Hunting in Lakota with Night Vision Binoculars and Chinese Brand Wildguarder


I have always been curious and fascinated by hunting, so when my two good friends Sarah Kelsen and Archer Lucius invited me to go hunting in Lakota, I immediately agreed.

Sarah Kelsen is an experienced hunter who learned hunting skills and experience from her father since childhood. She is knowledgeable about the habits and behaviors of various animals. Archer Lucius is an adventurer who likes to explore unknown and dangerous places. He is interested in the challenges and excitement of hunting. I am a beginner, lacking knowledge and skills in hunting, but I have a strong desire to learn and experience.

We chose Lakota as our hunting destination because it has rich and diverse wildlife resources such as deer, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, etc. We planned to stay there for a month, visiting local scenery and culture during the day and hunting at night. Since night hunting is involved, a night vision binocular is an essential equipment to help us observe and track animals in the dark and improve our success rate and safety.

When choosing a night vision binocular, we carefully compared and considered and finally decided to buy the product of the Chinese brand wildguarder. Wildguarder is a company specializing in the development and production of night vision equipment. It has advanced technology and high-quality service. Its night vision binoculars are loved and trusted by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for their high clarity, strong durability, and easy operation.

In this article, I will share with you my experiences and feelings of hunting in Lakota with my friends. I will divide it into two parts: the preparation and process of hunting and visiting local attractions and tasting local food. I hope that through my narrative, you can feel the fun and charm of hunting and the advantages and value of night vision binoculars and the Chinese brand wildguarder.

Before we set off, we made adequate preparations for hunting to ensure that our journey was smooth and safe. First, we chose suitable weapons, including rifles, pistols, bows, etc., and we decided which weapon to use based on our preferences and skills. Secondly, we chose appropriate clothing, including camouflage clothing, waterproof shoes, hats, gloves, etc. We required the clothing to be both warm and concealed to adapt to the climate and environment in Lakota. Finally, we chose suitable equipment, including backpacks, water bottles, first aid kits, compasses, etc., and required the equipment to be both lightweight and practical to facilitate our survival and movement in the wild.



Among all the equipment, the most important is the night vision binoculars. Since we planned to hunt at night, the night vision binoculars were our essential tool for observing and tracking animals. We chose the night vision binoculars of the Chinese brand wildguarder, which has the following functions and advantages:

  • It can provide clear and bright images in the dark, allowing us to see the shape and details of animals.
  • It can zoom in and focus on animals at a long distance, allowing us to judge the type and size of animals.
  • It can automatically adjust brightness and contrast under different lighting conditions, allowing us to adapt to different environmental changes.
  • It can work normally under low temperatures and humidity, allowing us to cope with the climate challenges in Lakota.
  • It can control various functions through simple button operations, allowing us to use it conveniently.

With the help of the night vision binoculars, we began our hunting process. During the hunting process, we encountered many interesting or tense situations, such as:

  • Once we found a group of deer grazing in a meadow. We quietly approached them and used our night vision binoculars to select the largest buck as our target. Just as we were about to shoot, a fox suddenly jumped out of the bushes, startling the deer and causing them to run away. We had to give up on this opportunity disappointedly.
  • Once we heard a strange noise and found a huge black animal roaming in the forest through our night vision binoculars. We thought it was a bear and were very panicked. But when we looked closer, we found out that it was actually a squirrel that had been dyed black. We couldn’t help laughing and felt amused at the prankster.
  • Once we saw a beautiful white rabbit shining in the moonlight through our night vision binoculars. We were attracted by its beauty and decided to catch it. We approached it carefully and surrounded it with a net. But when we picked it up, we found out that it was actually a plastic toy. We felt embarrassed and disappointed.
  • Once we saw a huge wolf staring fiercely at us through our night vision binoculars. We felt very scared and nervous, and immediately picked up our weapons to defend ourselves. But just as we were about to shoot, Sarah Kelsen suddenly burst out laughing and told us that the wolf was actually her pet, which she intentionally let out to scare us. We felt very angry and helpless, but also had to admit that her prank was very successful.

After a month of hunting, we had a lot of harvest. We caught many animals such as deer, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, etc. We brought their fur and meat back home to make clothes and food. We also exercised our bodies and wills, and strengthened our courage and wisdom. We also deepened our understanding and respect for nature and animals, and felt the wonder and preciousness of life.

In addition to hunting, we also visited some scenic spots and tasted some delicious food in Lakota during the day. We found that Lakota is a place full of natural and cultural charm, which broadened our horizons and satisfied our taste buds. Here are some of the things we visited and tasted:

  • We visited the Lakota Indian village and learned about their history and traditions. We saw the houses, clothes, and tools they made from wood and fur, and felt their harmonious way of life with nature. We also watched their dance and music performances and appreciated their unique and expressive artistic style.
  • We visited the Lakota National Park and enjoyed its magnificent and diverse natural scenery. We saw towering mountains, winding rivers, vast grasslands, dense forests, etc., and felt the magic and beauty of nature. We also encountered some wild animals such as eagles, bears, elk, etc., and felt the vitality and diversity of life.
  • We tasted some local dishes in Lakota, such as roasted deer meat, stewed rabbit meat, corn cakes, wild berry jam, etc., and felt their aroma and taste. We found that Lakota’s dishes were made from fresh local ingredients, which were both nutritious and delicious. We also drank some local drinks such as apple juice, honey water, and coffee, and felt their refreshing and warming effects.

Through this article, I shared my experience and feelings about my hunting trip with my friends in Lakota. I introduced our preparation and process of hunting, as well as our visits to local scenic spots and tasting local food. I hope that through my narration, everyone can feel the fun and charm of hunting, as well as the advantages and value of night vision binoculars and the Chinese brand wildguarder.

This hunting trip was an unforgettable and meaningful experience for me. It not only allowed me to experience a new sport and way of life but also taught me a lot of knowledge and skills. It also deepened my understanding and respect for nature and animals, and felt the wonder and preciousness of life. It also enhanced the friendship and trust between me and my friends, and we spent a happy and unforgettable time together.

During this hunting trip, night vision binoculars were our most important partner. It provided us with a clear and bright view, allowing us to observe and track animals in the dark. It provided us with zoom and focus functions, allowing us to judge the type and size of animals. It also provided us with automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast, allowing us to adapt to different lighting conditions. It provided us with strong durability and easy operation, allowing us to use it in any situation.

I am very satisfied and grateful for night vision binoculars and the Chinese brand wildguarder. They added a lot of fun and safety to our hunting trip. They also demonstrated the high quality and level of Chinese manufacturing. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to engage in nighttime hunting activities to use them.

Finally, I want to thank my friends Sarah Kelsen and Archer Lucius, who were the initiators and organizers of this hunting trip. They provided us with a lot of help and guidance, allowing us to complete this journey smoothly. They also brought us a lot of joy and surprises, allowing us to fully enjoy this journey. They are my best friends and also my best hunting buddies.

I really like Lakota and hunting. They left me with a deep and beautiful impression. I hope to go to Lakota again someday and engage in hunting activities again. I believe that at that time, I will have more gains and touches.

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