The forest at night is a mysterious and dangerous place, hiding various creatures, some of which are our prey, and some are our enemies. Hunting in such an environment requires sharp senses, powerful weapons, and reliable partners. However, these are not enough, you also need a device that can enable you to see clearer, further, and more accurately in the dark. That is the wildguarder night vision binoculars, which are the artifact that I and my two friends, Andrea Horace and Adelaide Zimmerman, used when we went hunting in Kenton last month. In this book, I will tell you about our hunting and play experiences in Kenton, as well as the surprises and gains brought to us by the wildguarder night vision binoculars. If you also want to experience the fun of night hunting, please continue reading, because you will discover a whole new world.

There are two reasons why we chose to go hunting in Kenton: one is because there are abundant wild animal resources there, including deer, bears, wolves, foxes, etc.; the second is because there is a special regulation that allows us to hunt at night, as long as we have a valid permit and equipment. We thought this was a rare opportunity to experience a different hunting method and fun than during the day. So, we booked a professional hunting guide, Robert Wilson, online. He is an experienced and reputable hunter with many years of experience, who promised to take us to the best hunting spot in Kenton and provide us with the necessary equipment and advice.

Before departure, we prepared our hunting clothes, firearms, bullets, food, water, and other necessities. We also purchased a Chinese brand wildguarder night vision binoculars, which is a high-tech product designed for night hunting, with the following features and advantages:

It can provide clear images and videos in the dark, allowing us to see animals and the environment far away. It can work without emitting any sound or light, not disturbing nearby animals. It can be connected to our mobile phones or tablets through wireless networks, allowing us to watch and record our hunting process in real-time and share it with others. It can be powered by solar energy or batteries, with long battery life and durability. It can be easily installed on our firearms or hats, allowing us to move and shoot freely.

We were full of anticipation and confidence in this night vision binoculars, believing that it would bring us an unforgettable night hunting experience.

Last month, on a weekend, we met Robert Wilson at the agreed time and place. He is a tall and strong middle-aged man with a full beard and a straightforward way of speaking. He was friendly to us but also told us some precautions and rules seriously:

We must comply with local laws and regulations and not exceed the limited hunting quantity and time. We must respect nature and animals and not waste or abuse any life. We must obey his commands and advice and not act on our own or take risks. We must keep quiet and vigilant, not making any unnecessary noise or light. We must keep in touch and united at all times, not dispersed or lost.

We listened carefully to his words and expressed our willingness to cooperate with him. Then, he led us to his off-road vehicle and drove to one of the best hunting spots in Kenton: a dense and dark forest called the “Forest of Darkness.”

Our hunting time in Kenton was from evening to midnight, so we spent our daytime resting and playing. Kenton is a small city with a long history and rich culture, and we discovered many interesting and beautiful places there. Here are some of the places we have visited:

Lawrence Woods State Nature Preserve: This is a nature reserve that protects primitive forests and wetlands. We walked there, breathed fresh air, appreciated various plants and animals, and felt the charm of nature.

Hardin County’s Old Order Amish Country: This is a rural area where old-fashioned Amish people live. We experienced their traditional way of life there, seeing their use of horse-drawn carriages, handmade items, and electricity-free simple life, and also tasting their cheese, jam, and bread.

Hardin County Courthouse: This is an ancient and magnificent courthouse building built in 1883. We visited its internal structure, learned about its history and architectural style, and took some photos.

Sullivan-Johnson Museum of Hardin County: This is a museum that displays the history and culture of Hardin County. We saw some precious artifacts, photos, maps, and clothing there, and learned some stories about local people and events.

Kenton Grove Cemetery: This is a cemetery where many celebrities and heroes are buried. We paid tribute to them there and felt their spirit and contribution.



Aside from these attractions, we also visited other places such as Gene Autry Park, Garden of Hope, and Daniel Carter Beard Home. We left fond memories in each place and interacted with the locals. We found Kenton to be a charming and friendly city that made us feel warm and welcome.

Another pleasure of hunting in Kenton was tasting the local cuisine. We tried various dishes, drinks, and desserts, satisfying and surprising our taste buds. Here are some of the foods we tried:

  • Casa Maya: This is a restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food and cocktails. We enjoyed a hearty dinner there, trying their corn cakes, corn rolls, salad, grilled meat, chili sauce, cheese, and their signature Maya cocktail. We found their food to be fresh, spicy, and juicy, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • One-Pot Mediterranean Diet: This is an e-book that introduces Mediterranean recipes and healthy living. We downloaded it online and made some simple and delicious Mediterranean food, such as Greek salad, spaghetti, Spanish fried rice, and Turkish grilled meat. We found these foods to be nutritious, light, and diverse, giving us a taste of the Mediterranean flavor and culture.
  • Kenton Asian: This is a small shop that serves Asian food and breakfast. We had a rich breakfast there, trying their egg rolls, stir-fried noodles, spring rolls, curry rice, and their special iced tea. We found their food to be tasty, sweet, salty, and spicy, giving us a sense of Asian diversity and creativity.

Besides these foods, we also tried other local foods and drinks such as burgers, pizza, ice cream, and beer. We had our own evaluations and recommendations for each food and drink and shared our feelings and suggestions with others. We found Kenton to be a city full of deliciousness and surprises, leaving us satisfied and happy.

Through this hunting and travel experience in Kenton, my two friends and I not only enjoyed a different kind of excitement and fun but also broadened our horizons and knowledge, and made new friends and mentors. We are very grateful to Wildguarder Night Vision Binoculars for providing us with high-quality hunting equipment that allowed us to see more clearly, farther, and more accurately in the dark, and allowed us to record and share our hunting process and harvest. We are very satisfied with the performance and quality of this night vision binoculars and highly recommend it to other night hunters. We also thank Kenton for leaving us with a good impression and memories, giving us a taste of its history, culture, scenery, cuisine, and friendliness. We hope to have the opportunity to hunt and travel in Kenton again and hope that more people can discover the charm and value of this city.

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