is a paradise for wildlife and plants, and a playground for adventure and exploration. We experienced a thrilling rafting trip here, riding a speedboat on the Snake River, admiring the magnificent scenery on both sides of the canyon, and saw some wildlife such as goats, eagles, grizzlies and so on. We also took a hike in the canyon, walking along the Hells Canyon Trail for a few hours, feeling the depth and mystery of the canyon. We experienced the thrill and fantasy of Hells Canyon here.

After our hunting trip was over, we had a deeper understanding and appreciation of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. We were also very satisfied with wildguarder binoculars, which provided us with a new perspective to explore and discover the secrets of nature in the dark. We learned a lot about wildlife, ecological conservation and outdoor safety from this trip. We hope to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful and magical place again and continue to enjoy the fun of hunting and adventure.


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